Day 5…Thanks to St. Michael the Archangel Parish, Divine Mercy Parish, Faithful Team Members & Volunteers!

I’m always so moved by the Scripture readings for Ash Wednesday. This year, the phrase that stuck with me most was, “Return to me with your whole heart.” (Joel 2:12) Maybe it caught my attention because it was also Valentine’s Day. I started to reflect on what that means during our 40 Days for Life vigil. I need to return to God with even the part of my heart that loves staying warm and comfortable…the part that loves having time to do things I enjoy…the part that loves human approval. Ouch.

Bernadette left a beautiful comment on Nikki’s blog post on Ash Wednesday: “Praying on Valentine’s Day for hearts to change. Happy Valentine’s Day to our adorable Jesus and to each of you.” That turn of phrase, “our adorable Jesus,” also touched me. If I stop and think about how good Jesus is and what He has done out of love for me, it’s so easy to adore Him–in other words, to love Him with my WHOLE heart. Please pray for me to think about Jesus as I’m heading to the sidewalk so there will be no room in my heart for anything other than love for Him. I’ll do the same for you! Jen

Thanking God for warm hearts who shared a cold sidewalk this morning!  Vince, Rich, and George braved the biting wind and even stuck around to keep praying after Ken and Pat showed up to relieve us.  I’m embarrassed to say I gave up and ran for my car while they called down even more graces by their extended sacrifice.  God bless these courageous and faithful Knights of Columbus!


From Paul’s epistle today; …in all things let us exhibit ourselves as the ministers of God, in much patience, in tribulation, in necessities, in distress, in stripes, in prisons, in seditions, in labors, in watchings, in fastings, in long-suffering, in sweetness, in the Holy Ghost… I heard these words and it spoke to me of who you all are in these 40 days. Very cold and a little bit of a challenge to hang in there today. May God be praised. 

The faithful Jen, Vince, Rich and George prayed the shift before us and then Pat and I were joined by Natalie until 11:30 when Sue and Lauren relieved us. The faithful rosary walkers prayed with us as they do every Sunday throughout the year.

God Bless,

May God bless the faithful rosary walkers for praying through our city every Sunday morning!

It was busy on the street with a couple events downtown today. We had good representation from Divine Mercy parish and they led us in the Rosary and Divine mercy.  Nadine stayed from being downtown for the rosary walk which is still on going. St. Michael the Archangel parish and  Divine Grace parish both came for the next shift. It was starting to warm up as I left!


Cold and breezy out today with about ten of us down on the sidewalk. Although downtown was fairly busy, there were not many comments from passersby. I was told someone/some couple said “fifty-nine” in reference to our sign about the 58 babies killed every week. Someone to keep in our prayers.


FUEL…(Prayers from Religious Communities keep us going!)

The Sisters of the Holy Spirit will be praying for all participating in 40 Days for life, for
their safety and that their presence at PP be fruitful! God bless you!

Sr. Jolenta

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