Day 4…Thank you Orthodox Christians for Life (St. Michael, St. Alexander Nevsky, St. John the Baptist), Dedicated team members & Individual Volunteers!

We Are Sheep-le, But in a Good Way!

  Whenever I imagine belonging to the flock led by the Good Shepherd, I like to fancy myself one of His smallest lambs. Being so vulnerable, I’d take the position right next to Our Dear Lord. There, I’d feel an occasional pat on my head and His protective staff against my flank. I’d easily pick up the scent of my Master’s cloak. Yes, I would be safest beside Him!

  As we launch into this new 40Days season, let us remember each one of us is a small protected lamb, even when amongst wolves. We belong to the Good Shepherd. He leads us and we follow. Regardless of how life appears at this moment, we are promised green pastures and still waters!

The Frozen Chosen…Joe, Bill & David…braved the bitter cold and snow with Tim this morning, and discovered that PP was closed today!

We were blessed this morning with the clinic being closed. Yet we were able to witness to big groups of young people passing by going to the convention center.  The year-round Saturday morning regulars, Joe, Bill, David and I were also able to stand and pray together.  It truly was a blessing not seeing anyone going into the clinic on what is usually a very busy time.  No babies were killed today. Thank you God.  


Sorry that I was late due to my bus running behind schedule. When I arrived and didn’t see any escorts, I got the good news that Planned Parenthood wasn’t  open this Saturday.

Things went quietly and it was good that so many people enroute to the car show got to see our baby display models.


Praise God ! Planned parenthood was closed! Many people on sidewalk from car show and Christian conference, Jubilee.

The Greek orthodox churches set up across Liberty. Holding beautiful Icons as they prayed. Many people asked what they were doing and we saw said praying for end of abortion . I apologized for not having the signs but they were very happy holding icons. Verbalized plans to come again .

Corpus Christi men prayed on one side of circle and i prayed on other side. Cold, windy but beautiful day. Sent from my iPhone

Kathy K
Thank you to the Orthodox Christians for Life for coming out to pray on a cold, wintry day!
Billy, Katie and Seth brought spiritual warmth to a freezing cold sidewalk today!
Veteran 40 Days for Lifer, Jeff

3 thoughts on “Day 4…Thank you Orthodox Christians for Life (St. Michael, St. Alexander Nevsky, St. John the Baptist), Dedicated team members & Individual Volunteers!”

  1. WOW! God is sooo good! It is truely a miracle and work of His hand in closing PP today. God is always working even when we don’t see it sometimes. God bless everyone!

  2. Thank God, the PPAbortuary was closed today!
    I will see you all this Tuesday with my fellow parishioners from Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church in Carnegie. Thank you Leah for pulling our parish group together.

  3. Bernadette Mcnicol

    It was a privilege to participate in the 40 Day’s for Life Street Ministry. What an opportunity to witness for the sanctity of life.! It was wonderful to meet other prayer warriors united in prayer and purpose to witness for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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