Day 4: Was PP not killing babies today? AMEN! Thanks to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish, Archangel Gabriel Parish, and all of you who prayed and witnessed.

What is so scary about the words “Baby” “Mother” or “Heartbeat”? Abortion Advocates are so afraid of using these words!

When is a Heartbeat not a Heartbeat? When it is described as the RHYTHMIC CONTRACTING OF CARDIAC TISSUE — Really? That is terminology used for the Texas Bill. But:

What Texas passed is the FETAL HEARTBEAT BILL! Are we really that afraid to say the word heartbeat?

Here is one of my FAVORITE bumper stickers provided by Rehumanize International, headquartered right here in the 412:


It seemed that Planned Parenthood wasn’t doing abortions today. Praise be to God! Let’s hope many “clumps of cells” were spared violent death today!

Sandy, Greg and Michelle (with Bill, too) – EARLY BIRDS in the morning sun!

7-9 Report from Tim:

It was a crisp and quiet morning. And a blessed one too. The abortion center appeared to be closed as the lights were off and there were no escorts. I was joined in prayer by Sandy, Greg, Michelle and Bill.  We were also joined by a pastor from Harrisburg scurrying off to a conference.  He passed by said a few kind words and off he went.  He then stopped and said I had to come back and join you. He mentioned he had been a pro-life activist a long time ago. Sue M. returned to the vigil to take the next shift and was joined by Conrad. Let’s hope many babies were saved today. Tim

Wonderful Prayers offered by Jim, Helen, Mary & Barb from Archangel Gabriel Parish

11-1 Shift Report from Dean:

The best thing that be said about any Saturday at Planned Parenthood is that they weren’t doing abortions today. Many thanks for all the people from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and Archangel Gabriel, who came today, to pray for the end of abortion.

The folks from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel sure are happy Planned Parenthood was NOT DOING ABORTIONS today- No Deathscorts, No guard!
Prayer warriors from Archangel Gabriel

1-3 Shift Report from Kurt:

The 1-3 shift went smoothly.  No surgical abortions performed, but the pharmacy was open, and many women exited the doors with brown bags in their hands!
I worked the shift with Archangel Gabriel Parish, and Helen, the director of their Pro Life team, is requesting Rachel’s Vineyard , Birthright, Need to Know, brochures.
The abortion center was closed for surgical abortions.  Only the pharmacy was open.
Also present was a group representing St. Athanasius and St. Theresa’s of Westview.

Archangel Gabriel’s Respect Life group

35 Shift Report from Mary:

Faithful Marie

The faithful pray-ers from Archangel Gabriel Parish were there when Billy and I got there at 3. It was possibly not an abortion day at PP, the guard wasn’t there and and few people went in. Thank God! We were joined by Marie and new volunteer Leslie! Some kind remarks and questions from passers by, a busy day on the street but thankfully not inside those doors.

Welcome Leslie & Welcome Back Billy!

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