Day 3: Thanks to St. Isidore the Farmer Parish, St. Matthew Parish, Kind Individuals, and Faithful Team Members!

The members of our pro-life family constantly amaze and inspire me.  In spite of the many troubles you have in your lives, you frequently set aside your own needs to help others who are also struggling.  But maybe it’s not “in spite of” the things you’re going through…maybe it’s BECAUSE OF those things.  

If your life were perfect, you might be less willing to step out of your routine for fear of disturbing the smooth flow of your days.

If your life were perfect, you might be less able to sympathize with women who find themselves in desperate circumstances.

If your life were perfect, you might feel less need for God and be distant from the only One who can truly save these women and their families.  

God loves a good paradox, working tremendous deeds through those who seem less than perfect in the eyes of the world.  The cracks in your lives are allowing His light to shine through.  Thank you so much for carrying that light to the sidewalk!



7-9 AM +++ Barbara and Richard

Bill, Richard, and Anton

Diane and Tom had set up our sidewalk supplies and were standing and smiling as we pulled up at 7. Anton was there beside them. Note to self … your shift begins at 6:50 … embrace it!

Richard and I witness with Pittsburgh 40 Days For Life 365 for this same Friday shift. Perhaps people begin to recognize you, know why you are there outside in all seasons, and become open to thinking and talking about why you are there. It seems to be true.

One man stopped and shared his pro-life feelings. He is new to speaking English. Our hearts understood each other.

John stopped by and offered us coffee and donuts. Of course!!! He returned with arms full, gave us ours, and continued back to work to share his bounty.

One woman standing smoking outside PP declined our gold “so-much-free-confidential-local-help” card and told me to stop talking. So many poignant moments, too numerous to tell….

Kim, Conrad and Kathy arrived. The pro-life team from Saint Isidore Parish arrived. One of the women was here for the first time. When she told us that we all smiled. We knew she would be back.



9-11 AM +++ Kathy and Mark

During the 9-11 shift, I approached a young lady walking toward PP.  She accepted from me the yellow card listing pregnancy resources.  During our conversation, she indicated that she didn’t take a side on abortion.  She listened to the resources available and thanked me, but went in for her appointment.  I asked Fr. Zack to pray for her.
About an hour later, the young lady exited PP and we conversed again.  She again accepted resources and agreed to scheduling an appointment with the local pregnancy center.  She also agreed to have Fr. Zack and prayer group pray for/over her.  Contact info was exchanged for follow up.  May God guide this young lady.


11 AM – 1 PM +++ Katie and Fran

We did not see the usual lunchtime busy-ness on the sidewalk today and the foot traffic to PP was also slow.  The 6 individuals who made up the 11-1 group came from 6 different parishes from all around the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  Katie, Glenn, Joyce, Hank, and Jenna honored the mission of 40 Days for Life: Pray without ceasing.  Katie moved our prayers into action as she approached all of the people going into and coming out of the doors of PP, she distributed literature, educated a couple of young men on the fetal models, steadied a car seat carrying an infant on the hood of a car for a young mother (who clearly did not have enough hands) and she also responded to a woman, who said softly in passing, that she has had an abortion.  Katie joined her away from the group, listened quietly, offered compassion and gave information about Rachel’s Vineyard; the woman responded with a hug (please keep her in prayer).  And, today was Jenna’s first time as a 40 Days participant and, and today is her daughter’s birthday.  In her e-mail she saw that there was a need for shift coverage and, although she was a little nervous, she signed up.  She felt that overcoming her fears and joining us today was a special way to thank God for her blessings.   The next shift arrived with full hearts ready to carry on the mission.


1-3 PM +++ Donna and Elaine

It was a beautiful sunny day for our first shift this campaign. Shift Buddy Elaine and I were blessed to have members of St. Matthew Parish with us: Bernie, Frank, Mary Anne & Mario.

We had many wonderful conversations with people that passed by. We were blessed talking to Willam and loved his hat. He was happy to have his picture taken with Bernie. Mary Anne, Elaine & I had a great conversation with Michael, a father of 6, who took 3 baby models and some information with him. We asked if we could pray with him and he was very happy and said he felt a charge. We know that was the Holy Spirit. We also talked with John and Lisa who were very kind and thanked us. We handed out many cards and one woman even turned around to get a card from Bernie. She had a brown bag so we pray if it was the abortion pill that she changes her mind. Lance stopped by and wanted to donate to 40DFL and thanked us and said “God bless you.” Thank you, God, for the joy that was on the sidewalk today. We know You are moving in ways we can’t even understand or comprehend.

Blessings For Life,


3-5 PM +++ Val, Mike, and Christine

Lots of walking-by action on the sidewalk, beautiful afternoon with mostly workers leaving. Mary Anne does a great job offering prayer cards and asking people to take the yellow ones too, to help save a baby.
Val, Mike and I prayed the Sorrowful mysteries, and Mary led us in the Joyful mysteries of the Rosary. We prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet, especially for a young girl who didn’t want information as she exited PP with a brown bag. She was moving slowly down the sidewalk and I wonder if I could have caught up with her- to ask her how she is doing, offer prayer, support, possibly change her heart… I’m placing her in God’s hands, asking for the courage and humility to approach all of His children with loving kindness. 

Bill, Lauren, Christine, Val, and Mike combined to cover the 3-5 and 5-7 shifts.

5-7 PM +++ Pat and Bill

When I got there at 5, Mike and Val, the 3-5 Shift Managers, let me know that everything had been very quiet at PP and that no one had come out for the previous hour or so.  On my shift, only one went out of PP’s doors.  This helped to make for a nice, peaceful, and quiet (except for the buses, cars, and motorcycles) evening.  I was glad to see once again my old Shift Buddy, Bill.  And it was a real pleasure to meet Lauren, who prayed with us for the entire 5-7 shift.  We had a nice rhythm of prayer interspersed with good conversation.


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