Day 4: Thanks to Christ Our Savior Parish, Corpus Christi Parish, Flame of Love, and Terrific 40 Days volunteers

ABC’s and $123’s of

Allegheny Reproductive

Health Services

Two weeks before we kicked off this 40 Days for Life fall campaign, I went down to PP to pray and witness and alas — IT WAS CLOSED – Closed at Noon on a SATURDAY!! It was dark and locked (and the PP folks got a good look at my mug as I peered into the abyss!) Praise be to God. My prayer partner Leonard joined in my happiness. Meanwhile, three young women tried the PP doors in hopes of entry. I asked what they were looking for and one young woman said she was referred to PP for Cervical Cancer Screening … I called the East Liberty clinic (Allegheny Reproductive Health Services ) to see if they could provide screening for these girls & learned:

NO WALK IN CLIENTS are allowed. Everyone must have an Appointment. The clinic staff asked me NOT to send ANYONE to their door for help.

ROUTINE GYNECOLOGICAL exams are NOT performed at the Clinic!

They will ONLY do a Cervical Cancer screening if it is associated with “a procedure already scheduled for a patient” (an abortion?)

Other things I learned at their website: The cost of an abortion varies depending on how far along the pregnancy is, the type of pain management chosen, a woman’s blood type, and if you have insurance that covers abortion procedures. Most patients must commit to being at the clinic for up to 6 hours. Almost all abortion patients talk to the doctor who will do the procedure via PHONE CALL prior to coming in to have an abortion. But, for an additional fee of $400 an appointment can be scheduled in a way that lets the mother see the doctor before the procedure.

And anesthesia can really add to the cost:

  • One dose of Valium Add — $40.
  • Light Sedation Add — $150-$300 (based on how far along you are in the pregnancy.)
  • Full Sedation (Monitored Care with a Nurse Anesthetist) Add — $275 to $725 (based on how far along you are in the pregnancy.)

Wonder if this is really a pro-woman operation?


7-9 Shift Manager Tim Reports:

We were so blessed. The clinic appeared to be closed as no abortion bound women entered and there were not escorts. Praise God for the babies spared today. The rain also held off except for a few sprinkles. Laura came by asked for a sign and joined David and me in prayers. We were blessed.

Laura and David

9-11 Shift Manager Sue Reports:

On my way to my shift this morning, I was on the phone with Greg for a bit.  Toward the end of the conversation, he mused, “Wouldn’t it be great if PP was closed today?”  Well …… please say that more often, Greg, because I arrived to no PP escorts and a CLOSED PP!!!  Thanks be to God there were no little ones killed today.  Charlie, Amy, David, and Tim were there when I arrived, and we were soon joined by Brian, Leonard, and Bridget.  The health clinic part of PP opened soon afterwards, as one woman entered saying she was going in for a flu shot, and another entered for a cancer screening.  Very few others entered, and two women who, due to their sweatpants, appeared that they could be abortion bound exited very soon after they entered.  Christina stopped by for a bit to pray.  The on-&-off rain and the very heavy rain toward the end of the shift soaked our outerwear and shoes, but it certainly did not dampen our joy-filled spirits at the knowledge of no abortions being performed today.  May the Lord grant more and more such days until PP is finally closed.

Sue, Amy, and Charlie

11-1 Shift Manager Dean Reports:

It was a really wet start to the fall campaign. But, the hidden blessing is that this type of weather tends to discourage trouble makers.

A big shout out to B. from Christ Our Savior Parish, who braved the elements with me and S.A. J. today. Only a few went into P.P. during my shift.

Praying for all to stay safe and the end of abortion.

Keeping vigil is a Christ Our Savior warrior.

1-3 Shift Manager Kathy Reports:

Thanking God for eight people from Corpus Cristi , Bridgeville; Nadine from Elizabeth, and my shift buddy, Andrew. No incidents. Three people went in, three came out. 

3-5 Shift Manager Billy Reports:

Blessed Saturday, everyone. Its amazing to be in a Post-Roe 40 Days campaign. Today I was accompanied by Shift partners Fran and Jeff–thank you both for being there. We also were with those from the Flame of Love group on this rainy afternoon. We were able to witness to a woman we will call C, she came and asked why we were down there and the answers we gave were sacrifice and a feeling of a calling and that we were there to pray. We had one girl come out and she took a prayer card.  A few other passersby made a couple negative comments.  We had a hurt angry woman come and tell us we were awful and judgmental as well. Pray for this unknown woman please. Another two girls tried to get in the front of the abortion clinic but it looked like it was locked and they drove towards the back way.  We had someone try to throw ketchup packets at us, too. Have a blessed day, guys!

2 thoughts on “Day 4: Thanks to Christ Our Savior Parish, Corpus Christi Parish, Flame of Love, and Terrific 40 Days volunteers”

  1. Hey Jeannie! Allegheny Reproductive is the East Liberty abortuary. They are currently killing more babies than Planned Parenthood. They are also leading the court case suing the state of Pennsylvania to have Medicaid pay for abortions with our tax dollars.
    You may have meant to call East Liberty Family Health Center. 412-661-2802

    1. Meredith – I am glad you shared that. Allegheny Reproductive “Health” Services in East Liberty kills babies, and I would hope we never refer anyone there. Fyi, the female abortionist doctor and owner is partners with the man who owns the Wheel Mill indoor bicycle park in Pittsburgh. I encourage everyone to stay away from indirectly supporting that place as a well.

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