Day 3: Thanks to Divine Grace Parish RLG, St. Matthew Parish, individual volunteers, and all who made today’s vigil possible!

Bishop Boyea of the Diocese of Lansing is encouraging the Michigan faithful to defeat Proposal 3, the “Reproductive Freedom for All” initiative, at the ballot box this November.  This proposed amendment to the Michigan constitution would legally shield and radically expand abortion procedures in that state.  

In a pastoral letter, the bishop notes:

The Governor of the State of Michigan has said repeatedly that she, and her allies in the pro-abortion lobby, will, quote, “fight like hell” to prevail on the matter of abortion. How then do we respond to those who fight like hell? Simple: We fight like heaven.

We have to employ the three great spiritual weapons of the Christian life: prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

Here in Pennsylvania, we won’t be voting on abortion directly this November, but our choices at the ballot box will undoubtedly affect the fight to protect every life under law.  How providential, then, that the 40 Days for Life campaign leads right up to election day! An incredible opportunity for prayer, fasting, and almsgiving (of our time and comfort as well as our money) is offered to us at just the right moment.

Come to the sidewalk whenever you can. Keep praying, fasting, and giving even on the days when you can’t be in front of PP. Please don’t let this chance pass you by…the stakes are no less than life or death!



7-9 AM +++ Jeannie, Barbara, and Susan

I would say my time on the sidewalk this morning was as close to being pleasant as it’s been in my whole 12 years of doing this. The spirit of doom and coldness and Satan is so underwhelming when you bring in the fabulous Pro Life prayer warriors that joined me on the street today. Special shout out to Barbara who greets and cheers on virtually every soul that passes by. 

I haven’t worked Fridays before and it’s a joy to wish people a “happy Friday”!  We had lots of positive comments from passersby and a negative or two but nothing disruptive.

 At one point a homeless woman clearly under the influence of a substance came by and was a bit antagonistic. We started the rosary and within moments she changed her mind and found another place to roost. God is good.

 Shout out to Richard and Barbara,  Marilyn and Beth for being the stalwart Friday morning crew to greet the day with the joy and love that only our faith can bring!

9-11 AM +++ Michael and Katie

Coming soon!

11 AM – 1 PM +++ Kathy and Elsie

Thanks to St. Ferdinand Church (Cranberry) and one member from St. Mary’s (Elk County) for making the trip to come and pray to end abortion.  

Several encounters with passersby today: two female highschoolers stopped and requested the fetal babies.  One girl was for abortion, the other opposed.  Turns out the former had an abortion and wanted the baby as a reminder of her aborted child.  She acknowledged feeling “bad” about the experience and accepted resources.  I directed her to post abortion help, she thanked me and they left.  Later, another pair of highschoolers stopped, male and female.  She was for abortion, he was not.  They both accepted “Watch Me Grow” brochures. Offered brief prayer for boy as he related that his brother died last year at a school shooting.

A family from SC asked what we were doing and gave their support. A woman stopped to ask for directions. Regulars Rocky and friend stopped and asked for food. “Luis” stopped by to strengthen his English conversation skills and to affirm our cause until we were ordered out of the circle by the guard.

1-3 PM +++ Donna and Elaine

Wow! A lot happened in such a short period of time today.  It was a blessing to be on the sidewalk with my husband, Glenn, shift buddy, Elaine, Bernadette (Bernie) from St. Matthew’s Parish, Neal from Corpus Christi Parish and SA Leonard.  We handed out a lot of information to passersby.  Most were very receptive and only a few negative comments.  God opened the door for quite a few conversations as only He can.

A man came by and told us he had lost his ring and was retracing his steps.  Glenn & I looked around a little bit and told him we’d pray that he’d find his ring.  He came back later in our shift and told us he found his ring.  I said “Thank God for prayers answered.”  God is so good!  

Another man walked by and I offered him information and he was very receptive to take it and said that he was pro-choice and doesn’t think men have any say.  I replied, “Yes, you definitely do because it takes a man and a woman to make a baby.”  Then he responded, he didn’t like women and he was a homosexual.  He still took the information to share with someone.

Another woman walked by and we offered her information, she didn’t take it but then turned around and said she would to give it to someone and said you never know and thanked me. 

Neal joined us from Corpus Christi Parish and said he couldn’t make it with his church tomorrow and decided to come today.  Leonard stopped by to join us today  too. Everyone was great trying to share resources today.

Another woman stopped to look at the baby models and told me she had 6 children; never lost one, never aborted one, never took birth control and said she took what God gave her.

Another woman thanked us for being there.  George, the SM from last night at 5 stopped, and dropped off a beautiful bouquet of flowers to give to a turn-away or leave them in memory of all the lives lost there today. 

I got to have a nice conversation with Glynn, the security guard from PP.  He shared with me that a book was just out on Amazon that were poems that his late wife wrote: In The Words of My Life.  We talked about our faith as well.

May God bless and reach all these people in a special way.  Only He can change hearts and minds and we ask that He will do exactly that.  

Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

Glenn, Bernadette from St Matthew’s Parish and Elaine, shift buddy
Neal from Corpus Christi Parish and SA Leonard
Flowers dropped off by George (SM Thursday 5-7)

3-5 PM +++ Val and Mike

Coming soon!

5-7 PM +++ Pat and Charlie

Shift Buddy, Charlie

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