Day 38: Thanks to Divine Redeemer Parish, Holy Sepulcher Parish, Gospel Fellowship PCA, St. Matthew Parish, and all faithful volunteers!


As the Fall Campaign comes to a close, it is tempting to say, “Whew, it’s over.” But “it’s” not over, if the “it” is the battle against the forces of evil that promote and celebrate abortion, the battle to save little lives from destruction, and to save women from the
after-effects of abortion. For, sadly, when the formal 40 Days for Life campaigns end, the taking of innocent lives at PP does not end.

We are fortunate and blessed here in Pittsburgh to have 40 Days for Life 365 available to us. This coming January will mark the second anniversary of Pittsburgh-area prayer warriors answering God’s call to pray year-round on Liberty Avenue with this group.

Along with Sidewalk Advocates, there will be people praying in front of 933 every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Please come and join us as we pray to end this scourge on our country. You can just show up or sign up by sending an email to Who knows, you may just help save a life.

Hear my prayer, O LORD, and attend to my plea for mercy.

Psalm 86:6

Yet regard the prayer and plea of Your servant, O LORD my God, so that you may hear the cry and the prayer that Your servant is praying before You today.

1 Kings 8:28


Stories from the Sidewalk

Thanks to Divine Redeemer Parish, Michele B. from Northway Church, Sidewalk Advocates Kim, Katie, and Kathy, and regular Bill H.

We had a rather large group from Divine Redeemer who offered prayers to end abortion and held the Our Lady of Guadalupe banner.  One of their members, Carolina, assisted in Spanish translation to two male passersby who accepted resources (in Spanish and English) and blessed us for giving them something to eat.

First timer, Michele, did a great job reaching out to clients and passersby while offering them the green resources brochure.  Bill H. stopped by briefly to pray and seek financial assistance. 

One or two clients accepted resources before entering the building.  No overtly negative comments directed toward us.

Laura was not on the sidewalk with us this morning which gives me hope that she may have found housing.  Please continue to pray for her.  Thank you. 


Kathleen and Debbie from Holy Sepulcher

It was a beautiful day, but as always, it was COLD on the sidewalk. Business in and out of Planned Parenthood seemed slower than past Thursdays. One woman exited Planned Parenthood and wanted to recite the 23rd Psalm with us. We offered to pray the Lord’s Prayer with her, but she did not know it. She said she was into voodoo, and “done with Jesus.” However, when I offered her a blessed Miraculous Medal and a card explaining it, she was thrilled with it! I trust that the Blessed Virgin Mary will help this woman.


Rick, Gretchen & Bob from Holy Sepulcher
Don from St. Killian
Matt, Jean, Mary Ann, Theresa, Bernie, Laura, Lucerne, Frank, Bob & Gail

What a blessing to have so many on the sidewalk today, Rick, Gretchen & Bob from Holy Sepulchar, Don & Lucerne from St. Killian’s, Matt, Jean, Mary Ann, Theresa, Frank, Bernie, Bob & Kathleen from St. Matthew’s Parish. Many prayed the rosary.  Donna & I from Gospel Fellowship, (yes 2 Donna’s), our friend and neighbor, Scott was there too. Olivia stopped by for about 45 minutes and seemed to have some great conversations with passersby. As you can tell the sidewalk was packed today with prayer warriors.  God bless you all for your faithfulness and commitment to stand for the sanctity of life.   We handed out some information but many refused. At least we didn’t have any number 1’s this week as last week we had three!  Laura came by and thanked everyone for their prayers.  We prayed for those that went in and those that came out.  May God soften their hearts and reach them as only He can.


Mike, Val, and Pat with Bill from First Free Evangelical Lutheran in McKeesport

1 thought on “Day 38: Thanks to Divine Redeemer Parish, Holy Sepulcher Parish, Gospel Fellowship PCA, St. Matthew Parish, and all faithful volunteers!”

  1. Thank you, Beloved Nikki.
    May God shepherd us in Jesus’ name.
    Come, Beloved God.
    Fill our hearts with wisdom and love.
    We gather in haste to reorganize in Jesus’ name.
    Abortion cannot triumph in Pittsburgh.
    We know we can count on you.

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