Day 35: Thank you to everyone who braved the weather and the Halloween revelry to pray for LIFE!

For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so faith apart from works is dead. 

Jas 2:26

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. The abortion battle is fought on many fronts, but the most important part of the struggle is fought on our knees. Very often the pictures on the sidewalk show one of our faithful prayer warriors on their knees on Liberty Avenue praying for Our Lord’s intervention to save the babies. This is where our light shines so bright, no matter the posture, this is where our works of silent prayerful witness lead to victory. This is where we give glory to God, for He has already won the victory.

This Sunday, Father spoke of sacrificial love in his homily. The readings were from Jesus’ response to the question in the 22nd chapter of Matthew’s gospel, “Teacher, which commandment in the law is the greatest?” As Father explained the Love of God and love of neighbor in Jesus’ response, he related a circumstance he was aware of with a family that experienced this outpouring love from their children. A four-year-old suffering from leukemia was in need of a blood transfusion from a compatible donor, her six-year-old brother was compatible and was asked to be the donor. His parents presented the situation and he thought he would sleep on it. In the morning he agreed to be the donor. After the procedure, as he lay on a gurney next to his sister, the doctor asked how he was doing. He responded fine but asked how long it would be before he died. Not understanding the procedure completely, he thought that he would die after giving his blood to his sister. It was a sacrifice he was willing to make. Extraordinary moments in life, especially life in crisis, requires an extraordinary response. We respond to the crisis of abortion with self-sacrificial prayer and witness. God save the babies and their mothers.


Stories from the Sidewalk

So glad to see Laura today! She had actually been in the hospital, and was amazed to hear that we thought she had passed away!

Laura is still with us! She said she had a couple rough days in the hospital with her leg giving her a lot of pain. She wondered what crazy person led everyone to believe she’d passed on! She’s back in action looking for soft fruit bars – blueberry perhaps, not the apple flavored ones! (Lol)
Back to business! Bill and Nadine were setting up when my girlfriend, Sandi, and I arrived this morning. Anthony and his daughter, Mary Margaret, arrived and the Rosary recitation began. Bill H. dropped by on his way to run errands. Children walked by on their way to school wearing Halloween costumes. I remember seeing Scooby-Doo, which gave me a chuckle.
We didn’t receive any hateful comments on our shift. Plenty of staff entered and a number of clients. One fellow took our leaflet before heading in with his girlfriend. I got the sense that PP was gearing up for a busy day. I really hope my hunch is wrong!


Happy Halloween to everyone. It was a relatively quiet time for Linda, Mike, and I. Some couples have gone in and some sad people came out. Lots of working guys installing updated internet in PP but generally quieter than expected.


Karen, Meredith, Barbara, Bob and Rose

There was minimal traffic in and out of the clinic, thank goodness. A woman tearfully shared her abortion experience at 13 years of age. She said even with ongoing therapy and the passage of decades, the pain is still intense. We gave her hugs and encouragement.


I did the 11 to 1 shift with Sheila and Rose. Meredith and Karen prayed with us for a while. Lots of women were going into PP. Not many wanted info. One woman stopped by in tears. She told us that she had an abortion when she was 13 and was still suffering from it. She feels that people are judging her and calling her a murderer. She said she was forced to abort. We told her that God loves her and we love her. She said every time she passes by PP she gets upset, remembering her abortion. We offered her information on healing. 


Thank you for Mary Jane who prayed twenty nine decades of the rosary with us dispute being terribly cold.  She was such a blessing!  Grateful it was a slow day at PP and peaceful.  Sandy did a great job, as usual, giving out information and telling the truth to all passersby. 


The 3-5 shift today was unusually quiet with foot traffic, but not with couples leaving PP with brown paper bags. The school students were grouped, so their numbers didn’t seem quite as large as in previous weeks. As mentioned by another pro-life
advocate the sign specifically stating the number of babies that die daily at PP attracts attention, and a young male student stopped and asked its meaning, but stopping only briefly for a quick explanation. There was a change of security guards probably about 4 PM. The new guard was very nice and helped with carrying items to put them away at the end of the shift. There were approximately 4, possibly 5 couples that left PP between 3:30-4:45, no one took any information. As mentioned, brown bags were evident. Honestly it is sobering to see these young woman, escorted with another female or with a male leave that building with bags, knowing their lives are possibly changed forever in a dark way.


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