Day 34: Thanks to Christ the Divine Shepherd Parish and all prayerful volunteers who braved the rain today!

Goal Line Defense

As we are deep into the football season, I can’t help but to draw parallels to the critical goal line defenses in football and our efforts in front of the abortion center. Especially the late game plays that are often the difference between winning and losing. However, the stakes are higher in our situation. I realize that we are the very last line of defense between life and death. Sometimes we have only a few yards, feet or even inches to prevent a true tragedy. When we win, we save the lives of the unborn.  

When we are on the street, we are not about politics, marches, or banquets, although they are great.  We don’t have the luxury of time.  We are about HELP, HOPE, LOVE and LIFE. We are the very, very last line of defense. Usually, we have only a few moments or even seconds and only a few yards or maybe even inches between saving a life and a brutal death.

There is no doubt it can be a struggle and it is hard, but the reward is priceless. If it were easy HE wouldn’t need you on HIS team. I’m proud to be on the same team and defensive line with you in these critical situations.  You are all-stars.

But the game is not over.  While our 40 Days for Life vigil is coming to an end, we still need you on our winning team.  We have committed Sidewalk Advocates and prayer warriors every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday year-round on the goal line trying to save lives.  If you still want to stand up, witness, and save lives and souls, come back downtown.  We’ll be there.  Just show up or sign up by emailing


Stories from the Sidewalk

Michael, Mark, Ethan, and Bill

Dying to the flesh and being led by the Spirit (see Rm 8:12-17,) we — Michael, Ethan, and I — prayed as we stood on the wet dreary sidewalk in Pittsburgh. I cannot complain as it was colder at 9, when Fran arrived, than it was at 7:30. I prayed for all of you following today and this week.

As for traffic into PP, only a small handful of staff entered this morning and no young women, a blessing for which we give thanks! No one stopped to talk, so we continued to pray!

It struck me today, while standing outside in the rain, we are probably drawing more attention as people wonder, “Why are they doing that? What is so important to stand in the rain and cold?”  So, I prayed: “Lord, open their eyes to see the truth of your love, grace, and joy for every person, especially themselves and the unborn. Help them to understand how much you love them, long to be with them, and to share your love and joy with them.” Then I thought, maybe I should pray for more rain? Or maybe, I just need to pray this way on nice days?


Marie and Ginny 9-11

The rain and fog this morning were the cause of some travel delays.  Thank you, Michael, for staying until everyone arrived safely.  Beverly, Judy and I had a peaceful shift which may be the upside to inclement weather.  Beverly covered one side of the circle and offered literature to people passing by while Judy and I remained on the other side to pray.  When I arrived, the street crew was powerwashing the alleyway and, as I approached our sign-in area, I saw there was a homeless man tucked into the doorway of the old bar, fast asleep.  He remained there throughout the shift, but by 11 o’clock he was awake and offered us a friendly goodbye.  Just before we left, a young man stopped by to inquire about the gentleman in the doorway.  He explained that his church, located on the North Side, has started a ministry to reach out to and to help the homeless in the city.  Please keep their efforts in your prayers.



Thanks to Marie, Donna, and the wonderful group from Clarion County who braved the cold and rain to pray the entire rosary.  Lots of noise, wind, and pigeons. We wished them a safe journey home and hustled to escape the blustery afternoon after Dan and Joanne graciously took over.


Fr. Jeremy and Joanne 3-5

Chilly and rainy in front of PP today, but quiet as we prayed. No remarks — good or bad — from people passing by. We were blessed to have Fr. Jeremy praying with us!


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