Day 35: Thank you Individual volunteers, St. Peter Parish, Steubenville, St. Matthew Parish and Ancient Order of Hibernians

The pictures of everyone on the sidewalk have really touched my heart. So many whom I have not met, but I feel a connection with. You get it… your eyes are open to the horror of abortion and your hearts are open to really, truly helping women. THANK YOU FOR COMING TO THE SIDEWALK!

7-9: Tracy

Tom and Diane set up at the start of our day. Those two, truly, are a well-oiled machine! I don’t know how we’d do without them. And always cheerful at all these chilly and dark early morning hours!

Greg and I began our time with a reflection by Matthew Kelly: Why not make all our daily, hourly! activities an offering to The Father for the sake of another? Make everything a prayer! That kicks a typical Morning Offering, sometimes recited merely by rote, up a notch, don’t you think?
It makes it much more intentional. So, 7-8 was offered for a pro-life worker dealing with poor health, 8-9 was for the babies, 9-10…  Perhaps a good habit to embrace!

St. Peter’s in Steubenville, my parish, kept vigil with us today. Shawn and Beth brought beautiful music to share. Lori and Bob arrived right at the short interim of time when the sun shines through the break between the taller local city buildings. Ahhh! Warmth!!

Around 9, Rose and Virginia arrived to replace us. And my apologies to anyone who arrived after 10. (I had to scoot and wouldn’t have noted names.)

Business seemed slower at PP. There always seems to be more staff than clients. We saw maybe 5-6 ladies entering. One came out later with a paper bag. Depending on what she had in that bag, I’m hoping she saw our signs offering help, if she had second thoughts? Another couple were expecting their 3rd. Both had jobs, looked to be in a stable relationship, and shared 2 beautiful children already. Pray for T&L to make room for one more?
The sidewalk was practically deserted this morning, so not much was handed out to those passing by.
Thank you to all for bringing God’s love to the sidewalk outside PP, a place of unhappiness for many.

11-1: Fran

Last week I said that I planned to make an effort throughout the week to invite friends to join me on the sidewalk for the final Tuesday Shift of the 2021 Lenten Campaign ~ but I was unable to make that happen.  As of last night I thought there might be just three of us from 11a-1p today.  Even though I had failed to ask for help, the Holy Spirit was at work whispering in the hearts of many and, for most of the shift, we had 17 people gathered in prayer (I apologize that I am unable to list everyone’s name).  Prayer Warriors came from the four corners: Steubenville…. Clarion…. Donegal…. as well as those devoted souls who live closer and have been regular, faithful participants.  The group that came from St. Raymond of the Mountain brought a large group of prayer warriors as well as multiple copies of a pro-life prayer book, Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.  They shared the books with everyone so that the sound of our prayers and hymns would become an offering of hope, the promise of God’s love.  Father Anthony, also from St. Raymond, at the end of our shift, offered prayers and a blessing as our group stood around the edge of the yellow line.  As we left, several of the people remarked how good it is that the law now permits the sidewalk advocates to work within the circle and approach the women who pass through the doors of PP.  Elsie was successful in getting literature into the hands of several women today.  May we continue to pray that the hearts of those women will be touched. Grace & Peace, Fran 

3-5: Nikki

I was blessed for the fifth Tuesday afternoon in a row to pray with the wonderful pro-life warriors from Saint Matthew Parish! We prayed for almost all of our two hour shift. At the beginning we had quite a few positive comments but after that we noticed there were many more negative comments. We tried not to let it bother us and just continue to pray. Thanks to everybody who came out on this beautiful spring day to pray for little ones that will never get to experience springtime.

Thanks to the faithful prayer warriors from St. Matthew Parish!

5-7: Lisa

Thank you to all who play the important roles that keep us organized for the Pittsburgh 40 Days for Life campaigns.  Thank you for my shift that gives me and my team time to pray without ceasing for the babies.  On the street of Pittsburgh during this evening shift we meet many more positive people than negative.  We do get our share of “nasty’s” but nothing that could dampen our conviction to fervently pray for the babies, their parents, the abortion workers. A big thank you to Johanna, my long time shift buddy, to Larry who also never missed a Tuesday evening being with us and to Mary Ann who was there with us several weeks.  May you all be blessed during this upcoming Holy Week by attending extra services that will lead us closer to Christ and his glorious resurrection.

Lisa, Mary Ann, and Larry
Larry, Johanna, Mary Ann

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