Day 34: Thanks to Blessed Trinity Parish and the faithful for showing up

What happens when we don’t show up?

Did you ever wonder what happens when we don’t show up outside Planned Parenthood on abortion days? Now we know. It broke my heart to read Shae’s message. If only someone had been there…

Let’s hope the next time we are there. Are you hearing the call to be there? Is this HIS will for you? Do you want to add meaning and purpose to your life? Do you want real peace and happiness in your life? If you answer yes, please don’t ignore HIS request. If everybody just made a little effort we could be there everyday, all year long during abortion hours.  Is this for you?  

Did you know we have a dedicated group, part of our 40 DFL 365 team, that is there every abortion day?  However they are often alone or just as a pair.  They could use your presence and prayers.

We are there every Tues 8am – 4:30pm, Wed 8am – 4:30pm, Fri 8am – 4:30pm and Sat 7:30am – 3:30pm all year long. To learn more or to sign up, here are the contacts:  

Katie Breckenridge  412-862-9631
Steve Dristas  412-605-8424
Jen McDevitt  412-920-4916
Katie O’Brien  412-353-6025

We are getting back underway on Tuesday April 6. If this is something you might be called to do and want to do, then contact us to learn more, try it or commit to come on a regular or semi-regular basis.  Reach out to a friend, family member or your pastor and ask them to join you. I know it’s not easy but if it were easy we wouldn’t need you. You with God’s assistance can do great things and the next time someone like Shae is approaching the clinic you can save them from making a really bad decision. I hope to see you on the street with us soon.  Tim

Here are the reports starting with Sue 7-9 am:

It was a beautiful morning to stand with Holly who answered the call that a shift buddy was needed. She drove from an hour away to be on the sidewalk at 7am! Not new to the pro-life cause, she has been involved since the days of Operation Rescue and has 11 children, her youngest is adopted. It is true, you meet the most wonderful people here!! Don came and wrote out his pro-life quote of the day. It is sad to see the workers enter this place, prayed the divine mercy and the luminous mysteries of the rosary, that the workers eyes would be illumined! Thank you, Sue

Pics; Shift Buddy Holly and Bill. Don with his weekly hand written quote. A pansy, flower of remembrance from the container garden on the sidewalk

From Jeannie 9-11: “Another wonderful day on the sidewalk with my faith filled prayer partners Ginny and Marilyn. I can honestly say that after refining our skills we have landed on a perfect prayer routine for two hours down there. I look forward to implementing it next time! It was quiet with a bit of sun today and we were joined by our ever-present chaperone Don who we chatted with about his commitment to be at the clinic every Monday throughout the whole year. What an amazing man.”

From Hank 11-1: “A sunny and  comfortable day (if any day could be considered sunny and comfortable at a killing center). My shift buddy Glenn (Most Precious Blood Parish) and I were joined by a group of 9 parishioners, including Deacon Dan, from Blessed Trinity Parish. We prayed in groups on both sides of PP.  Our group prayed 8 rosaries the Divine Mercy and the Angelus. More foot traffic today than I’ve seen in past weeks and so we distributed a good bit of literature. We received several thumbs-up and thank you for being here, so it was encouraging.  One couple from out of town stopped and looked at the sign describing the number of abortions performed at this location and they were upset …..they have 7 children.  I did not see any patrons go in to PP during the shift.   Be joyful in hope, patient in trials, and persevere in prayer!!”

From Marie: Monday 3 to 5 shift was sunny warm and very little traffic past Planned Parenthood. Gloria, Dean, and Jen were there for the shift. One young man on a bicycle showed interest in the display and Dean provided him with several pro-life items. Bill joined the group at the end of the shift.

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