Day 29…Thanks to St. Agnes in North Huntington, The Culture Project, individual volunteers and faithful team members!

Lord, Have Mercy!

Today the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania heard a case seeking to enshrine abortion as a constitutional right. May God hear and accept our prayers, sacrifices and fasting, and may He NOT allow the bloodguilt of tax-payer funded abortion to be poured upon the heads of all of us citizens in PA. I suggest praying Mother Teresa’s “Emergency Novena” every day until we hear the decision. (Mother Teresa would pray the Memorare ten times–the first nine in petition and the tenth in thanksgiving.) Please offer your prayers and sufferings for this intention as well.

My heart goes out to all of those who are wounded by a personal experience with abortion and have not yet had the courage to face what they have done so they can be forgiven and healed. I also feel love and sympathy for the young people who have been raised to believe in an ideology that tells them that a woman needs to have the right to kill her preborn child in order to be equal to men. They are deluded and misguided through no fault of their own.

I do get angry, however, with those who know full well what abortion is, and who PROFIT from it…ESPECIALLY those who claim to be followers of Christ. Politicians and church leaders who act like abortion is acceptable, or even a good thing…those are the ones that make my blood boil. These people are not above cheating and lying…even in a court of law…to FABRICATE a so called “right to abortion” in our state constitution.

If this case is successful and our justices allow their own personal ideologies to blind them into such an unjust ruling…it will be tempting to despair of ever ending abortion in Pennsylvania. We hope and pray it doesn’t happenbut if it does, we cannot despair or give up. In fact, unjust persecution is what strengthens us and makes us work harder! When those few counter-protesters showed up with their bullhorn, drum and banner to disrupt our kick-off Eucharistic Procession on September 27th, it actually made our confidence in God’s provision and protection even stronger! Every angry person that screams profanities or attempts to destroy our vigil materials only serves to convince us of the importance of what we are doing!

Persecution and Injustice only serves to make us work harder, and to make us STRONGER!

Today’s Gospel reading is confirmation to us of the importance of being spiritually strong:

…”Strive to enter through the narrow gate, for many, I tell you, will attempt to enter but will not be strong enough.” Luke 13:24

Jesus warns us that we have to be STRONG in order to enter Heaven! I never really noticed the word “strong” until I was meditating on this verse last night. So how can I make sure I am not so spiritually soft that I cannot get through that difficult and narrow gate? I think that setting aside MY OWN will each day and deciding to do GOD’s WILL is a great way to get spiritually strong. When I want to sleep in, but force myself to wake up early so there is time for prayer, that is like doing 50 spiritual sit-ups. When I cram my daily responsibilities in such a way as to allow time for daily Mass each day, that is 50 spiritual jumping jacks. Reacting kindly when a family member is grouchy is like 10 pushups. When I get bundled up and drive into Pittsburgh to stand on that dirty sidewalk and face the possible persecution that may come…that is running a spiritual mile. Doing this day after day will keep us from being spiritually lazy. And we look to that day that we can finally cross that finish line and hear those words that we long to hear:

Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your Master.

Matt. 25:23

So no matter how the ruling comes down…we will never give up the fight for life in Pennsylvania. Our own souls depend upon it!

Keep reading for today’s shift reports…

7-9 Charlene, Peggy & Beth

Day 29…word of the day…RAIN. Peggy and I were joined by Anna, Beth’s daughter. Beth could not be on the sidewalk today and she always finds us a sub.  Lots of employees…2 or 3 patients. One mother and teenage daughter said they were at PP for birth control. One girl and 2 guys here from Ohio. One thing about the sidewalk…weather determines my mood…how I greet people, how I concentrate on my prayers, how I call on God and St. Michael the Archangel for everyone who goes in…I do it all: rain , shine, cold, or warm. But I know the devil loves how I pray in rain and cold. So I pray harder. “My foes turn back when I call on you. This I know: God is on my side.” (Psalm 56)

Charlene and Anna…smiling thru the rain.

9-11 Elsie & Linda

It was a wet, rainy shift on the sidewalk, with Elsie, Linda and Bev. It was a busy shift, with women (and men) going in and out of Planned Parenthood. There were a couple of cars from Ohio waiting for patients out front. A few people accepted information from us. At one point a woman walking down the sidewalk scooped up the red table with the fetal models and slammed it into the trash can, and kept on walking. The table was broken, and the largest fetal model was broken off its support base. It happened so fast we didn’t get a good look at the perpetrator. Hopefully the camera might provide more information. A police report was filed. A young woman and her friend approached and said she wanted to get a pregnancy test. We told her that PP would charge her for it, and offered to make an appointment with Birthright or Women’s Choice Network. She didn’t want to wait or go to either, so we told her that Katie would have free tests with her when she began her shift at 11:00. The two were provided with literature and information about free resources and options. Elsie even gave the two gift cards to Dunkin Donuts so they could wait out of the rain and return at 11:00. Unfortunately, as of 12:45, Katie said that they hadn’t returned. Please pray for this woman. 


11-1 Katie

Thank you to St. Agnes Parish and the Culture Project for praying with us today! John got a lot of friendly beeps and thumbs ups for his crucifix, and a few other gestures as well. I’m sitting here trying to type with my non-dominant hand and I’m bleeding profusely from my right arm–don’t worry, I’m at the blood bank. Giving blood always reminds me of Equal Rights Institute’s video on blood donation. I haven’t watched it in a while, but if I remember correctly the basic point is that the reason why we should have a legal obligation to be pregnant until the baby can survive on its own but we don’t have a legal obligation to give blood is because while you can’t necessarily be forced to help someone who’s dying of natural causes, you do have an obligation to “not freaking kill people”. Abortion is not simply refusing to help someone, it’s actively committing a lethal act of violence against them. I highly recommend all of Equal Rights Institute’s material; they’re a very thoughtful and intelligent group of people who have helped further my understanding of pro life apologetics immensely (although I can’t always remember what to say when I’m nervous!)

Wonderful group from St. Agnes in North Huntington came to pray and witness the love of Christ!
These young followers of Christ are from the Culture Project and try to witness at PP once a week!

1-3 Chris & Judy

Sidewalk counselors Katie and Judy were ever-vigilant, offering fetal development and free resource literature to women passersby.   Praying the Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy were Bernie from St. Joseph the Worker, and Joyce from St. Michael the Archangel.  For four hours, John from St. Agnes in North Huntingdon faced the street traffic with a large crucifix and a sign that spoke the truth of what goes on inside 933 Liberty Avenue day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.  God bless him for his witness. We did have one incident during my shift (about 1:05pm)– a 20-something woman picked up the “Abortion Pill Reversal” sign, walked about 30 yards down the street, bent the sign in two, and put it in a trash can.  Bernie walked down the street to retrieve the sign.  Katie took photos of the perpetrator. 


3-5 Eileen, Michelle and Steve

Steve reported that the 3-5 shift was peaceful with no incidents… a good time to pray and witness!

5-7 Joe & George

Definitely a fall evening – leaves that fell all around littered the sidewalk and curbside…

Shift started with Jeannie picking-up the baby display for some TLC / maintenance…

Alex and George have faithfully joined me for every Wednesday shift. This week was no exception.  Much appreciated gentlemen – Blessings!

This week’s episode special guest star was Judy – got to share and pray with her – a beautiful soul. She was on fire!  Handing out resource cards / info like it was the 1st of the month…  A true inspiration!!!

She also helped (words, prayers, and deeds) for a couple that stopped by and talked with us – Larry and April.  Please add them to your list of intentions!

Sadly, another young woman (yes, I know what is a woman) passed by just pointed at the baby models and kept screaming all the way down the sidewalk in a luciferian way…  Please also add this woman to the prayer list…

Near the end of the evening, a frequent passerby, Earl, also stopped by for a bit and the evening concluded packing up the vigil for Kathy to deliver on Thursday – Thanks Kathy!!!


Closing out the evening of day 29 with faithful Joe, Judy, George, Alex and visit from Earl

In closing, Jenna, (one of our volunteers) came up with her own list of the “Top 10 (actually 13) reasons that SHE prays at PP…Enjoy:

My Top 10/ *13!* Reasons to pray at the Sidewalk…Our Lady of Fatima – Pray for US!

13.  To join in prayer with my fellow Brothers & Sisters in Christ – it is always such a blessing being with 1 or more of you! 🙂 TB2G! – as we offer up our prayers, works, joys, and sufferings!

12.  Reparation of Sins (my own and others)

11.  For Pittsburgh Planned Parenthood to close forever.

10.  For the safety and welfare of all who pray and work against abortion (as well as for their family and loved ones) and for their works of mercy to bear good fruit.

 9. For all who work in and for the abortion industry (as well as their family and loved ones) – that they may have a conversion of their hearts and minds (and that they will be unsuccessful in their efforts – may they only abort their current path).

 8.   For a culture of Life to replace a culture of death.

 7.   For the dearly departed souls of the aborted babies.

 6.  For the fathers, other family, and any friends of the mother in need – that they be spared the agony of abortion.

 5.  For the mothers especially – that they be spared the agony of abortion.

 4.  For the conversion of the hearts and minds of the fathers, family, and friends – that they may assist in saving the child’s life.

 3.  For the conversion of the hearts & minds of the mothers – that they will walk with God and spare the life of their unborn child.

 2.  For the babies lives to be spared!

 1.  For God! His Honor, His Glory, and His Kingdom.

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  1. the Memorare:

    Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help or sought thy intercession was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. To thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.

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