Day 29…Thanks to Divine Redeemer Parish, Faithful Team Members & Volunteers!


This is how I get to feeling by about this time during the 40 days. Day 29.

You don’t know how long 40 days are until you try to hold a prayer vigil outdoors in front of an abortion facility for 40 . straight . days. No break. The word that just keeps resounding in my head is “RELENTLESS”! It is so NON-STOP! NO BREAK! The end still seems SO FAR AWAY! We have been working hard, and everything is going well. Precious lives and souls are being saved, we know! But still…the days stretch on. So many more days still to go. How can we keep doing this?

As I was standing on the sidewalk with my parish this past Sunday, in blizzard-like conditions…it occurred to me that from a worldly perspective…what we were doing was pointless. The abortion clinic wasn’t even open. It was snowing horizontally and bitter cold. WHY WERE WE DOING THIS?

And then I thought of that day’s Gospel reading. (Traditional missal). It was the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. I thought about how foolish Andrew must have felt as he suggested the ridiculous idea of feeding 5,000 men with just five loaves and two fishes. But Jesus had asked a question. He asked how they were to feed those thousands of people who had followed them into the wilderness. It was a problem with seemingly no solution. I can imagine a sheepish look on Andrew’s face as he practically whispered to Our Lord, “There is a boy who has five barley loaves and two fishes; but what are these among so many?”

That was all it took. St. Andrew didn’t have to believe that he could solve the problem himself. He didn’t even have to believe that his suggestion would work. He only had to RESPOND to Jesus’ question. It didn’t matter how foolish the answer sounded.

A million of God’s precious children are killed in our nation every year by abortion, and God asks us to stop it. But how? How can we possibly do that? We don’t have the means! But that’s okay. We don’t have to. HE DOES! We just foolishly step forward and say to Him, “Lord, I know that YOU can end abortion. I trust YOU! And I know that you will use our seemingly foolish presence in front of those killing centers to do it.”

40 Days. It is a powerful time-frame. God does amazing things in 40 days. We just keep on keeping on. And we keep on trusting HIM!

If we are exhausted by day 29…take consolation that we are not the only ones who are tired. Satan must be exhausted too! All those prayers and sacrifices that are taking place, day after day. All the charity and love being given in response to the pain and anger directed at us. It must be killing him! Keep it up everyone! God bless you!


We set everything up first thing in the morning and possibly there was one couple going in. Then at 8:30 Meredith and Karen came . Claudia left and about a half an hour later the church group came with Elsie.

  From 830 to 9. There were about eight or nine going in.

  I was very glad to meet Bill the new guard I like him he’s built like a brick outhouse . Very friendly And experienced I think he will do a really good job.

  When I left around 945 it was really heating up down there were so many going in.

  I think that having the guard there will put peoples minds ease So they can focus more on prayer.

It was very good to see so many there when I left. I may have even missed some people who just showed up. A very strong witness!

Veteran pro lifer Karen, with The Magee Project’s Meredith joined in the prayers today! Meredith reports that there may have been a change of heart for a young mom today!

A young couple went in. He kept rubbing her back and comforting her. She seemed very nervous, unhappy, maybe even ill.

They came out not long after going in. She had a big smile. They wouldn’t respond to questions or offers of help, but the change in her was dramatic.

So I don’t know if she changed her mind or had a negative pregnancy test, but something changed dramatically. I’m willing to consider it a turn around.


Conrad and I did not have to be alone very long.  Meredith and her friend Karen came to help, and Meredith reached out to those entering PP.

Our dear Elsie came with 3 fellow parishioners from the Divine Redeemer Parish.  Elsie put on her sidewalk advocate hat, while her friends prayed. There was the usual number of persons entering PP, and unfortunately, they were not interested in talking or accepting information. Katie came at 10:30 so we were in good hands with Meredith, Elsie and Katie. There were no negative incidents, including swearing and gestures today. I know that it was due to the presence of the security guard. He is big presence and I know that I felt safer with him there, as I am sure others will.


Thank you to Ken, Susan, Catherine and Divine Redeemer Parish for keeping vigil on this very beautiful but unfortunately quite busy Wednesday. I had a pretty positive conversation with a passerby who said she was terrified of getting pregnant. I tried to calm her fears; she was mostly afraid of childbirth, and I told her about my own experience. She was shocked by the baby pictures and how developed our preborn bothers and sisters are at such a young age. There was a young man who seemed receptive despite his girlfriend’s rush to get inside, but he accepted literature and agreed to make sure she saw her ultrasound. I’m sorry I didn’t get any pictures; I’m going to blame it on the fact that I spent 13 hours with Jesus last night at St Bernard’s monthly all-night adoration, and y’know how after adoration you kind of keep wishing you were still there? But it’s probably more likely that it’s just my brain being its usual forgetful self!


Dear Motorists, 

I know you read my sign. You had to because I was standing right at the intersection, just off the curb, and you were at a red light. The letters are big and bold, and the message is the Truth. 

“What truth?,” you probably say.  

You read my sign. I know you did.  Because you quickly look away so no one will notice that you actually did. 

The Truth is you are uncomfortable with being reminded that innocent lives are being taken in that red brick building. You would much rather call the dying babies “healthcare choices.” It’s so much cleaner and doesn’t make that twinge in your conscience happen. 

I know you read my sign especially when the light turns green and you make obscene gestures or yell profanity at me when you drive by. 

The Truth is you get angry because you know the Truth yet you are rejecting it. Maybe you reject everything that reminds you of morality and the sanctity of life?

But then, I know you read my sign. Now you won’t be able to forget it. It will periodically come back into your mind when you least expect it. Especially when you drive back through that intersection and you see me….and my sign. 

Kevin and Chris
Margie, Judy, and Kevin

A beautiful-weather day on the sidewalk today, but, unfortunately, more than a few women entered PP.  I was joined in prayer by Kevin from Regina Coeli parish and Judy, our faithful Sidewalk Advocate from St. Joseph the Worker parish.  We prayed multiple Rosaries (the Sorrowful Mysteries), a Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and the Loreto Litanies.  Praying on the other side of the half-circle were Frank, from St. Jude the Apostle parish, and Margie from PCUC (People Concerned for the Unborn Child). 


On my shift today a couple came out from PP. Got into the car without taking brochure. As they lingered there while the guy was on his phone the gal just stared out the window looking sad, hurting and lost. Very heartbreaking to see.


Gorgeous day today! Kim, Patty, Eileen and yours truly prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet, the Glorious Mysteries, and even sang a couple of Hymns! An older woman and a young girl (mother/daughter?) tried to enter at about 4:02, but the doors were already locked! Maybe just looking for contraceptives, but if the young girl is pregnant, the baby got a reprieve today! Pray for them all!


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