Day 28: Thank you to Triumph of the Holy Cross Parish, Weirton Catholic Churches, and all the wonderful volunteers who prayed with us!

That the necessity of Expiation or Reparation is especially urgent today must be evident to everyone who considers the present plight of the world, seated in wickedness. The Sacred Heart of Jesus promised to St. Margaret Mary that He would reward abundantly with His graces all those who should render this honor to His Heart.

Pope Pius XI

This quote from the saintly Pope is often used to promote Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, but I would suggest that we accomplish this same Expiation in an hour outside this abortion facility, for the cruelty of killing a child in the womb, that so offends our Lord.

Devotion to the Sacred Heart is about expiation or reparation for sin. Expiation: The act of making amends or reparation for guilt or wrongdoing. Can I really repair the damage done to the Sacred Heart by my sins and the sins of the whole world? What fast or mortification can a man do to repair the damage done? Martyrdom, to die for the love of my Savior, offering of suffering and difficulties, to endure the hardship and struggles of a world gone mad, that does not see the value and dignity of the human personhood of the unborn in the womb? The Church tells us it is an act of Mercy and Justice to pray in reparation for these offenses.

Then, O Jesus, dost thou desire so ardently to give Thy life for us, Thy miserable creatures? Ah! Thy desire inflames our hearts with a desire to suffer and die for the love of thee, since thou dost condescend to suffer and die for love of us…may it make us forget the world and ourselves, that from this day forward we may think only of pleasing Thy enamored heart.

The Passion and Death of Jesus Christ by St. Alphonsus De Liguori

Our Lord has instructed us to take up our cross and follow Him. We take up our cross every time we come to 40 Days and pray the rosary in reparation for the atrocity of abortion.

Perhaps the true value of what we do in our witness against the destruction of innocent human life will not be fully known to us until we reach eternity. But these works of mercy for the unborn, and for the mothers that are being deceived, must have inestimable worth to the Sacred Heart for those who endure this struggle. The graces pour forth in abundance from the Sacred Heart for all who stand with Him, suffering, outside this killing chamber.


Stories from the Sidewalk

It was clear and crisp this morning. The B. Family from First Evangelical Free Church in McKeesport and a group from Triumph of the Holy Cross Parish joined Bill, Anthony and me. My guess is PP was making up for lost time today. If they missed out on business this past Saturday, they saw a number of couples and young ladies during our shift and probably recouped a little of their loss. Most clients ignored our offers of help. A few did accept our pamphlet packed with info. I can only hope and pray that they might actually check them out and scroll on their phones while sitting around in there. Maybe the Holy Spirit will inspire them to abruptly make a different choice! It’s happened before and can happen again!


Amy from Triumph of the Holy Cross started the day. Kevin and Anthony were praying, but there was a steady line of customers at PP this morning, very sad. Bill stopped by and Linda came while her friend manned our favorite children’s store. Very busy at PP.


Ken, Andy, Rose, Paulette, Dr. Ann, Barbara, Mary

The clinic was hopping on this most beautiful autumn day.  Early on, a couple walked out and told Dr. Ann, “Don’t worry. We didn’t do anything.” Let’s pray that a life was saved, or that any future plans for abortion were abandoned.  Let’s also pray for another couple and a post-abortive woman we were blessed to interact with.  I’m sorry that I didn’t get a picture (nor the names) of the family that arrived to pray with us during my lengthy time with that couple. But I did snap a quick picture of beautiful baby Anthony.   


We have reason to rejoice! Three shifts of people working together with God were able to help a family today.


Bill, Ginny, and I prayed and handed out literature on this beautiful sunny day. Quite a few women were leaving PP and offers of help were mostly not accepted. We did get the opportunity to give out some cards to people passing by. Judy joined us for the last hour. Thank you, God, for hearing and answering all the prayers prayed today!


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