Day 27: Thanks to First Evangelical Free Church, St. Teresa of Kolkata Parish, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel RLG, St. Maria Goretti/Our Lady of the Angels Parish, and everyone who prayed with us!

Living the Our Father

One thing I’ve noticed when praying downtown that we all have in common is we all pray the OUR FATHER regardless of our religious affiliations.  We all pray to our loving dad in heaven and ask for His love, mercy and grace for ourselves and others.  We are not only praying it, we are living it.

We ask THY WILL BE DONE… and for the end of the scourge of abortion in our land as we know it is not His will.  And we do His will by standing up for the most defenseless, the unborn.

GIVE US THIS DAY… we ask for the strength to go to the vigil, to have the love and compassion to help those in need and offer hope and let them feel His love.

FORGIVE US … AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US… we ask for His help to turn the other cheek when we are insulted and every evil thing is uttered towards us.

LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION… Lord, let us not give into laziness or not wanting to make the effort to go downtown. Let us not give in to the comforts of life, staying in bed or in the warmth of our homes, or not wanting to fight traffic, find parking, or being so uncomfortable down there.

DELIVER US FROM EVIL… Lord, let not the evildoers do harm to us or the unborn, let them not discourage us and let us demonstrate our faith despite their aggression with love.

What a great prayer to live in common. OUR FATHER…    GBY


Stories from the Sidewalk

Norman, Dean, and Michael
Evan and Dean

We had five of us to start this chilly morning. Dean and Norman from First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport; Evan from Most Precious Blood Parish; and Michael and I. A quiet morning with only staff entering PP during our shift. We had a nod and thumbs up from PAT driver; a thank you from a couple of men that passed; and several homeless men asking for food. No visible or audible negative comments.

From today’s Mass readings:

May we all continue to trust in God’s promises as Abraham did, and empowered by faith give glory to God!

It is a blessing and joy to serve with men and women who do not store up treasure for him/herself, and are rich in what matters to God! 


The First Evangelical Free Church signed up to cover the first two shifts of the day.  At 9:00 AM, the church van pulled up to drop off team #2 and take team #1 back home.  The 9-11 team included Pastor Kirk and Patty, both veteran 40 DFL prayer warriors.  Additional pray~ers for the 9-11 shift included 40 DFL long-timers, Marlene, David and Judy. We were thankful to have security protection.  Downtown and PP were both very quiet and very cold today.  Early in the shift, a young woman was on her way in to PP and Marlene approached her to offer assistance.  She said she was in need of help and that she did not want to go to PP, but she did not know where else to go.  Marlene and David offered support and reassurance that she would receive help.  Then Marlene gave her a brochure along with her phone and helped the young lady decide which facility to call.  Unfortunately, the first few places she called were not yet open but Marlene helped her to be persistent until help was found.  Please keep this young lady in your prayers along with a young man who approached Patty to express his views on why abortion should be legal.  Patty could see that the root cause for the young man’s views was due to lack of knowledge of God.  So she gently redirected the conversation and offered him an invitation to her Church along with a card that contained contact and internet information for her Church, which he willingly accepted before peacefully going on his way.  Ginny and Marie arrived with warm, friendly smiles and took over the reins.


Marie and I were so happy to see all the wonderful people from Our Lady of Mount Carmel plus Olivia who dropped by to pray. Bill stopped by as Olivia, Robert,  Libby, Lindsay, Rita, Claire, Margaret, Diane, Dave and Rose finished the entire rosary and chaplet.  

Couples went in and one came out with the notorious brown paper bag. Around 2:30, staff filed out, so some business was taking place.

And note to the woman who screamed and flipped the old finger: we dare you to come and have a conversation without yelling, just exchanging ideas. Why should she be angry? Practically everyone is on her side: academia, government, media. Or is she mad that we’re sending prayers to an omnipotent God? Hmmm?


Dan and Mary

Fairly quiet afternoon, only a few employees leaving Planned Parenthood. One man walking by said, “Don’t you have anything better to do?” To which I replied, “No, not really.” A car honked at us then blessed himself and gave us a thumbs up. Thank you, Mary, for staying and praying with us !


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  1. I loved the blog today! Tim, great idea for the photo and beautiful reflection on the our father prayer! I will remember that! Thank you to all of the team members for the beautiful shift reports today! And I pray that maybe a life was saved!

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