Day 28: Thank you First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport, St. Matthias Parish, St. Matthew Parish, Ancient Order of Hibernians and Individual Volunteers

I took advantage of the beautiful weather today and took a walk. I passed a lady pushing a baby stroller, she was dressed in leggings, a long black sweater and a cowboy hat. She looked so funky and cool. It made me smile, I could never pull off that look! It’s just amazing how creative God is…we are all so unique!!

I couldn’t stop thinking how many unique human beings we have killed through abortion, just at the Planned Parenthood in Pittsburgh. They report over 3000 abortions a year. Almost 60 human beings a week. It. Is. Staggering.

If you have been involved in abortion, there is hope and healing available. Rachel’s Vineyard has a retreat scheduled in Pittsburgh
August 27-29, 2021

Go to: for more information

7-9am Tracy

Thank you to First Evangelical Free Church in McKeesport for a wonderful turnout! 
Pastor Kirk and his wife, Sarah, were there before 7 ready to get started. He began our morning with a beautiful prayer. The sidewalk was pretty clear, only some workers going in until closer to 8. A van full of FEFC parishioners (Dean, Rich, Norb, Janet, Laurie, Barry, Carl, Dan and Patty) arrived around then, bringing their happy supportive presence. Maybe 3 clients went in.

Greg didn’t miss the opportunity to offer help. Two quick anecdotes: A lady walked by smoking a cigarette and a young man (obviously living an unfortunate lifestyle) crossed her path. Noticing her smoking, he asked if he could have one. I was surprised that she stopped right there, drew one out her backpack and gave it to him. It was so kind. He thanked her and walked on. As she packed up her gear, I told her that was very sweet of her. She said she used to be an addict and now tries not to neglect opportunities to pay it forward. Such compassion. God’s love is all around us!  The other story is about two 15 yr. olds which Greg and I spoke with. They admitted their generation is crazy, but claimed there is a very strong bullying presence in their culture. Rappers, and their harmful messages, are hugely influential. A young girl is discouraged from carrying to term and giving her child away to be adopted. Abortion is the approved option. Yikes! We need LOTS of pro-life rappers, I guess!- Tracy

9-11: Beth

Thanks to the faithful Tuesday crew, Pastor Kirk and the members of the the First Evangelical Free Church of Mckeesport along with Patti, Helen and sidewalk Advocate, Claudia. Quiet at first but starting around 10, sadly there was a steady stream of clients for PP. We had some good comments that brought a little sunshine to a cold and damp day. Questions for everyone: where are the places for breakfast and where are the nearby bathrooms? Maybe some one has an idea that we’re unaware of nearby. Thanks.

11-1: Fran

Except for watching women walk through the doors of PP it was a peaceful, comfortable shift.  Elsie and I were joined by Helen in the first part of the shift and Attilia during the second part of the shift and also by the gentleman who faithfully stops by to pray around lunchtime.  Just before 1:00 pm I saw Mike and Kim approaching with several people behind them.  I was happy to learn that all of them had come with Mike and Kim.  Some of the people were obviously veterans as they went right over, signed-in and picked out their poster but then I noticed Kim explaining everything to a first-time prayer warrior.  As I walked to my car I was reminded of some questions in my Pro-Life Examination of Conscience: “Do I speak up about pro-life?  Do I take opportunities to encourage others to support pro-life efforts or do I only do what’s comfortable?”  Today I was inspired by Kim and Mike to make a greater effort.       
Grace & Peace, Fran

1-3: Michael

The weather was decent, 50s and the sun came out at times. We were blessed to have 9 beautiful souls, including my dedicated shift buddies Kim and Michael, from St. Mathias/St. Anne’s in Greene County. They were awesome and kept vigil with prayer for 2 hours. I forgot to bring my mask. One lady came out of PP, I offered her literature and she refused to take it from me because I did not have a mask on. I approached another lady and she said “You cannot be pro-life and not wear a mask.” I understand where these women are coming from and I cannot fault them for their comments. Next week I will bring my mask and wear it, but that is and should be an individual decision. A gentleman pulled his car over, began asking questions and videotaping me and others with his cell phone without asking our permission.He was in foster care for all of his childhood and never was adopted. He said his mother should have aborted him to spare him being in foster care and unhappy all of his life. He was angry because not enough people are adopting babies and children. He wanted to know if I adopted anyone and I said no and he questioned me for not doing so. He really had an axe to grind and it was extremely difficult to reason with him and have a normal conversation. He left abruptly because a police officer told him to move on because he was in a no parking zone. It is so reassuring to have other pro-lifers present and praying when someone like that comes along. Please pray for him. Even though coming to PP is not a bowl of cherries, it is still uplifting and I would not prefer to be anywhere else.

Parishioners from St. Marcellus in Greene County.


Thanks to Fr. John Sweeney of St. Raphael Church for covering the hour of mercy today! God bless you!

3-5: Nikki
As usual Saint Matthew Parish had a wonderful group of faithful people for the 3 to 5 shift! We were blessed to have Fr. John Sweeney from Saint Raphael Church also join us for the hour of mercy and was there for the entire two hour shift.   He started us off with a rosary and we sang the Divine Mercy chaplet. Thank you to Kim from the earlier shift for leaving copies of the stations of the cross, we also prayed those. It was a very peaceful time on the sidewalk, very few customers leaving, mostly employees. Only one negative comment that I remember. We prayed for a man who had caused a disturbance during the earlier shift. He was angry that he was raised in foster care and never adopted and therefore has no family. We prayed for him, and I hope others will pray for him also. The weather was beautiful and it was wonderful to all be together in Christian unity. It was a joy to see Johanna, Larry and Lisa as they arrived for the last shift today.

Father Sweeney and Group from Saint Matthew

5-7: Lisa

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  1. Subways has bathrooms as well.

    I guess Romans 14 has a pretty good explanation of why we have been wearing masks even though it’s outdoors…. we are reminded by this day’s post that it is a real stumbling block for anxious hearts and so it is worth doing so that they might be more able to receive the message of hope that they need to hear.

  2. I saw a board at a local church which posted:
    Be like Saul and pray that the Lord will
    De-MASK-us !

    pass it on !

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