Day 27: Thank you all who prayed today at the vigil or remotely

Would you have showed up?

There weren’t many there that day.  So many who professed they loved Him didn’t show up. HIS mother, a few women and one man did. It took a lot of courage and lot of love. They showed their love for our Lord as they stood witness as HE showed His love for each one of us and saved and redeemed us.

Did you ever wonder if you had lived there and then, would you have had the courage to show up at the foot of the cross? I’m guessing you would have showed up.

As I see it, we show up now when we stand on our Mt Calvary on Liberty Avenue. We demonstrate our courage and show our love. And we too by HIS gift of grace can save lives and souls. So, come pray at the foot of our cross.  We still need you as the campaign winds down. You don’t have to stay long.  Just show up.   – Tim

Here are today’s reports from the vigil starting with Jeannie 9-11:

Another spirit filled morning at Planned Parenthood. Halfway through the 40 days vigil we have all learned to dress more warmly than you think you will need to dress for Planned Parenthood. And Thanks to the handwarmers we were much more comfortable than we might have been otherwise LOL. My prayer partners Marilyn and Ginny brought their beautiful perspectives to Planned Parenthood as we once again we’re provided a safety space by the Contractors white van which once again was in front of our display. We each exclaimed how we truly believe in the promises of our Lord and that we fully expect prayer to change everything in the abortion struggle. Amen sisters!

From Hank 11-1: “Cold day!  Happy to see Beth and Rose for the next shift.  Very little traffic in and out of PP and very little street traffic. Glenn (Precious Blood of Jesus) my regular shift buddy, Ken (St.Germaine) and I spent the 2 hours praying 4 decades of the rosary, the Divine Mercy and the Angelus.” Hank

From Beth 1-3: “Sent lots of prayers on their way today as the sidewalk stayed relatively quiet. We said the prayers on the back of the baby picture; a beautiful way to plead for an end to abortion. Rose, Sarah and I stood in the sunshine which was a true blessing. The wind died down so our shift wasn’t bad at all. Just the usual PP employees and maybe two clients. ” Beth

Marie 3 to 5: “Deno, Beverly, Gloria and Sarah witnessed for life during this shift One woman came out of PP, took  a selfie and gave us a one finger salute before getting in a car. Another man stopped to tell us how much he appreciated what we were doing.”   – Marie

George 5 to 7:

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  1. You are prayed for daily at the mass of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit.
    For your protection and that your day be fruitful, lives be saved.
    God reward you for you effort.

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