Day 25: Thanks to the Knights of Columbus, Christ Our Savior Parish, Wonderful Volunteers, and Faithful Prayerful Witnesses

It is tough to be on the sidewalk in Pittsburgh in front of Planned Parenthood. It would make NO SENSE to be there in the rain and cold if it didn’t make a difference. BUT IT DOES!!! You are a a part of 40 Days for Life and since 2007, the effort to hold vigil in front of abortion clinics has resulted in some amazing successes, the most important one of all is:

18,017 LIVES Directly SAVED by 40 Days for Life

We cannot really fathom what this number really represents. This means that 18,017 MOTHERS Celebrate Mothers Day this Year caring for babies who might never have been here! You gave nearly 20,000 young men an opportunity to step up and be the kind of FATHER they hoped they would be. You helped nearly 40,000 people to be able to hug a GRANDCHILD or comfort them when they fell. You gave tens of thousands of children SIBLINGS to grow up with! You filled classrooms and playgrounds and school buses and swimming pools with little ones who might never have seen sunshine or a snowflake . AND——by being a part of 40 Days for Life you have instilled Pro-Life Values in each of these families who now could not imagine life without the one who was spared. It is hard to personalize a number but the reality is clear. The Pittsburgh PP sidewalk was tough today and may well be when you get there again, but YOU ARE PART OF SOMETHING HUGE SOMETHING CHANGING HEARTS ONE LIFE AT A TIME! Do not lose faith – 40 days for Life is WORKING worldwide!!!


7-9 Shift Manager Tim Reports:

Ultrasound Van and wonderful Sonographers – Ready to unite FAMILIES!

It was a beautiful morning starting with Diane and Tom setting up with Virginia assisting and Bill praying while sitting.  The full morning team of Virginia, Issac, Joe, Charlie (who brought us all hot coffee and is planning to be at the vigil until closing), Bill, Linda and Jim were blessed when the Choices Pregnancy Services mobile sonogram with Jill and Betsy onboard came to the vigil to offer their help. Issac led prayers on his knees along with Linda making a powerful witness.

A  young man passed by and stopped to ask what we were doing.  We explained why we were there and what happens inside the clinic.  He seemed distressed and never realized that so many abortions were being performed in a building that he often passes by. He applauded our effort and told us we were making a great witness.  He mentioned his life had gone sideways but was now coming together and we agreed to pray for him (so please say prayer for J.)


9-11 Shift Manager Sue Reports:

Faithful prayer warriors braving the chilly morning
Dan, Charlie, and Mary

Thank You, Lord, for the sunshine this morning!  Yet despite the pretty day, PP was busy today.  I was joined in prayer today by Charlie (whose Knights of Columbus committed to the vigil for the whole day), Dan from St. Maria Goretti, and Mary, along with another group of upbeat, prayerful folks.  The ultrasound van was there, but unfortunately no one took advantage of this wonderful, FREE facility, and no one responded to our offers for help in any way.  We pray, as we always do, that seeds were planted.  Rosetta came by gushing about the new apartment she is getting soon and that she will get to see her grandchildren and great-grandchildren at her move-in celebration.  Her joy about her new home and about seeing her grandkids was infectious, and we praised and thanked God.  She was definitely a ray of spiritual sunshine! 

One woman leaving PP, when I approached her to offer help but before listening to anything I said, told me to read Matthew 7, then hurriedly entered the car that was there to pick her up.  How sad that she thought we were there to judge her.  If only she had listened ….  We prayed that she will listen, to the voice of the Lord speaking to her with His indescribable love, and she will allow Him to show her His complete Truth and that He is there to help her if she will accept.

Lord, we await the great day of Your glorious victory over abortion and all forms of disrespect for human life.  Keep us faithful, Lord, on Your team; increase our numbers and give us all the grace and strength and courage we need to be Your hands and feet, salt and light.  We ask in the Name of Jesus.  Amen!

Sue M.

11-1 Shift Manager Dean Reports:

Thanks to Bellevue Knights of Columbus for praying with us today!

Thanks to SA Joan and the Bellevue Knights of Columbus for praying against abortion today.
Not many women were seen leaving P.P. today. Town was void of the usual St. Patrick’s Day revelry that we have grown accustomed to seeing.


1-3 Shift Manager Kathy Reports:

Johanna and Knight Jim

Our shift started with beautiful roses and prayer. Very touching as Barbara handed each knight a rose then he followed her example and laid it by Planned Parenthood’s door and prayed.
Johanna joined us. She knelt with Barbara and prayed . Charlie and his three Knights were also praying.
During the last hour, two women exited PP with pamphlets in hand. They wanted to become PP volunteers. Barbara engaged them, every prochoice argument was given, every prolife reply was kindly given, supplied by Holy Spirit. Lots of educating was done. Refusing our handouts, they quietly left. Words are not adequate to describe what was exchanged, God’s love was shown.


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  1. Certainly Matthew 7 is worth reading in its entirety (not stopping at the first verse as that person presumably intended). I think anyone who did so would only be more deeply convinced of having been gently called by God to defend the unborn.

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