Day 24: Thanks to Holy Sepulcher Parish, loving individual volunteers, and dedicated team members!

According to the website Worldometer, in the year 2020…

1.8 million people were killed by COVID-19 and

42.7 million people were killed by abortion.

As we mark the one-year anniversary of the pandemic, we remember all those we’ve lost to the disease and unite in shared grief. We are stunned by the magnitude of the loss, and rightly so.

But where is the grief and horror over the victims of abortion from that same period? The number is more than 20 times greater, yet you’re more likely to see public celebrations over the supposed “right” to end unborn children’s lives than any sort of memorial service for them.

Let’s cry out to God together and beg Him to shine the light of truth into every heart to expose the lies we’ve fallen for and to reveal the sacredness of each life He has created. Please join us, physically or spiritually, in this urgent prayer!



7-9 AM +++ Barbara, Richard, and Rose

Katie and Bill
Sidewalk Productions Managers Tom and Diane and Shift Buddy Rose

The deep freeze sidewalk got a sun bath this morning – but our hearts felt chilly. Planned Parenthood received so many visitors that you would think it had good things to offer. Katie and Rose greeted and offered pro-life support to workers and clients.  One young woman, waiting for the traffic light to change, told some of her story. 
She had a new baby this year. She has six other children. She does not have custody of her 5 elder children.
“They took my new baby away from me before I left the hospital … when my baby was born.”
She seemed unable to untangle the threads.  She plans to move near Philadelphia where she has family. We agreed that it is a blessing that people are organized to help her while she gets stronger.  She was glad her children are in safe places. She and I prayed together.  I hope she comes back. Maybe she will let us accompany her.
It is hard.  It is a blessing to be on the sidewalk in God’s name. 


9-11 AM +++ Kathy and Mark

Thanks to SB Mark, SA Kim…
…and to Bill, SA Katie, and Dan.
No takers on my book table

Two unique visits occurred during my shift:
Rosetta, a frequent passerby, stopped by to share her good news with us that she will be moving into her own apartment within a few weeks.  Rosetta thanks God for this blessing and for rescuing her from homelessness.
Shortly after Rosetta left,  a young woman (“C”) approached me to ask if I am getting paid for being on the sidewalk.  While explaining to her that it’s volunteer based and the rewards are eternal, I found out that she was in need of a pregnancy test.  SA Katie had brought several pt and gave one to “C.”  Katie also called Regina at Birthright to arrange an appointment with “C” in the afternoon.  Katie even took “C” to an eatery nearby and bought her breakfast.  Thank you Katie for your kindness to “C”–she appreciated your hospitality. Please keep “C” in your prayers.
Two women and one couple accepted resources before entering PP.  Some made no acknowledgement and did not accept resources.  


11 AM-1 PM +++ Sheila and Libby

We were blessed with the presence of numerous prayerful vigil participants, which was so needed as there was a lot of traffic in and out of the clinic. Katie and I reached out to several men who accompanied young women. They accepted information but they continued on with their procedures. 
Just before I left, a man walked a young woman into the clinic. They wouldn’t accept any literature.  I spoke with him on his way out and he told me he was just a friend/taxi driver. I encouraged him to text her and impress upon her that we can provide her with resources if she would come and speak with us and he said he would. Then he drove off.  I pray for a wonderful outcome!


1-3 PM +++ Donna and Elaine

Thanks to Bob, Gretchen and Rick from Holy Sepulcher for joining us today. Fr. Jeremy and Katie were doing their best to help those going in and out of PP.  Elaine and I talked to many people that passed by; a few negative remarks but many more positive. Thank you Lord! We had a great conversation with “K”. She is 6 weeks pregnant and has been working with Genesis. She had been taking the classes and has enough for a crib and a car seat. We gave “K” and her brother each a 12 week baby model. They loved it! Please pray for “K” and her baby.


3-5 PM +++ Val and Mike

Thanks to Shift Buddies Val and Mike for “holding down the fort” while Shift Manager Pat recovers from COVID. Please continue to keep him and his daughter in your prayers…happily, they are doing well!

5-7 PM +++ Bill and David

It was finally nice having a break from the weather.  Our shift started off almost the same as last week.  David engaged a curious passerby and they had a very long conversation about our efforts here and God’s mercy and personal tragedy in this fellow’s life.  So we said prayers for him and his loved ones and I spent most of the time in silent prayer and offering greetings to the passersby.  At least a half dozen women left Planned Parenthood individually at different times.  We said hello to all of them, offered most of them information and there was even one who had a short but cordial exchange with David while she waited to cross Liberty Avenue. Before we knew it Tom and Diane showed up and our day in front of PP came to a close.


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