Day 25: Thanks to St. Paul of the Cross, Christ Our Savior and Archangel Gabriel Parishes

That was on Instagram; it took only an instant to read.  But the meaning and question that it imposes stands firm and demands an answer. Really?  You would have defied the growing Nazi intimidation?  Our Jewish brothers and sisters had no voice that anyone would give attention. They were human beings.  Although the pro-abortion side decries the analogy, our preborn brothers and sisters are just as human, same human chromosomes, same human parents, same right to live as children of God. 

“Never forget,” yet we have forgotten.  Come and pray, come and witness, we can stop this holocaust.  We must do it.  Our common humanity demands it. 
But it’s a symptom of our times that we’re all so busy with so many important things.  Even the smallest step taken to protect the preborn is still a step in the right direction.  Just ask and you’ll discover so many ways to get prolife things done.   And we all have hierarchies of necessities just as the German people did in the 1930’s. 

The difference between then and now lies in history if we know it. We can see where this disrespect for human life has led us in the past and promises to lead us in the same direction today: fetal tissue in experimentation, devaluation of women and motherhood, huge profits for the abortion industry, government allowing, even promoting, the death of pre-born children up to the moment of birth, accompanied with negative attitudes toward children and family.  
This isn’t Germany in the 1930’s.  This is now.  We pray for guidance.  We’ll continue to pray until we stop abortion. And the children we save, might just save the world.  We can do it.

So, I guess this answers the question above. If you are reading this and stand up for the unborn, then I believe in 1930 you would have stood up for humanity. Now you know.
 We can change our history.  Let’s do it.

-Beth S.

Here are the reports from today at the vigil starting with Tim 7-9 am:

The Team from St. Paul of the Cross

The Faithful from St. Paul launched the vigil from the get-go with prayers and were not put off by snow flurries nor the breeze. Bonnie and David were also there as Sidewalk Advocates to witness to life and offer hope and help. It was quiet overall and few people went into the clinic. Perhaps our strong witness increased the no-shows?

Jen and Sue arrived to take over for Tim

From Jen and Sue 9-11: Incredible prayer coverage while we were at the vigil this morning!  Large groups from St. Paul of the Cross, St. Oscar Romero, and Our Lady of the Lakes filled the sidewalk to the left and right of PP.  There were also a lot of PP escorts in bright pink vests huddled together.  Fortunately, there were not many clients for them to escort–although even one is too many.  Please pray for the handful of women who entered the doors of death today.  

Parishioners of Our Lady of the Lake (Edinboro) with Sue and Bill

Joan, Steve, Sharon and Mary

Good afternoon, everyone, Billy here. (3-5 pm) I was with Mary today and the lovely Archangel Gabriel Parish. When I got there it was pretty calm. Then a girl came out of the abortion clinic. Normally, when I see anyone, they are always fine; but I think she had anesthesia. She also did scream, “My Body, My Choice” to us. Another lady came past and asked Mary if she had been raped. And we had a guy scream, “Kill the unborn fetus.” On the positive side, a guy put a thumbs up driving past us.  Planned Parenthood closed earlier. We also got thanks for being there. We were also able to do the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries. The last thing we witnessed was a woman pointing and looking at Planned Parenthood asking why it was here.  Have a blessed week. 

Here’s from Fran 5-7 pm:

Jeff and I stood vigil and there were few visitors on the streets of the city tonight.  A young man stopped to talk and we had many thoughts in common.  It was uplifting to talk with a young person who is doing his best to try to live as a disciple of Christ.  Another came by, quoted Isaiah and thanked us for being there.  But we also had several young people drive by who loudly proclaimed their disapproval of our presence.  To all we say, Peace be with you.  Praying for God’s Will to be done on Earth…

3 thoughts on “Day 25: Thanks to St. Paul of the Cross, Christ Our Savior and Archangel Gabriel Parishes”

  1. I loved the beautifully written messages on the sidewalk and street in front of PP. They seem to have survived the rain and snow, at least by the time I left at 5.

  2. My heart broke for the young black woman who was surrounded by a group of PP pink vests and cried all the way into the clinic. One of the volunteers said to her “It’s not that bad” So tragic. Thanks to all of you who witness this everyday and stil have the courage to come back. God bless your commitment.

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