Day 22…Thanks to Christ the King Parish, Faithful team members & volunteers!

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This beautiful image was given to me by one of our 40 Days for Life team members last week. It shows Mary consoling Eve. Mary, who was obedient and therefore is the “new Eve”…consoling Eve for her disobedience. I thought it was so beautiful, and such a reminder of God’s mercy.

She found healing at a 40 Days for Life Eucharistic Procession!

I thought I would write about “healing”, after hearing the testimony of Pam Irizarry, Director of the post abortion ministry, “Deeper Still”…last Saturday. I was moved by her story of healing…how she buried her abortion for years, but finally confessed it to her daughter, when her daughter confessed her abortion to her mother. She said both her and her daughter, after confessing and repenting of their past abortions…crying, embracing, and feeling the weight of guilt lifted from their hearts…suddenly smelled the strong fragrance of ROSES in the room! (I think our dear Blessed Mother must have had a hand in this healing!)

What really touched me was when Pam told us that she took part in our 40 Days for Life Eucharistic Procession from Epiphany Church to Planned Parenthood, back in 2021. It was a bitter cold evening, and the sidewalks and streets were covered with ice. More than a hundred Christians made the procession to kick-off our Lenten 40 Days that year, with dear Bishop Waltersheid carrying Our Lord in the Monstrance. Pam (who is not Catholic) said that it was an incredible journey of healing for her. She said she could feel, with every step she took…that she was driving a stake into the devil, who had kept her in bondage all those years.

It is so encouraging to see how God uses 40 Days for Life! Not just to save lives and souls…but to bring healing to those who are post-abortive. It is just beautiful to see God’s Hand in what we are doing! I am grateful to Pam for sharing her story.

40 Days for Life is so simple…humanly speaking, maybe TOO simple! Don’t we always think that for something to be powerful, it should be complex and “grand”? But just like in Monday’s scripture reading, the story of Naaman’s healing from leprosy…Elisha told him to simply wash in the Jordan River seven times, and he would be healed. Naaman was offended by the simplicity of Elisha’s command and was not going to do it. Until his servants talked him into it. He did as Elisha said, and he was healed.

That is God’s “Modus Operandi”, isn’t it? He chooses the simplest, most humble things to accomplish the most wonderful things! Aren’t we glad we are on His side?

Deadline to Register for the National Eucharistic Congress– In order to guarantee the reservation of a room you must register by March 15.  Do not waste any time. Register now!

From July 17 through 21 of this year the faithful from across the United States will gather at the National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis to celebrate our faith in the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Please consider attending this joyous and faith-filled gathering that will help us to proclaim our love for and faith in Jesus substantially present in the Holy Eucharist. Come and be informed and inspired to bring many people back to Mass and full participation in the life of our parishes and diocese. Please go to the diocesan webpage for more information and to register:

His Excellency, Bishop William Waltersheid

Our morning started on a beautiful note, or should I say “with a beautiful picture” ? A young man brought us a beautiful painting done by his mom, which she wanted to give us. She had raised him as a single mom. They still have troubles as both have addiction issues. We prayed with and for him before he left. Seemed like a nice young man. I hope they get the help they need.

During the rest of our shift three couples/pairs  went into PP despite our efforts to give information and help.

This is a first!!! A single mom wanted to show her appreciation for us by giving us this beautiful painting that she did! What a blessing!

Susan and Conrad were on from 9 to 11. Cathy stayed from her 7:30 to 9 shift for about 30 to 45 minutes. Thank you Cathy.

Light  rain fell the entire time. The number of people walking up and down the sidewalk was particularly light however, the noise level was very loud because of trucks and buses. The volume of people going into PP was unusually light – consistent with what Peggy reported on the 7 to 9 shift.

It got busy around 10 AM when 4 couples went in . The remaining time was sporadic and when I offered literature they insisted they were only there for birth control, etc. It was really good at 10:50 or so to see the cavalry show up – ie Katie, Maggie and Ken.

Thanks to Cathy for staying after her shift ended, so there would be three people!

The rain wasn’t too bad today, just a drizzle, and we had the usual combination of supportive and misguided comments. A few women coming in or out accepted literature but no one would engage with us in extended conversations. Thank you Terri, Maggie and Ken for your presence today!

Terri, Katie, Maggie and Ken brought the sunshine of Christ to the soggy sidewalk today!

It was a noisy day. A lot of negative comments from passerby’s, motorists and one kicking a sign over. A young woman came out and took a brochure and got into a car and an older woman came around the car and told me not to ever give anything to her. And a few other comments. Was given the finger a few times too.


A very wet and rainy day on the sidewalk- for about a ½ hour it was a downpour.    Kevin, from Regina Coeli Parish and Arleen from St. Joseph the Worker Parish prayed Rosaries, Chaplets of Divine Mercy, and the Loreto Litanies.  Sidewalk Advocates Judy, from St. Joseph the Worker, and Maggie, from Most Precious Blood, were determinedly trying to hand out pamphlets and free-help cards in the rain to all they could.  A lot of foot traffic due to the convention nearby and more negative comments than any other Wednesday during the Campaign.

Prayin’ in the rain…just prayin’ in the rain…what a glorious feeling…(okay, I know I’m showing my age)

There were five Sidewalk Advocates for the 3:00 – 5:00pm shift – Arlene, Virginia, Steve and his wife, and Eileen.  Rosaries and Divine Mercy Chaplets were offered throughout the shift. No one who exited Planned Parenthood would accept the yellow card of available services. One young girl said that she was gang raped by four men and another girl was a victim of incest from her father. Most of the other clients came for birth control pills. We had positive feedback from some who passed by.


From Carmelites of Loretto:

    We are quite happy to pray for 40 Days for Life

to succeed. One of the nuns here would be right there,

 if it were not for the cloister!  She is just sick over babies being

killed! These people can only be reached by God’s power—-right!!

We’ll be praying with you.  March 25, what a great day for LIFE!!.

Carmelite Nuns of Loretto

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