Day 21: Thank you Our Lady of Mount Carmel, St. Matthew Parish, Ancient Order of Hibernians and Individual Volunteers

Thank you to our community partners!!! We could not be on the sidewalk without YOU!!

A look into “Vision for Life”

Seeing is Believing

This is a local organization that I was recently made aware of. They do wonderful work bringing awareness of the help that is available to abortion vulnerable women.

Approximately 2,800 Pregnancy Medical Centers (PMCs) in the United States offer pregnant women free, compassionate care that includes pregnancy and STD testing, ultrasound, information on pregnancy and abortion, options counseling, parenting classes and practical help. About 80 percent of abortion-vulnerable women who see ultrasounds of their babies in the womb choose life. Yet a survey shows that only about half of women know about PMCs.

Launched in 2010, Vision for Life (VFL) is a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit organization that saves the lives of unborn babies by supporting Pregnancy Medical Centers (PMCs) through advertising. To date, it is estimated that VFL has saved more than 10,000 babies, or enough to fill in excess of 500 kindergarten classes.

VFL is expanding its reach to include more of the babies’ fathers. Future growth plans include expanding into other cities, like Philadelphia, where 40 percent of all abortions in Pennsylvania—about 12,000 per year—are performed.

Learn more about Vision for Life by visiting their beautiful website at


NOTE: A dedicated and passionate Sidewalk Advocate was able to persuade a couple to walk away from PP and go to Catholic Charities with her today. We praise God for this hopeful development and request that you hold them in prayer, asking God to shower them with everything they need to confidently welcome their child into the world!

7-9: Tracy

What a difference a few more degrees make! The morning was a bit brighter and so were our smiles for all who passed by. Tom and Diane set up, hoping the Netflix filming crew in the area wouldn’t object to our presence (they didn’t seem to – phew!) Before starting our morning, we prayed a Chaplet of Mercy together. Around 8, clients started coming and Greg, Karen, and Jackie went to work. It wasn’t a busy morning, thank God. Maybe a half dozen young ladies entered, less than half accepting any info. We never saw the doctor come through the front. Was this an abortion pill day? No one came out with a little bag. Hmmmm.
Poor girls. They always have such hardened faces. I feel badly for them. They just don’t seem like they are happy. But, I guess that’s understandable.
We did get barked at by a companion of one young lady. That was weird. If that’s the worst of it, we’re doing well!

9-11: Beth

Welcome warmer weather! PP had clients today and we handed out lots of the little yellow cards, asking people to keep them in case a friend might need them.  Most people took them; you never can tell how God will work His miracles.Film crews were everywhere but we said our prayers, keeping our vigil. Thanks to Mary, Janine, Steve, Helen, and Chris with his buddy, Jimmy. Claudia and I had a great group with us today. Thanks to everyone. 

Claudia, Steve,  Janine and Mary 

11-1: Fran

Since the weather has gotten nicer, more people are coming to town and, sadly, the doors to PP were also busy.  Overall, the shift was uneventful.  Chris, Pat, Paul, Elsie and I spent time in prayer and also distributing literature.  A wonderful surprise happened when an army of prayer warriors arrived from Our Lady of Mount Carmel for the next shift…  I stopped counting at 13.
Grace & Peace, Fran

1-3: Michael, Mike & Kim

What an absolutely beautiful sunny day with temps in the 60s. Is Spring here early or are we just getting a teaser? We were blessed to have 17 devout prayer warrior parishioners from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish in the North Hills today. What an awesome presence for all passersby and women entering PP to witness. We thank Our Lady of Mt. Carmel for witnessing their faith and praying to end abortion.


Thank you to Fr. John Sweeney for praying at the hour of mercy during today’s vigil…may God bless you!

3-5: Nikki

Thank you Lord for sunshine and warmth! It was a beautiful day to pray and witness outdoors! There was a large turnout from the faithful pro-lifers at Saint Matthew parish, and wonderful Fr. John Sweeney came to cover our 3 o’clock hour of mercy with the rosary and Divine Mercy chaplet. Thank you Fr. Sweeney!  Claire also came and prayed for most of my shift. While I was there it was mostly workers leaving, only a few women who may have had procedures, it must have been an early abortion day, they must’ve finished fairly early today. Thanks to everyone who came out today!

5-7: Lisa

The street is getting busy and noisy again. There is filming of some sort going on down the street near the Catholic Charities building.People returned our smiles and nods as we three prayed. The doors of death remained closed for the whole evening. Praise God!

Lisa, Larry, and Johanna

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  1. Wonderful to see the Birthright bus running! A surprise to me, since I just renewed our contract this week! Praise God! May all those who need help having their babies be blessed by it, and find their way to Birthright! Thanks for posting! God bless 40 Days for Life!

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