Day 20: Thanks to the faithful who showed up today.

“Oh Jesus! When weary upon life’s long journey, be thou my strength and perseverance.”

It hasn’t been easy. It’s been cold, snowy, windy and rainy. The cross was heavy. Yet we persevered. We have made it to the half-way point in our campaign despite a lot of adversity. Thanks to all those committed prayer warriors who have made the sacrifice to stand up, pray and witness for the most vulnerable unborn, for doing the right thing despite what “the world” is saying, for listening to your heart. When you didn’t want to get up, you got up. You showed up. You all inspire me. Thank you.

We still have the second half and I hope you can help make our witness more powerful and impactful. There are lots of lives to save and we still need you at the vigil. Come back again if you can. Embrace the cross. HE will strengthen you. He will work through us to do great things. Bring a friend or family member. You don’t have to stay long. Just get up again. -Tim

Here are today’s reports from the vigil starting with Sue 7-9 am:

“It was a quiet morning on the sidewalk. The contractors were back today doing work inside PP. Amy politely asked them to pull their truck forward since it was parked directly in front of our materials. The driver did not want to, saying he was not going to risk a ticket being closer to the fire hydrant,  just so our set up could be seen. There was plenty of room to pull forward. It did give us an opportunity to walk further down the sidewalk and engage people. One man asked us “In what building are over 40 babies killed every week?”, referring to the sign I was wearing. We were able to do some community outreach and education and he also looked at our fetal models. The weather was good, we prayed a lot until the ladies from the next shift took over! ” Thanks, Sue

From Jeannie 9-11: “This morning was another beautiful day on the sidewalk. The sun started to creep out just as we were finishing a Divine Mercy chaplet. We inherited a van parked right in front of our display. The earlier sidewalk advocates had asked the van to move slightly forward and were denied cooperation. So, we made lemonade out of lemons and since the van was parked in front of our display we moved safely onto the street behind the van and were able to stand directly in front of Planned Parenthood and pray. God works in mysterious ways! – Jeannie

Pic: Ginny and Marilyn take advantage of the safe spot

The faithful 9-11 am: Ken, Marilyn, Ginny and Don right in front of PP.

Here is from Hank 11-1 pm: “It was a good day at PP we did not see any clients enter the building….no business is always a good day.  My shift partner today was my buddy Glenn and we were joined the first hour by Ken (St.Germaine) and for the entire shift by Diane and her sister Anita from St. Joseph.  We prayed up a storm reciting 6 rosaries and the Divine Mercy.  As is normal at this time there was very little foot traffic so very little information was distributed.  Around noon a young woman arrived and stood for awhile on the PP side of the street but later moved to the opposite side of the street.  She held up a sign for passing traffic. On one side it read “honk for a woman’s choice” and the other side was printed a foul saying regarding protesters (that’s us faithful people praying for the end of abortion). I was pleased that a police officer stopped to ask if she was harassing us….they are looking out for our wellbeing.  We prayed a rosary for the conversion of the woman.  Where sin abounds….grace all the more.” Hank

From Beth 1-3: “When we arrived, Hank mentioned that we had protesters, one protester to be exact. She said she was there for International Women’s Day (who knew…anyone get a cake?) “Honk for women’s choice.” She danced and cheered when she got a response from a passing car. Rose and I just kept praying. She asked us why we didn’t say anything and Rose said we were praying. Huh? Eventually she just left and came back with a drink but stopped and stared at the fetal models, checked out out display and then did..Nothing! Even though she was willing to walk out in street to get a response,  when she actually saw what she was protesting, the model of a preborn child,  she said nothing , did nothing. Do you think seeing the truth hurt? We’ll all keep on praying to end abortion, we’ve had enough hurt human beings.” Beth


Thanks to Fr. Jason Charron for praying at the hour of mercy in today’s vigil!

From Marie 3-5 pm:

“Gloria, Joe, and I were joined by Reverend Jason Charron for the rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet. We  finished  the shift with another rosary and St. Michael Chaplet.” 

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  1. I wish you all would have been protesting at the Pittsburgh planned parenthood last year when I had my abortion. It was in April during lockdown and I know if a protestor would’ve approached me I wouldn’t have done what I did and I would have my baby right now. Getting an abortion was the worst decision I ever made and I regret it everyday. Thank you for doing this, you are saving lives.

    1. Thank you for speaking out so courageously! So very sorry for what you’ve been through…we’ll be holding you in our prayers. Please consider visiting or the other resources found in the Day 10 blog post to help in your journey to healing.

  2. Dear Shae, thank you for letting us know the importance of being there. Your words pierced my heart like a knife. It was so difficult for us not being able to be there during the lockdown! I know Planned Parenthood was busier than ever during that time because so many girls were getting abortions out of fear and yet, ironically, we were not permitted to be there. I am so sorry for your loss! Please know that God is good and merciful and he loves you more than you could ever imagine and your precious child is with him and will be so happy to meet you someday. Please do follow Jen‘s advice and contact Rachels Vineyard. You can find so much help and healing there!

  3. Shae, my heart and prayers go out to you. We all make mistakes but with God’s grace and forgiveness we get up and begin again. If you would ever like to join us in prayer at the vigil you are most welcome. No questions asked. Sadly many of our prayer warriors feel your same pain. Perhaps your prayers and presence might prevent someone else from making the same mistake. God bless you and bring you peace. Tim

  4. I had to work in town yesterday, first time in months, so I went to the vigil and saw everyone standing out in the street, now I know why, But what a way for God to intervene and we don’t even know why. Then I saw the girl across the street holding up her sign for people to honk so I told everyone at the vigil I am honking for them, and the gentleman there said to honk for the babies. So I stand corrected and honked for the babies. But what an awesome thing that happened to the young woman who was out there with her sign to actually come over and engage the vigil and see the fetal models. What an answer to prayer in a very unexpected way. I will be down on Thursday again, and hopefully walk to the vigil again and maybe have some time to pray with everyone.

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