Day 15…Thanks to Waynesburg College Students, Dedicated Team Members & Individual Volunteers!

What is your first response when facing a scary, or even a threatening situation?

Last week, in karate class, we were practicing being swept to the ground. My partner is an ex-marine…very strong…and he sometimes forgets that he is paired up with a 60-year old grandmother. I have to admit, I was a little scared. My response to that fear was to tense up and try to RESIST being swept. Each time I did that, my wrist got painfully wrenched…and then I began to fear a broken wrist more than being slammed to the ground! Finally, I decided that I would not resist, and that I would just “go with it”. And wouldn’t you know, I wasn’t hurt at all! It was my resisting that was causing the pain! When I stopped trying to control the situation myself and just “let go”…I was fine!

When I prayed over this past Sunday’s Gospel, about the Transfiguration of Jesus, I thought about St. Peter’s response to the fearful manifestation that was before his eyes. He responded to his fear by blurting out that he wanted to build three tabernacles, for Jesus, Moses and Elijah. He was rebuked by God the Father when a cloud overshadowed them and a voice from the cloud said, “This is my beloved Son. Listen to him.”

Basically, God was telling Peter to “shut up“. Instead of simply submitting to the fear and TRUSTING…Peter was trying to DO SOMETHING of his own strength.

Sure, there are plenty of times we need to resist…when we are up against evil (either from within or without). But then there are times when we need to submit. Staying close to God in prayer, holy scripture and the sacraments will help us to discern when to submit and when to resist:

For instance, if God is calling you to set aside your fear of coming to the sidewalk to pray…maybe that is the time for submitting. I know it can be terrifying…especially the first time. But if God is asking you to do it, you can trust that He will keep you safe. Just “go with it”, and you will be blessed. Maybe even more importantly…many others will be blessed as well! Maybe a life will even be saved!

It was a wet shift, but that didn’t stop the women from coming.   One couple and 5-6 women went into PP, sadly,none wanting information. One even gave us the finger!  We prayed for all of them, with Claudia and Anton.

Wednesday morning angels; Claudia, Anton, Cathy, Mary and Peggy (taking photo)

The shift was very busy many, many going in one after another with only a rare break maybe for 10 minutes or so . there were no incidents.

  The weather was not much of an issue. On a sidenote, Rocky said that he was in a accident on his bike fairly serious however, he seems OK now, and is working with Edgar Snyder, so Rocky should be doing quite well in the near future.

On another sidenote, Bill Harrison was jumped and beat up. He seems OK.

 I know this sounds rambling. However, that’s pretty much what the morning was.

Wait, one thing a man stopped on his bike and told me that years before he and his wife had an abortion and he regrets it to this day and we were able to speak in a religious way for a few minutes, so I think that was a work of Grace.


The 3 ladies who were there before us were real troopers. They were out there in the pouring rain…. that turned to a drizzle when we arrived. The saddest thing I saw was what looked like a mother bringing her daughter to PP.

Conrad, praying in the rain…a beautiful witness.

Thanks to St Agnes parish for praying with us today! The only meaningful interaction we had was with a mother and daughter who were there for birth control; the mother thanked us for being there and I gave them birth control information, but then a man who had been hanging around all morning came over and started yelling at us so I couldn’t talk to them further. He kept yelling at me to stop saying his name; I informed him that I don’t even know his name, and he was saying something about people speaking Spanish (no one was). Keep an eye out for him; he had a blanket tied around his waist and he says he’s from Jamaica, although he doesn’t have an accent

Thanks to Ken, Darlene, Ken, John and Katie for praying in the rain today!

It was chilly, wet and very windy today on the sidewalk. The 1-3 pm prayer vigil team included Elaine from Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Arleen from St. Joseph the Worker parish and Kevin from Regina Coeli parish. We prayed a number of rosaries, Sorrowful Mysteries, and a Divine Mercy Chaplet. There was the usual amount of foot traffic. A number of women entered and exited the clinic. Sidewalk advocate Judy from St. Joseph the Worker parish did her best to provide resource information to them. There were no incidents and a few passersby even offered a “God Bless You.” A reporter and cameraman from WPXI TV filmed a story about downtown buildings in front of the empty storefront next to the clinic. Other than that, it was uneventful. We pray that hearts were converted and babies were saved during our shift.

Judy, St. Joseph the Worker parish, Arleen, St. Joseph the Worker parish, and Elaine, Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish

What a beautiful and hopeful witness! Carolyn with students Allie, Isabella, Anna, James, Seth and John- they traveled from Waynesburg University this afternoon. They prayed and sang with Eileen and I on the street, then visited Little Lambs and were so inspired by the good work Jeanne is doing for moms and babies (not to mention her fellow pro-lifers🙂). God is good!

Waynesburg University College students travelled to witness for life!


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