Day 14: Thank you Weirton Catholic Churches, Divine Mercy Parish and Individual Volunteers!

Have you ever lost your wallet? You search frantically because it contains your driver’s license, your money, your children’s or grandchildren’s pictures, perhaps a to-do list ….your tangible identity that helps you function in this world. When we moved into a new neighborhood a couple months ago, the first neighbor to introduce himself told us his name and political party. I was surprised but kinda sad that he thinks that is his true identity. It served as a wake up call for me the last couple months to really keep my true identity as a Child of God at the top of my mind! And to remember none of us are primarily identified by what we do for a living, our political party or even the choices we have made. It is ALL superceded by our true identity as Children of God, made in his image and likeness. What a precious intangible thing we have lost as a society. I have never been as comfortable as others seem to be in calling out “God Loves You” on the sidewalk, but I think that is exactly what people need to hear! You are a Child of God and He loves you! Thank you for being on the sidewalk witnessing to our true, primary identity!

7-9: Tracy

My sidewalk advocate partner, Steve, had to work, so his friend, Anne, filled in. It was a delight meeting her. Lisa, normally a shift manager for a later time slot but unable to commit this season, accompanied us, as well. Anthony was bright and early there to greet Tom and Diane.
PP had a slow start this morning, but it started to pick up around 9. There were probably about 5 girls. None seemed open to help. I passed a packet of info to a dad waiting outside while his wife and daughter entered. He seemed quite somber, like this was their ONLY choice. How brainwashed so many unfortunate souls have become.

9-11: Beth

It was more of a “help” than a “save.”As she leaned against the PP wall, she said she wasn’t sure what to do when she went in earlier. Does anyone know for sure how praying works? Because she was inspired to ask to see her sonogram (the picture was of such poor quality,like a picture taken 10 years ago), but she could see her tiny baby. She left and was waiting for her ride.
 When shown a Birthright pamphlet of resources, she had no idea what help was available. So much for PP helping women with an unplanned pregnancy.  
We had a beautiful conversation. And she will call Birthright when she gets home. 
Guess a picture is worth a thousand words, all the words bringing a baby to life.  Thanks Marlene and Claudia for praying. Don’t know how it works but it does. 

11-1: Sheila

Thank you for witnessing today!

1-3: Linda

The 1:00 to 3:00 pm shift was relatively quiet. Kim, Mike, Dolores and Michael once again were prayer warriors on the shift. We were honored to have Bishop William Waltersheid join us at the end of the shift at the Hour of Mercy to lead us in the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Sidewalk Advocates Sandy and Linda prayed and ministered to a number of women coming out of Planned Parenthood, offering information on post-abortion support and healing. ~Linda

3-5: Nikki

I had my husband Joe as my shift buddy today, along with Michael. it was a blessing to be with these two wonderful men and I have to say the biggest blessing was arriving on the sidewalk to see Bishop Waltersheid praying the Divine Mercy chaplet with the earlier shift, including Dolores from Divine Mercy Parish. Bishop Waltersheid stayed and prayed a rosary with us during my shift, it was such an encouragement and a blessing to have him there!

The rest of the shift was very quiet, not really any remarks from anyone that I can remember. For some reason there must’ve been a miscommunication and there was nobody to stand with Larry when we left at 5:30 so he said he was just going to pray a rosary and then leave. It was a beautiful day to witness and pray for Life today! I had a bit of an awkward experience when I went to pay for my car at the garage as I left.  The abortionist was standing at the pay machine next to me. She didn’t recognize me but I recognized her. I just told her as lovingly as I could in a quiet voice that I pray for her every day, which I really do. It was a little awkward.

5-7: Larry

Nothing too outrageous, but, while I was praying my Rosary, a middle aged couple walked by me, going towards 10th Avenue, and then the lady stopped, after she was almost past Planned Parenthood, and came back and told me, “Thank you very much for being here!  You’re with 40 Days for Life.”  She then proceeded to tell me her home parish in Delaware is participating in the fall campaign!

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  1. Awkward or not, I am so glad you were blessed with the opportunity to tell the abortionist directly, loving, and quietly that you pray for her every day. God bless you for your courage to speak up. Thank you. I pray too, and will continue to pray that your words stay with her and are repeated in her heart.

    Maybe we will be able to have an Abby Johnson Quitter’s ball with her in attendance some day.

    Thanks again Nikki and all!

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