Day 13: Thanks to St. Joseph the Worker Parish and so many volunteers

Put out into the deep

“Are you kidding me?  I’ve been at this all night and have nothing to show for it. And now you want me to start over again?  Really?   Fine, because it is YOU asking.”

Sometimes we get asked to do things we just don’t want to do.  We know it’s the right thing to do. We just don’t want to do it. Maybe it’s laziness, tiredness or we just don’t want to be bothered… or it makes me uncomfortable or it’s cold or it’s ….

I’ve always admired lifeguards, especially those at the beach.  Every day they face the opportunity to save a life because they are there.  They just show up. They are attentive to what is going on and are prepared to take action when the opportunity presents itself.  They are ready to put out into the deep to save someone.

Isn’t that what we are called to do on the sidewalk?  We put out into the deep despite not being successful in the recent past.  We begin again.  Each of the 40 days, each of the shifts, each minute we are there we are answering the call and putting out into the deep.  Sure sometimes, we’re tired. Sometimes, we get discouraged after past disappointments and question our effectiveness.  But we must remember when we get this call to put out, we are not alone.  It is not just our effort.  HE asks us to be there. And HE is with us. We are fishers of men, women and babies.

So come join us. Bring a friend.  Be a lifeguard.  Save a life.  Tim

Here are updates from the vigil starting with Sue 7-9 am:

Downtown was fairly quiet this morning. Got a lot of praying done while Amy reached out to anyone she could. We were joined by Beverly about halfway into our shift. Several workers entered PP, one on her first day of work…Pray she leaves that place of death. The next shift had a great group of faithful people showing up! Thank you, Sue

From Jeannie 9-11: It was a dark and damp Monday morning when I got down to Planned Parenthood. I was blessed with my shift buddy Ken and lovely Marilyn.  Don a.k.a. the message board guy was also there. It was wonderfully quiet at Planned Parenthood. We relieved Sue and Amy who said that a young girl had gone in —-  but during our shift only one apparently staff / volunteer went in the entire time. Praise God. We prayed standing around the circle–it felt like a fortress! Eventually the rain stopped, the clouds abated and Holly from Apollo came early for her shift. Holly has 11 children !!!!!   
We used the baby pictures and prayed the intentions on the back which covers a lot of ground and we were grateful to see the sun start to poke through just as we left. Thank you to my wonderful prayer companions. The best people in the world are on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood!

Here is from Ginny 11-1:

Holly ,a minister who has 11 children and 27 grandkids ( is that not ultra pro- life?) joined Marie and I on the sidewalk today. We had few hecklers, but also many positive passersby. 
A retired Navy Seal and his dog who did tricks stopped to support us. His stories of grace and mercy and miracle healing were amazing.

Here is from Beth 1-3:

Thanks to the great group from St. Joseph the Worker parish–Bernie, Chris and Donna along with Fr. Jeremy. Lots of people going to the concert, hopefully and thankfully, not an abortion day. We prayed specifically for next weekend’s meeting at Pitt; everyone pretty much appalled that such evil is being perpetrated right here. We also prayed for congressmen Mike Doyle and Conor Lamb, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden asking for the grace of conversions. Thanks to all those passing by who offered encouragement. We just keep going. Beth

Joanne, Dan and Marie

Today was my first time on the sidewalk for this Fall Vigil, having been in Harrisburg last Monday for the PA March for Life.

I was joined by shift buddy, Dan and his wife, Joanne. They were good company for this afternoon.

There was a lot of foot traffic past 933 Liberty Avenue due to the concert at Heinz Field later this evening and the students heading home from school for the day.

We had a short interaction almost immediately with a female passerby who asked if any of us were foster parents. 

It’s amazing how folks want to use the tact of ‘you only care about a baby before it’s born, not after’ rather than have a discussion.

It didn’t matter when I offered that we help pregnant mothers and their babies. 

It’s as if being a foster parent was the only valid proof of being pro-life. 

Luckily, she kept going on her way, probably thinking she had scored some kind of point.

How sad that people don’t want to see the good in helping someone make the right decision for themselves and their child.

We were joined for the second hour by Bill who was going to stay as shift buddy for the 5:00-7:00 p.m. shift. 

Faithful Tom appeared just before 5:00 to collect display and materials. Thanks, Marie

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