Day 12: Thanks to St. Michael the Archangel Parish and Our Faithful Volunteers!

Why are we still bothering to do all of this? Why stand in the rain and the cold, why let people insult us and mock us? Are we really accomplishing anything? Some days, it just feels pointless and foolish.

But our God, who knows that sin has made us weak and short-sighted, is so merciful. He constantly encourages to stay the course even when we don’t understand where the course is leading, or why it’s taking so long to get there. Certainly, the Holy Scriptures are filled to overflowing with reasons why we should trust in Him, submitting to His holy plans and His unfathomable timing. I’d like to share a little bit of a beautiful reflection that also strengthened my resolve this week:

In these dire situations, all that can be done is to stand and believe in the One Who is faithful for He cannot deny Himself. If you don’t quit, you win. Faith is highly pleasing to Him when all seems lost. Hoping against all hope. Believing when all seems impossible and in ruins. God will always have the last word and no devil or person will prevail over Him who is the triumphant One. Our trust and hope belong to Him alone. He desires that we not disqualify ourselves from the impossible task He gives us. In due time, He will allow our plans to be fruitful. But first, He is after our hearts to be completely detached from all else. This detachment is so important to Him that He allows us to suffer loss, for He is able to restore all in a moment. He asked Abraham to sacrifice the promised son to see if truly he was detached even from His own promised beloved son; and Abraham was going to carry it out knowing God could raise him from the dead if He so chose!

Amy Knight,

Let’s not quit! God knows what He is about. He has a reason for allowing the fight against abortion to stretch on. I have no idea what it is, but I need to trust in His timing, which is always perfect even when I don’t understand it. Please put your trust in God, too, and come to the sidewalk to pray with us this week!



May God bless your efforts to defend all human life.  Thank you for your important work… This Great Fast I am reading Shawn Carney’s “To the Heart of the Matter” and praying with that as a guide. God be with you.

Father Robert Pipta, Rector, Byzantine Catholic Seminary of SS. Cyril and Methodius

Praised be Jesus Christ! We will happily join you in praying for the end of abortion. The Life Team Pittsburgh will be remembered in our daily prayers and sacrifices. God bless you!

The Nuns of the Carmelite Monastery of St. Therese of Lisieux, Loretto, PA

Please know we are with you a hundred percent in prayer, fasting, and sacrificing for an end the evil and sin of abortion.  We pray for you all year round and in a special during the season of Lent. May Jesus, Mary, and Joseph guide, protect, and strengthen you, bless and reward you, and hold you in their Holy embrace.

 The Carmelite Nuns of Latrobe, PA


7-9 AM +++ Jen, Rich, and George

So grateful to Rich and George for coming early today so I wouldn’t be alone while Vince is away, and so glad Marie and John joined us in prayer! God bless each of you!


9-11 AM +++ Ken and Pat

A mixture of responses from the sidewalk today. A Christian from Eastern Europe stopped to praise our efforts and speak to us of this evil that so offends God. He spoke of the verse from Jeremiah, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” He was very passionate about his Faith and couldn’t say enough about our witness on the sidewalk. The opposite comments came from a man stopped at the light calling us losers and asking why we were not in church. Pat and I prayed for him. 

In our first hour we had a volunteer, Jessica, with us from Christ our Savior Parish. and also the welcome sight of the Sunday Rosary walk. 


11 AM-1 PM +++ Rich

Coming soon!

1-3 PM +++ Charlie and Andrew

Coming soon!

3-5 PM +++ Andy, Steve, and Denise

Stopping down at 3 PM on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. The mill was well attended with prayerful protesters. Along with some 40 Days for Life protesters who were protesting having to clean up at the end of the shift. Demanding higher wages, holding sign saying double our pay or we will walk. Others were praying the rosary. Straight through all mysteries in chronological order. All in all a beautiful day, one you almost feel guilty about being down here because the weather is so nice.


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