Day 11: Thanks to St. Isadore the Farmer Parish, Christ Our Savior Parish, Corpus Christi Parish, and More!


10. GET OUTSIDE in the air, stretch your legs, and be a part of Downtown Pittsburgh for 2 hours – COVID is over-breathe deeply and join in!

9. Enjoy 2 Social Network-free, Cell Phone-Free Hours while meeting the very very BEST PEOPLE in Pittsburgh

8. See up close how the “other 90%” lives – witness firsthand folks of the city — some professionals, many with with hourly jobs, the homeless, the addicted, city kids and city policemen (sometimes on horses)many times folks recognize that we are in prayer and they share a burden weighing on their hearts… Every day is an opportunity to bless another.

7. Witness to someone who is Pro-Abortion your calm, smiling, loving , generous presence on the sidewalk (when you have a million other things to do) speaks volumes and sends a message to the world that even though abortion is commonplace, it is WRONG. In front of PP, I have encountered three people I know who do NOT share my pro-life position …it is so good to witness that we are moved to action for the unborn and their moms!

6. Affirm someone who is Pro Life Thousands of people pass by our vigil every day!! Now and then we will get that little nod/affirmation or quiet “God bless you for being here”… but most of the time we will never see our impact ! Friends and family who cannot join in will thank you too!

5. Educate on the science of Fetal Development – via the “I can suck my thumb,” “I am Dancing,” “My heart Staring Beating” developmental signs, the Fetal Models, the informative resource guide and the small 13 week babies all challenge everyone to FOLLOW THE SCIENCE…

4. Let folks know that Help is Availablewe have an AMAZING number of FREE Services to help Expectant Moms, New Moms, Moms in the midst of chemical abortion, and Families recovering after abortion. There are REAL CHOICES available in Pittsburgh — ones that give LIFE!

3. Plant the seed for an ABORTION WORKER to RECONSIDER where they work –we are a part of the SILENT NO MORE battalion of former abortion workers who have redirected their lives for good!

2. STAND in Faith- Our public prayer is a bold challenge to the current bleak culture and when two or more are gathered … Prayer CHANGES things, especially us!!

…and of course the number one reason for participating in a 40 Days for Life VIGIL:
1. SAVE A Child’s LIFE and Give HOPE to a mom who is in need – whether she is enroute to a PP abortion, or has already taken the first pill for a chemical abortion, we can bring life to the crisis…

40 Days for life saves lives, supports mothers, rescues abortion workers, and closes abortion facilities.


7-9 Shift Manager Tim Reports:
Despite the blustery wind, Kathleen, Mary, and Joseph from Steubenville arrived at the vigil from the beginning, as did Theresa and Ken from Pope St. John XXIII, so we made a strong statement by our presence as we prayed together. Maybe that’s why very few went into the clinic!!!!

Keith and Patty Witness for Life

9-11 Shift Manager Sue Reports:

WE WILL HELP YOU —- Message Loud and Clear!

11-1 Shift Manager Dean Reports:

Sorry no pictures today. Many people were going into P.P. today and few were receptive to our pregnancy support material. One couple passing by took a picture of P.P.’s QR code (to pledge a picketer.) That is the first time that I have seen that. I guess P.T. Barnum was right. Also, a young man screaming loudly at us passed through on his way to Smithfield Street. Fortunately, he didn’t stop long enough to engage any of us in his hateful invective.

1-3 Shift Manager Joe Reports:

A beautiful peaceful day shared in prayer with the prayerful Christians from Corpus Christi, St. Augustine, and downtown Baptist parishes. Lord have mercy. Peace of the Lord to all.


3-5 Shift Manager Billy Reports:

Good afternoon — For our 3 to 5 shift today, Jeff and I were blessed with wonderful weather. A couple times a few people came out, lots of families with kids passed us. A mother went in and then went out with her little boy. He waved at us and she walked away. She walked from the one side of Planned Parenthood to the other with her son. Again he waved. Then she walked back into the Planned Parenthood and it was an interesting scene because the little boy this time was fighting going in…God gives wisdom to the little babies. Pray for them both. A few women came out, and one family came out. One guy drove by and gave an unoriginal insult while I was praying across from him by the tree.

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