Day 11: Thanks to Guardians for Life, St. Peter’s; St. Paul of the Cross Parish; Corpus Christi Parish; and all our Amazing Volunteers!

Today, we celebrate the Feast of the Guardian Angels!

Our heavenly Father, in His amazing love, has charged one of His angels to assist each of us here on earth. Fr. Michael Kerper offers a beautiful reflection on that gift:

In a world of anonymity and depersonalized service, God refuses to of­fer “generic” care from the anonymous angelic ranks. Rather, God provides each human person with specialized care from one specific being. By doing this, God tenderly affirms that every person is unre­peatable, unique, and deserving of individual and personal attention.

How perfectly that fits with what we do on the sidewalk! We know that EVERY life is precious to God, our Creator. No human being exists by accident. No human being is disposable.

We thank God for the incredible gift of our guardian angels, and the immeasurable gift of His love. We ask for courage and strength in defending the lives of our precious pre-born brothers and sisters, and remember what our Lord has said:

“See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven always look upon the face of my heavenly Father.”

Matthew 18:10



7-9 AM +++ Tim & Joe

Sunrise Team
Fr. Tim and Guardians for Life
Faithful Chuck and Carol doing their every-Saturday Jericho March

Predawn at the vigil was very serene. The streets were empty at first and there was a light fog.  Tom and Diane had us ready to go with all the displays and signs. Ideal scene for prayers. Shortly thereafter Fr. Tim and the Guardians for Life joined us and prayers rang out. Chuck and Carol did their every-Saturday Jericho march.

Very few people entered the abortion center. One woman circled a few times but would not engage nor take any literature and then entered the clinic.

Sidewalk Advocate, Lisa, shared an encounter she had earlier in the week at the vigil. Two men were passing and glanced at our display. She offered them information but they declined.  They started to walk away and she told them there is also information for post abortion women and men.  They stopped, returned and talked and shared their painful histories.  They took the information. 

Sue and Sue took over and were joined by Saturday regulars, Lisa,  Bill from St. Ferdinand, and daily participant Bill H. I hope it remains quiet and peaceful all day long.  Peace and joy,


9-11 AM +++ Sue M. & Sue D.

Sue M. and Sue D.
Bill and Bill

11 AM-1 PM +++ Dean & Greg

These folks came all the way from Altoona, PA to pray for the end of abortion!

We saw a lot of people in town today during the “Open Doors Pittsburgh” event. This meant a lot of opportunities to bring awareness to Planned Parenthood’s real business. I am praying that God would change the hearts and minds of those who would otherwise be indifferent.


1-3 PM +++ Jason & Kurt

Check back soon!

3-5 PM +++ Billy & Mary

Wonderful pray-ers from Corpus Christi parish

Billy and I were joined by a wonderful group of pray-ers from Corpus Christi Parish, Jim, Audrey, Marilyn and Lois, who had been there since the earlier shift. They happily reported a possible save–a young woman with her boyfriend spent a moment with them and they were told they could get help and see a sonogram of their baby; she went in, then came out a few minutes later! They spent some time talking with our faithful partners and learned of all the resources available to them. We all said a few more prayers for them and we ask for everyone to offer up a prayer as they make their decision. We also encountered a couple standing near us and when Audrey approached them, the woman said her friend had a miscarriage; we didn’t realize her friend had actually been inside PP for some time. Audrey explained what PP actually is and we gave her some info for her friend; when the young woman came out of PP and they left together, we gave her info on Rachel s Vineyard. We don’t know the whole story but at least they know that people care about them and there are places to go to for help. PP seemed to close about 4:30.


5-7 PM +++ Jeff & Lisa

Lisa H. and Jeff B.

It was a quiet night 5 to 7. Tom picked up the sidewalk gear and I brought a few signs with me to hold. Reminded me of 5 years ago when all we had on the sidewalk were signs.  I look forward helping him load up… see what new stuff Diane has added….and how she hangs…displays…attaches stuff to the display. We all have our part to do during 40 Days……just a matter of praying as to what is your part. See u on the sidewalk.


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