Day 10: Thanks to St. Ferdinand Church, St. Matthew Parish, Shift Managers, Buddies, and Individual Prayer Volunteers all


I listen to a Christian Radio Station when I am in my car. Unfortunately, the station doesn’t come in clearly most of the time. Typically, the message is interspersed with some honky-tonk or old rock and roll song every minute or two and it takes a lot of extra concentration to focus on and actually comprehend what the Gospel message is. Sometimes the juxtaposition is even a bit comical. In all cases, I am called to be an ACTIVE LISTENER, and it is WORK.

. . . Kind of like the WORLD today !

Amidst all the noise of social media, political rhetoric, marketing and even the busyness of our daily lives, it is difficult to HEAR THE VOICE OF THE LORD . In a typical day we are bombarded with thousands of messages aimed at influencing our behavior…… “You need to buy this to be happy,” “You should do this to be healthy,” “Don’t be left behind by not doing this,” “Your family needs this,” “Everyone cool is doing this,” “Make sure you know this,” …. etc. etc.

We must tune out all these distracting messages, and we must TUNE IN to Jesus!

For me, my weekly shift at 40 Days for Life allows me to be fine-tuned to the message of the Gospel of Life. I am surrounded by like-minded missionaries and we are focused on the Gospel message that LOVE unleashes LIFE. I can tune out ALL the messages of the busy sidewalk and spend quiet time with the ONE who is ALL.

It is the JESUS channel for sure – – – Tune in and be REFRESHED in the Spirit!

Blessings , Jeannie

Prayers are requested for 40 Days for Life Loyal Friend, Bill who earlier today was headed to the Emergency Room for Care. God be with you Bill!  

Sky of Mystery . . .

7-9 Shift Manager Barbara Reports:

The kind of Men our World Needs! Thanks Richard and Bill.

Tom and Diane set up and brightened the neighborhood for us. Add Bill to our company and we were off to a good start. One beautiful young woman stopped and asked if I had adopted anyone. I told her something of our story. I asked her to share her story. She hesitated and quietly and quickly said, “I had an abortion.” My heart flooded with sorrow for her. I said something hoping she would stay, but she turned and walked away. When I look up at the abortuary, framed by a mystery filled sky,  I wonder what the WWII people-extermination sites looked like to passers by … people lucky enough to pass by and keep walking … people lucky enough to be uninterested in the voracious enemies of LIFE. Children going to daycare and the nearby school chattered and scuffled and skipped, returning our greetings with waves with kid sized hands. So many adults receive “God bless you” with surprised smiles and a return blessing. One man returned and gave a donation. I handed it on to Kim, Kathy and Mark who graciously assumed their loving witness for LIFE in downtown.
Peace. Barbara

9-11 Shift Manager Kathy Reports:

Thanks to Maggie from Most Precious Blood Parish and shift buddy Mark for standing with me the second hour of my shift.  Sidewalk Advocate Kim was there 9-10.
Few clients entered pp this morning.  All declined offers of resources.  One woman spewed out a string of expletives toward Kim and Mark for offering any help before entering the building of darkness.  God help this hurting woman.
Passersby were receptive to taking the Precious Feet pens that I was handing out.  A father and son stopped by for the youngster to study the fetal models and in his interest asked for one of the 7 week sized fetal babies which I gave him.  Positive comments for our being there today occurred three times.

11-1 Shift Manager Nikki Reports:

TUNED INTO JESUS despite the Busyness of Downtown Pittsburgh!

I was blessed to pray for the entire 2 hours with wonderful ladies from the respect life group at St. Ferdinand Church, Kay, Pam, Linda, Maria and Shalina. The time flew by and before we knew it our shift was over. Praise be to God, it did not seem to be an abortion day, at least we didn’t see any abortion bound women enter. Very quiet and peaceful and many positive comments from passersby. At the very end of the shift there was a little disturbance when a young woman who was angry and obviously disturbed came up and cussed out Shalina. We started praying again and she moved up the sidewalk a few doors up and started yelling at a man in a car. She pulled the garbage bag out of the trash can and walked into the intersection and threw it at him. I called 911 just to be safe. First time ever being put on hold with 911. But they did send someone and he said they are familiar with her. She left and the next group arrived from St. Matthew, with shift manager Elaine and Bernie. 

Ladies of St. Ferdinand Bring Prayer and Hope to the Sidewalk!
Maggie and Katie know that Prayer Changes Things!

1-3 Shift Manager Elaine Reports:

Five parishioners from St. Matthew’s Parish grouping and my sister Joanne and her husband Brian joined me today for the vigil.  Also, Katie was with us for the first hour.  We prayed the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  For the most part things were quiet at PP.  Towards the end of our shift  there was a young man who opened the door for two women.  He did not accept the pro-life cards we were handing out.  There were some people passing by who thanked us and there were some who without doubt are pro abortion by the language they used.

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