Day 10: Thanks to St. Matthew Parish and all who came out to pray today!

Many of us are walking around in a perpetual state of outrage. Of course, there’s a lot to be outraged about: states offering “abortion tourism,” pregnancy resource centers being attacked, the organs of aborted children being sold as a commodity. Anger is a natural reaction to the barbaric practices and attitudes we’re witnessing.

The problem is, even though anger is natural under the circumstances, it’s counterproductive. It endangers our mission to offer hope and help to those struggling with an unexpected pregnancy and to those who work in the abortion industry. We undermine our credibility as Christians when we fail to show compassion and mercy.

In a blog post at Brave New Us: Faith + Bioethics, Samantha Stephenson shares her beautiful perspective on our fight:

Still, I think we need to be careful about the way we frame this discussion. It’s easy to talk about Planned Parenthood in a dehumanizing way because it is an organization, but at the end of the day, an organization is comprised of people, and these people are captives. This fight is complex because it’s happening at multiple levels. So, at the human level, I think we need to be praying for the conversion of the souls who work at Planned Parenthood, for their intellectual enlightenment about what it actually is that they are contributing to, for the formation of their consciences to recognize their work as moral evil, and that they have the freedom and courage to denounce this organization and expose the evils it’s perpetrating as many already have. It’s so important that we remember who our fight is really with at the deepest level, and that our most powerful weapons are prayer, fasting, and the Rosary. If Satan can keep us convinced that our fight is with each other rather than the demonic, we will miss important opportunities to save souls.

So even though anger is a natural response to the horrors of abortion, let’s ask God for His SUPERnatural grace to be meek and prayerful as we fight for the cause of LIFE. May He allow us to see our “opponents” with HIS eyes and love them with HIS heart!



7-9 AM +++  Jeannie, Barbara, and Susan

We have now a great well-established crew for the 7 to 9 Friday morning shift. We once again have the joy of wishing all of the students happy Friday and they do seem genuinely pleased! Lots of workers going in today most with earbuds in so they couldn’t hear our offers to help them find a job that brings joy. One abortion bound couple asked Barbara if she would raise the child and she most confidently said “Yes I would!”  That’s what it’s about. We tried to give them information but they were clearly not interested so prayers abounded. We had Susan , Claire , Marilyn , Barbara and Richard— blessed among women!!  Praising God for this amazing Pro Life family. We greeted the day with the joy of the risen Lord and the sure hope that He is in charge!

9-11 AM +++ Kathy, Michael, and Mark

Passed out literature which a few passersby accepted.  Two men stopped separately asking for resources to pass out and one offering prayer to end abortion.  A driver of a truck stopped in the street after turning and rolled down his window to give his support and request literature.

Those that entered building declined resources.

Back row: shift buddy Mark, Michael from PCUC, SA Leonard
Front row: Linda from a Catholic church in Cranberry (sorry, forgot name) and myself
Anthony came to join us and offered prayers with Linda.

11 AM – 1 PM +++ Katie and Sandy

Coming soon!

1-3 PM +++ Elaine

Today at PP there seem to be more people going in and out of the building than in the last few times I have been there.  I noticed one couple was waiting in their car for a while then entered PP for one minute then came out right away.  I am not sure what happened there, but I am hoping something good came out of it.  

 And from Nikki:

I stopped by the Vigil today to restock the materials and I took a picture of the wonderful group from Saint Matthews parish…they had a great turn out and are very helpful and prayerful warriors for Christ! We are so blessed and grateful to have their faithful members witness every week at our vigil!  

3-5 PM +++ Val and Mike

It was a quiet time on the sidewalk; just our usual 3-5 faces that we see every week.  It’s funny how you get to learn the faces and routines of people during your shift.  We had a lot of time to pray and reflect.  We also had a lot of questions from children today.  It gives you hope for the future generation.  But we saw a woman wearing a sweatshirt that read “abortion is normal.”  We’ll keep praying and hoping because we are a people of faith!

5-7 PM +++ Pat and Charlie

Sidewalk artwork by Judy

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