Day 8…Thanks to Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church for witnessing ALL DAY TODAY!!!

The Little Ones

In both today’s Gospel and in yesterday’s, Jesus mentions the importance of ministering to “the little ones“.


Amen I say to you, unless you turn and become like little children, you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whoever, therefore, humbles himself as this little child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever receives one such little child for My sake, receives Me. But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it were better for him to have a great millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

Matt. 18: 3-6


And whoever gives to one of these little ones but a cup of cold water to drink because he is a disciple, amen I say to you, he shall not lose his reward.

Matt. 10:42

With the world being so crazy right now, and everyone seemingly dividing into opposite camps…I sometimes get confused and start to second-guess my own instincts about what is right and what is wrong. I am grateful for Jesus’ clear words about what is important to Him. If I ever wonder about who is telling the truth and who is lying…all I need to do is look to see which side is going to the aid of the very littlest ones. The most forgotten and abandoned. The ones who cannot do anything to defend or help themselves. That is who I will trust and who I will listen to.

So, even if a religious, political or medical authority tells me that I must do something that I don’t feel is right…unless that religious leader is humbling himself/herself by defending the weakest and littlest among us…I will not trust them. If those same people in authority will humble themselves as a child and stand publicly in defense of the little ones…I will listen to them.

That is my measuring tool to gauge who to trust in these dark and confusing times. I am grateful for 40 days for life, for giving us the opportunity to side with the littlest ones, and for giving us clarity about what is right. We will never find ourselves on the wrong side of the divide if we stand with the little ones. Jesus has assured us of that.

On October 11th there is another opportunity to stand on the side of the little ones who are being barbarically dissected while still alive so their organs can be harvested for research at Magee and Pitt. Here is the information and I hope you can make it:

Rehumanize International will be mobilizing for a third time to bring awareness to this issue and demand an end to these inhumane fetal tissue research programs.  They will be holding a rally on Monday, October 11th at 3:30 PM outside the place where these late-term abortions take place — UPMC Magee Womens Hospital at 300 Halket Street right down the street from Pitt’s main campus. We will rally while the Board of Directors holds their annual public meeting, calling them to embrace the Hippocratic oath to do no harm and reject the violence of abortion at their hospital. We will also be handing out information to students and community members about the terrible crimes being committed right in our own backyard. The rally will be followed by a prayer walk around the hospital lead by the local pro-life group the Magee Project.

Read on for today’s shift reports, to find out who stood with the little ones today:

Scroll down past today’s vigil reports to find out about job opportunities at TryLife Center in Lower Burrell (Click here for details).

Beth 7-9

All went well this morning with a fabulous group from Trinity Ukrainian Rite Parish .  Father Jason, Anthony, Anthony (two Anthony’s) Katya, plus others from the parish.  Father led us in prayer; we chanted the Jesus Prayer, said the Rosary, as well as other Ukrainian Rite prayers.  There was not much action at the clinic during this shift.  God Bless, Beth

Terri & Elsie 9-11…why we need our spiritual armor on!

Elsie and I were met by Father Jason Charron of the Holy Trinity Parish in Carnegie and several of his parishioners, including his lovely daughter. Father Jason planned to be there the entire day with various volunteers from his parish. He led his group in prayer and reached out to people on the street. We had 4 volunteers who just showed up to stand with us. Rebekah and Dan drove in from Steubenville. We were blessed with a nice group. I admire Elsie and how she will stand at the door trying to show the women the pamphlet that shows the developing baby inside of them.

Today was a day that Elsie and I needed the armor of God. A young woman was going inside and we tried to reach out to her. She was visibly upset and yelled all of the excuses that we hear from these women. Her friend accompanied her inside and came out later. I did walk down the street to speak with her. I had noticed that the girl who went in for the abortion had a black eye. My heart went out to her because of the trauma that she is experiencing in her life. I was able to speak to her friend about protecting her friend for quite some time. She did take information and they left together shortly after. I am assuming that she was given the abortion pill. I pray that her friend will encourage her to change her mind and that she realizes that she is deserving of love.

As Elsie and I were walking away, a woman holding a young child walked by with a friend. Unfortunately, she dropped her friend off at PP. We tried to talk to her and she said it was her friend’s body and not our business. The worst part is that she told us that she also was pregnant and will be aborting her child. She is telling us this while she is holding her child. Sometimes the evil that we see and hear seems to almost knock me off my feet. That is why I remember that we do have the armor of God protecting us as we fight this battle. Good WILL win over evil.

Katie & Sharon 11-1 (Katie reports of a saved baby this morning!!!)

Shortly after I arrived this morning, a young girl came out of the doors, and I offered her an Abortion Pill Reversal card and a Birthright pamphlet. She took them as she walked past, and she smiled and said “I didn’t do it!” I called after her “Do you need any help with anything?” And she said “No, I’m okay.” and got into the car that was waiting for her. She looked so relieved and happy, so different from the poor mothers who don’t change their minds.

Other than that it seemed like a fairly busy day, unfortunately. (I don’t keep track of how many people go in but it felt like it was on the busier side.) Thank you to Fr. Jason, Patty, Kathy, Leah and her kids, Taryn, Nia, Ann, Marilee, Barbara, Marilyn and the rest of the parishioners from Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic church! (I’m so sorry, I didn’t catch everyone else’s names!)

Chris & Conrad 1-3

Upon arrival, my day was made by the presence of beautiful 4-month old Hazel, and her mom, Taryn.  I also met 3-year old Gigi.  Father Jason was there with prayer warriors from his Ukrainian Catholic church, Holy Trinity.  Praying with us were Brett, Peter and his wife Julie, Catherine, and Marlee.  I was also joined for a while by Carmela from Sts. John & Paul, who I met on the March for Life bus to Harrisburg on Monday.  Ever persistent-with-love were Katie and Conrad, offering, potentially, life-saving literature to passersby.  We prayed many Rosaries and a Chaplet of Divine Mercy, witnessing to the sanctity of Life.  When the sun shone on the glass doors of PP, there was a reflection of the Abortion Pill Reversal sandwich board on them.  It looked like the sandwich board was inside their doors.  If only that were so…  I also noticed a “mandatory mask” sign on the front door.  How ironic- help protect from COVID people who enter, but there’s no protection for the unborn in the wombs of mothers seeking abortions.

Virginia & Eileen 3-5…

There was a strong Holy Trinity presence (Fr Jason) on the 3-5 slot. A fellow gave a bouquet of flowers to one of the women in the group, she arranged them around the circle. The city employee sweeping the sidewalk said to leave the flowers because it was God’s choice! 3 or 4 women left the clinic, perhaps “clients” but refused any printed material. Tom came at 5 to collect the set up .

Such a faithful group! And Anthony was back for the second day in a row! God bless you all!

Joe & Charlie & Amy 5-7…

Blessed to have a beautiful sun-splashed fall evening for the shift. Oddly quiet this evening all around…  Little foot traffic, minimal buses, no employees leaving 933 Liberty Ave…Blessed to have my Shift Buddies Charlie & Amy there this evening! Blessed to have a super-awesome group from Holy Trinity Ukrainian (Fr. Jason’s parish) there this evening – Marilee, Anthony, Adam, and Deacon Myron. Praying and sharing dominated the shift. Shared a bit with John who passed by – his uncle is a priest in the diocese…The shift ended peacefully…  Prayerfully the innards of 933 will also be so peaceful and blessed one day…


TryLife Center, a faith-based, prolife nonprofit in Lower Burrell, currently has job openings for the following positions. If interested, please submit a resume and cover letter to Questions call 724-229-9399 x110 and leave a message. 

Front desk/receptionist – Basics include a reliable individual with computer skills to work Monday-Thursday, approximately 28-hour week that may include 2 evenings.

Assistant to the Director – Works in an administrative role to coordinate and supervise daily operations, assisting in developing and implementing plans and goals for the Center, ensures compliance with regulations and internal policies and assist fundraising campaigns. Part-time position with some flexibility of hours.

Parent & Baby Coordinator – Coordinates all aspects of client relations and visits and supervises most volunteer assignments including trainings.

They are also looking for a full-time Executive Director. Contact them at the number above for more information.

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