Look Up!

“But when these things begin to come to pass, look up, and lift up your heads, because your redemption is at hand.”

Luke 21: 28

This photo of the sky was taken in the wee hours of the morning, following our first-ever all-night vigil in front of Planned Parenthood. As the Body of Christ in Pittsburgh gathered in front of the place that sacrifices over 3,000 pre-born babies on the altar of convenience each year, we begged and pleaded for God to turn the hearts and minds of our nation’s supreme court justices to render a just decision in the Dobbs v. Mississippi case. Could this sign in the sky be a portend of His answer? I hope and pray that it is…but whether or not we get the answer that we hope for…I believe that God has heard our prayers and He is pleased with our efforts. Thanks to everyone who gave up sleep and comfort to come and pray during this 40 hour prayer vigil! Enjoy some photos from the 40-hours:

Middle-of-the-night men. Photo taken by Santos (center). He wrote: “I believe this was good for us men. Many never did this before, but we knew the “rubber meets the road” when we demonstrate our faith. We are in trying times and we need to defend the unborn.”
They were expecting us…notice the reference to “women haters”.
Early night shift men gathered in circle for non-stop prayer on Tuesday evening.
Fr. Joe Freedy joined the night prayer vigil.
Blessed Candles burned throughout the night.
Our motorhome served as an overnight warming center for the night vigil.
Faithful men, Pat, Lud, John and Doug started out the Tuesday evening’s night shift.
Tuesday evening crew, with Greg, Randy and Catholic Men’s Fellowship volunteers Chris and Santiago
More Catholic Men, Santos, Renan and Andy joined at the “changing of the guards” at 11pm
I know they did a lot of praying throughout the night…but it looks like they enjoyed their Christian comradery as well!
Tuesday evening prayer volunteers Charlie, Sue, Amy and Kevin
John, Ken and Tom prayed from 5am-7am and took the beautiful photo of the cross in the sky as the sun came up.
Veteran pro-life warriors Rose and Claudia enjoy some Christian fellowship on Tuesday morning
Tuesday morning prayer crew
Virginia, Sarita, Helen and Glenn came out to pray for our Supreme Court on Tuesday morning.
Taken by Audrey, picture from Tuesday afternoon
During the 1-3 shift on Tuesday afternoon…
Steve and Peggy joined at 7am on Wednesday, as the sun came up on day 2.
Steve prayed every rosary on his knees…and I noticed that many people were touched by his witness.
Early morning prayer volunteers on Wednesday
Charlene was the one who ordered these awesome signs for us!
Volunteer from Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church, with sidewalk advocate Denise
Beautiful family from Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church made a wonderful witness for life on Wednesday morning!
Faithful Maryann came with a friend today!
Wonderful Roseann and Rich have been faithful 40 Days for Life shift managers since we began back in 2010! They filled in for the 11-1 shift on Wednesday.
Our dear Jen joined a very crowded and prayerful sidewalk on Wednesday morning!
Long-time pro-life sisters, Ginny and Marie came to help out with their prayers on Wednesday evening.
Our dear Fran took this photo of the dedicated Christians who stood in the rain to pray for the Supreme Court on Wednesday evening.
A blessed candle remained lit at the end of the 40 hours!
Veteran 40 Days for Life shift manager Jeff, with new volunteer Enrique and faithful Anton prayed and witnessed late Wednesday evening
Kevin, Lisa and another faithful volunteer helped us to finish the 40 hours strong!
Thanks Claudia and Lisa for being there!
This was taken by Greg, during the 40th hour. Thanks to our dear Lord for keeping us safe and hearing our prayers!

Barbara was there at PP today (Thursday)…even though our special “40-Hours” campaign is over, abortions continue to happen. Faithful Barbara and her husband Richard come at least once a week, all year round. This week, I think they were there at least three days! Barbara wrote this sad, but beautiful reflection after her shift today:

Richard, Anthony and I witnessed downtown this morning. The morning seemed full of melodies lingering from this week’s extraordinary love event that finished last night at 7pm. The echoes seemed to rush up and down, in and out, even as ordinary downtown traffic roared.

Pittsburgh pro-life gathered downtown in front of pp in extraordinary-witness-prayer-fasting beginning this Tuesday at 7am – continuing through the night – and continuing to Wednesday at 7pm. The US Supreme Court was in session. Oral arguments in the Dobbs Case (Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban) were underway. National Catholic Register reports that, “pro-life leaders and Catholic commentators have been covering this high-profile case on the heels of more than 80 amicus briefs filed in support of Mississippi’s abortion ban.” (12/1/21)

It hurts to witness in front of pp.  Sometimes it feels almost unbearable. The weather and the roughness of some people really don’t matter.  It feels terrible to watch pregnant mothers and abortion workers enter the building.  Seeing “ordinary” people participate in the legal, deliberate, scheduled, ferocious killing of babies is almost unbearable. It feels terrible when they refuse the abundant abortion alternatives that we offer them.  They put on a mask, pay about $500 in cash and the guard wands them to be sure they will not be a danger to anyone in the building.  Does anybody notice the irony?  It breaks my heart to realize that neither the mother, nor the abortion worker will gently prepare the little baby body for burial. 

Be safe is a popular saying these days.  Safety is rarely my primary goal.  

Love returns me to the sidewalk. Saint Augustine says it so beautifully.  Late have I loved you, O Beauty ever ancient, ever new, late have I loved you!

Linda and Dean arrived ready and able.  Life is good.


4 thoughts on “Look Up!”

  1. So inspiring to see all these photos of folks around the clock! Thanks be to God for inspiring and strengthening them and keeping them safe.

  2. Amen on the Love! Thanks all.
    And I know of others who prayed elsewhere, fasted (myself included) and/or went to Adoration.

  3. Diane Miller and I were happy to go down and pray on Wed. Then we went for Adoration to Assumption Church in Bellvue after! Lunch then too!
    Our Motherhouse Sisters remembered the intention along with Bishop Waltersheid at our Masses. So happy to hear the results as EWTN news gave a coverage and so did Jeanne Mancini who stood with thousands on the Supreme Court steps to witness for life. Yes, the sign in the sky was indeed from God. Wed. a m. God is pleased with our efforts. Thank you again for sponsoring this prayer time of prayer and witness for life.
    Sr. Jolenta

  4. Nikki, thank you for organizing this critically important vigil. God’s blessings to you and your family! Larry

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