Living Amidst Injustice…

He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral. Because Anger looks to the good of justice. And if you can live amidst injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust.

St. Thomas Aquinas

This quote by St. Thomas Aquinas really hits home, doesn’t it? Especially when you look at this photo taken this morning, taken from the office window of our dear friend Pat. Look at those beautiful, selfless prayer warriors, standing in the snow in 15 degree weather! Tracy comes all the way from Steubenville, OH…and Jackie comes from Butler! They braved the terrible road conditions this morning to make sure that no baby died without an offer of help and prayers. And don’t forget our brother in Christ, Anthony…who is in a wheelchair! Bill was there as well, from Bridgeville. After their shift, Beth, Linda, Sheila and Rose braved the bitter temps. The sidewalk was covered until 1:30 today. I am so humbled and inspired to know such people. May God bless them!

So, back to the quote from St. Thomas Aquinas; I confessed to those in attendance at the PCUC Prayer Breakfast last Saturday, that, since I took on the added responsibility of taking over for Helen Cindrich at PCUC, I have been grumbling to God about always being too busy. It seems I do everything at a ferocious pace…trying to keep up with this new job, in addition to preparing for the Lenten 40 Days for Life campaign, and still doing my other job as well. Not to mention elderly parents who need help and grandkids who need watched. And my poor husband who likes to get some attention sometimes. Luckily, prior to the prayer breakfast, I had prayed over that day’s gospel from Mark. It was the calling of Matthew from his tax collector’s booth. It went on to describe Jesus eating with sinners as well. I thought about Matthew getting up and leaving his affluent position as a tax collector to follow Jesus…and I thought about all those “sinners” who were flocking to Jesus and leaving their old lives behind. It occurred to me that they must have seen something amazing in Christ…to convert so radically! What was it? Whatever it was that they saw in Jesus and His disciples, it must have been something very different from everyone else! That got me to thinking about my busy life…and my longing to have time to slow down. What if Jesus had been living a slow-paced, relaxing life? What if His disciples had time to lounge around and do nothing? Would Matthew have left his tax booth? Would the prostitutes and sinners have changed their lives to follow someone who was living a normal paced life?

The quote from Thomas Aquinas reminds us that when we are living amidst injustice, we cannot live normally, as we would if times were good. We must push ourselves beyond our comfort zones and allow ourselves to feel the burden. We just cannot live comfortably and think that our example will convert those who think abortion is okay. If we follow Christ, we must be different from the world. That is what will convert the world!

The witness of our Christian love can have ripple effects that we will never know about. Just this morning, after Mass, I was at the 711 getting a coffee. The young man in line in front of me was trying to pay for his coffee with Apple Pay. He had already been sipping his coffee when the cashier informed him that his card was declined. Embarrassed, he set his coffee on the counter and turned and left. I didn’t have time to offer to pay for it before he was already out the door, but as I paid for mine, I told the cashier to charge me for his as well and I grabbed both coffees, not knowing if the young man would still be outside. When I got out there, he was walking towards the street. I called out to him and gave him his coffee. No big deal…or so I thought. When I turned to go back towards my car, I saw another man smiling at me with a huge grin. He said to me, “That was really nice, what you just did.” (He must have been behind me in line.) As he pulled away in his truck, I saw him shaking his head, as in disbelief, with that big grin still on his face. See, in a world such as ours…with so much bad stuff happening…even just a simple act of kindness can serve to inspire others and brighten the darkness. The darker it gets, the more our little lights make a difference.

Thank you in advance! Another way to make sure we are living differently from the world…and to let ourselves be “uncomfortable”…is to attend the National March for Life in Washington DC this Friday! There are many busses going from our area that still have many seats available! It is not too late to reserve your seat! CLICK HERE for this list of busses, and for the bus captain’s contact info. If you cannot go to Washington, you can attend the local March for Life in Bridgeville, leaving from Holy Child Church following noon Mass. Contact Jim Maochi at for more info.

I will end this post by sharing some photos from the PCUC prayer breakfast, which was a wonderful time of pro-life, Christian fellowship! I told my husband as we were driving home afterwards that it feels to me like God is “doing it again”. He is building something new in the pro-life Body of Christ in Pittsburgh! I can just feel it! Keep praying and working and I hope to see you soon, at the Kick off Mass & Eucharistic Procession to PP on Feb. 13th! (Click HERE for the flyer). God bless you!


January 13th Prayer Breakfast (People Concerned for the Unborn Child)

Deacon Bill Strathmann and his wonderful musicians helped to lift our hearts to God with their beautiful music!
Many attendees said that Pastor Jay Gilbert’s passionate message was the best they have ever heard! Check out Pastor Jay on Cornerstone Television’s “Hope Today” show, airing every Tuesday!

Watch Pastor Jay’s talk (which was recorded) by CLICKING HERE!

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  1. Very powerful. Are there any organized or recommended times to go hold signs/pray outside the Planned Parenthood in Downtown Pittsburgh?


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