Joy to the World!

The morning was filled with joyful carols as we brought hope and Christ’s light to the darkness of the abortion center. The carols even brought a few tears. Bishop William Waltersheid said beautiful and inspiring opening and closing prayers and blessed all on the street this day.  Randy K. led us on his accordion and knew every song in our booklet. He also covered over some of us not-so-good singers.  While we spent most of our hour in song, we did intersperse Bible readings to add meaning to our songs. We had several dozen carolers from all over western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Somerset County.  During what is often the busiest day of the week at the abortion center, we saw very few abortion-bound enter the clinic.

Afterwards we enjoyed fellowship, hot chocolate, and a wide variety of baked goods at the Little Lamb store a few doors up the street. It was a joyful, hope-filled and Merry morning. Thanks to all who participated in making this great event happen. God bless you all and Merry Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Joy to the World!”

  1. Sr. Jolenta Sredinski

    Just a wonderful time to be together and sing! The carols were a contrast to what goes on in PP! Keep up organizing the opportunities for us to be visible in front of PP and let those going in there know there can be another way! It’s called God’s way!
    God bless all of you!

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