Day 9…Thanks to Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, St. Francis & St. Clare of Assisi Parish, dedicated team members and faithful volunteers!

In our Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) group we are studying the book of John.  It has been wonderful!  There is so much to say and I could go on and on but I will keep it brief. Our BSF group just finished John 15 and Jesus’ seventh “I AM” statement.  John 15:1 I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in me that does not bear fruit He takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.  And John 15:5 I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. I would encourage you to read all of John 15.

These 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting help us to focus on Jesus and abide/remain in Him.  We remain in Him regardless of our circumstances.  The definition of remain is: to stay, to abide, to continue being patiently enduring without yielding.  It also means making the main thing the main thing and that is JESUS. We come to the sidewalk out of love and obedience to Jesus, to shine His light in this dark world. We are salt and light when our love is genuine and our help that is offered is sincere. As believers we have an eternal relationship with Jesus and are called to do eternal work. Jesus will provide comfort for us as we walk out our remaining time on earth. Praying our time on the sidewalk bears much fruit this campaign.

Father, we love You and give You all honor, praise and glory due Your name.  Your love and care for us knows no bounds.  We cry out to You to help us to patiently endure without yielding. Lord strengthen us to persevere and let your Holy Spirit flow through us.  Let our prayers, words and actions be pleasing in Your sight.  We cry out for all those who are thinking about aborting their unborn baby.  Please let our paths intersect with them and give us opportunities for conversations on the sidewalk to help them with whatever they need.  Lord open the eyes and ears of the workers, doctors, escorts, volunteers and security guards at the abortion facilities. Remove the blinders and veils the enemy has placed on them.  Help them to see clearly Lord that they are assisting in destroying the beauty of Your creation. We pray for all those who do not know You that they would have an encounter with You Jesus and would come to know You as Lord & Savior. We pray for hearts and minds to change. We pray they would have their Saul to Paul moment.  We pray for godly leaders in our city and that our city would become a Sanctuary City of Life and NOT death. We bind the enemy and this culture of death. We decree and declare LIFE over our city, state, nation and world.  We pray Your hedge of protection over all of 40 Days For Life campaigns and ask You to release Your heavenly angels for battle if need be.  We know You are the God of the impossible. And if we ask anything that accords with Your will; it will be done.  Thank you Father for all the ways You are working in our world. You are Waymaker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper and Light in the Darkness. We ask all this in the mighty and powerful name of Jesus. Amen 


Barbara, Richard and I got lucky today, in that the rain did not begin until the very end of our shift! It was a quiet morning. We prayed for the four (or so) couples that entered, and offered help if they would consider sparing the lives of their children. One teenage girl went in with both her parents, and her mother did take the miraculous medal that I offered. Another single woman also accepted it. I pray that God will send His grace of conversion to their hearts through that sacramental…tangible medal, that they can see and touch and hold and wear. It will be a reminder to them, that God is there, ready to forgive.

It was a blessing, as always, to see my beautiful sister and my brothers in Christ; Judy, Pastor Joe and Chuck…as they arrived early for their 9-11 shift. May God bless them, keep them warm and dry, and use them to touch hearts and save lives today!

Faithful, dedicated and determined Barbara

Pastor Joe and Judy and Chuck came from Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene. And at 10, we were joined by David from St Mary Bizantine in Weirton.

The traffic in and out of PP was not nearly as heavy as last Thursday. (Thank God).But it was continual. No one was receptive to receiving resource information. The rain was gentle the whole shift,  much better conditions than we had anticipated.

Toward the end of the shift, I intercepted a young lady looking for PP, I offered her free women’s resources and abortion information. She said she was not going in for an abortion. She gently patted her tummy with both hands and with a big smile said I’m keeping my baby. She said that’s why she was here.

We continue praying without ceasing for the PP workers and all those who made decisions to abort their babies. We pray for God’s grace and mercy in their lives to draw them to repentance and healing. God is able.

At the end of the shift we had a very loud, abusive guy yelling curses and insults at us for pestering the people going in there. That continued for several minutes before he walked off, continuing foul yelling at us and cursing the Hail Mary’s.

Pastor Joe, Judy and Chuck from Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene brought a ray of Son-shine to the gloomy day today!
If you see this man, please do not try to engage him in conversation, he will just continue to escalate into a potentially dangerous situation. Just pray for him silently. Thank you!
Thanks to David for answering the call and for coming all the way from Weirton!

It was a rainy day on the sidewalk. There was one man, early in the shift, who loudly objected to what we were doing. He claimed that he was against abortion, but thought that we were harassing women. He stood in the circle and loudly protested with numerous f bombs, that even the guard had to look out to see what was going on. His display was certainly more off-putting to anyone wanting to enter Planned Parenthood than those peacefully praying or the sidewalk advocates.

It was a fairly busy shift. One surprising thing: I gave out more free help brochures in two hours than I have in all the weekly shifts I have participated in for the past month. Let’s pray that good comes from this.

Thank you to Beth Ann, Angi and Nancy from St. Aiden Parish and sidewalk advocate Sam.

Thank you Beth Ann, Angie, Nancy, Linda and Sam for braving the cold rain today!

It was a blessing to have to take two vehicles down to Pittsburgh.  Thanks to Anita and Diane for driving.  Diane has been involved with 40 Days before and plans to come every week.  Eva joined us for her second time.  Regulars Fr Jim and Patti came too.  Faithful Caroline was there waiting for us.

We took William down for a meal and stopped at Little Lamb to get the banner of Our Lady of Guadelupe.  They also grabbed a dry chair for me but, praise God, I was able to stand the whole shift!

Anita and I tag teamed to reach out.  She held the literature while I held the umbrella and cane and helped her locate people coming and going from PP.

We were blessed with a conversation with D.  He’s a talker and wanted to talk with us when they first went inside but his girlfriend was not interested.  He came out a while later and spoke with me and Anita.  He thought she was taking the pill.  We shared resources and the models, talked about the risks and encouraged him to ask M to reconsider and talk with us.   He tried to get her but she said it was too late.  If she took the pill they have info about how to reverse that.  We talked briefly about birth control and he mentioned that he has some medical background and acknowledged that there are problems with that.  He proudly showed us videos of their son and daughter who are toddlers.  And he got his Mom on the phone to show us them as she was watching them.  His Mom was a single Mom and didn’t have other children.  He wants to ask her why.  They are financially well off as he has a car and home business and they have a large family that can support them.  He asked if we were being paid to be out there or doing this out of the kindness of our heart.  I told him we were there to try and save lives.  He wants to donate to an organization that helps pregnant single Moms.  We gave him info and he went down to look at Little Lamb and took a picture.  He didn’t return during our shift but had said that when she comes out he would see if she would speak with us.  So we passed the info on to Pete.  

Anita and I were so thankful that the others covered our shift in prayer!!  The Lord is at work on minds and hearts.  We just don’t always see it!

Dedicated group from St. Clare & St. Assisi Parish in Cabot braved the bad weather today to pray for an end to abortion.

Pete and I prayed the chaplet of Divine Mercy at the 3 o’clock hour, and prayed the Rosary at the 4 o’clock hour. It was a little bit of a slow day, overwhelmingly, positive comments, not much traffic in and out of Planned Parenthood. We did have one passerby come by and talk to us about how he was pro life.

Thanks to Larry and Pete for closing us up today!

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