Day 9: Thanks to Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene and all who prayed with us today!

A Pro-Life Journey

It’s a blessing to be writing this blog on our first grandchild’s 7th birthday. Maddie Grace was our first grandchild and I was blessed to be in the delivery room and witness the miracle of her birth.  Prayers were answered as we traveled all night hoping to make it in time. It truly is a miracle how God intricately weaves us in our mother’s womb.  God does not make mistakes.  He is the creator and sustainer of all life.  All life comes into being only by His hand.  We grieve, as Jesus does, when babies’ lives are destroyed in the womb, in the most sacred place. God help us.  How have we strayed so far from the  Biblical principles and how God ordained everything to be?  We know it is “sin.” We are all sinners saved by the grace of God in Christ Jesus.  

Psalm 139:13 For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. 

He made us in His image, male and female, each unique, made for a purpose. When I reflect on being witness to new life coming into the world, I can’t help but think of God sending His own Son into the world as a baby.  

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.  For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through Him. 

Jesus, the Savior of the world came to us as a baby, not to condemn us but to save us. To God be the glory!

 I have always been pro-life and witnessing my granddaughter’s birth changed me.  How could I sit on the sidelines and not do anything to stand for life after seeing her make her grand entrance into this world? It’s one thing to say you are pro-life and it’s another thing to do something about it. 

James 2:17 So faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. 

Listening to a 40 Days For Life podcast prompted me to get involved five years ago. Thanks be to God for this 40 DFL family!  

God who began a good work in us will see it through until completion. God always finishes what He started.  God reversed Roe v. Wade and He will be the one to make abortion unthinkable. He will use the body of Christ to do His work on earth until He returns.  How blessed we are to be used by God and know the victory is already won.  We have His resurrection power in us and the Holy Spirit dwells in us.  The joy of the Lord is our strength. Let’s magnify Him in everything we do.  Let’s believe He’ll finish what He has begun.

The battle for life is the battle of our day.  If we don’t value life we will not value anything at all.  

  • Will you join us on the sidewalk to pray to end abortion where we live?  
  • Can you spare an hour or two out of your week?  
  • What is it God is calling you to do?
  • Is He calling you to be involved with 40 DFL or to volunteer at a Pregnancy Resource Center? 
  • What does obedience to God look like for you?  
  • Is there something you need to let go of? 
  • Do you know Jesus as your Lord & Savior?

We pray, stand, and witness on Liberty Avenue because we love Jesus and we want all people to come to know Him as Lord and Savior.  We want to help women and babies.  We want to save lives. We pray for the day when abortion will be unthinkable. 

Father God, we humbly ask You to stop this modern day holocaust of abortion.  May eyes and ears be open to see and hear You. May our love for You shine brightly on the sidewalk.  We bind the enemy who wants to steal, kill, and destroy all that is right and good and true.  May the enemy flee as we stand with your armor.  May your army rise up, Lord, for the battle belongs to You.  We thank You for this pro-life family.  May they all be blessed.  We magnify your Holy Name as we cry out, Abba Father, You are a Good, Good Father. We ask this all in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.



7-9 AM +++ Peggy, Conrad, and Judy V

It was quiet until 8:15 and then started about 7 to 8 clients going into Planned Parenthood until 9 AM.  Judy in particular was able to hand out a lot of literature to people walking by on the sidewalk. She is awesome.


Conrad and I arrived at 7 a.m. to set up chair, models, signs.  A lovely spring day–a month ahead of spring.

I handed out my first yellow card to a man who replied “God bless, keep up the good work.”

Three more men (homeless?) passed and each took a card. Two more men passed a few minutes later telling us that someone had been killed about an hour ago on Liberty Ave (towards the DT direction.)  It will undoubtedly be on the news tonight.

Several workers walked into PP.  I gave quick “SHOUT OUTS!!!” to each of them (following the example another 40 Days person): “ABORTIONWORKERSDOTCOMCHECKITOUT!!!”

A bit before 9:00 a.m. women with loose pants or with companions walked in. Several more abortion workers walked in. Our security arrived a little before the next group of 40 Days men and women arrived.  

Judy V

9-11 AM +++ Judy S

Coming soon!

11 AM-1 PM +++ Fran, Nancy, and Angi

Sadly, today was an abortion day.  I was standing in a place that I could see the face of every person who came out through the doors.  Each of the clients made brief eye contact with me but quickly looked away.  Their eyes, even their entire being, seemed to be filled with grief.  The workers that left also made brief eye contact before quickly looking downward toward the sidewalk, but their eyes also seemed to express deep sadness.  I hope that, in my eyes, they saw compassion but maybe only sadness, like their own.  

I was blessed to be joined today by Angi and Nancy, both from St. Aiden in Cranberry.  They are seasoned 40 DFL prayer warriors and so they came fully prepared.  Nancy brought with her a Pro-Life Prayer Book to guide us through the Rosary for the Unborn.  We were able to pray all 4 Mysteries of the Rosary as well as the petitions that are found on the back of the signs that have a picture of a baby on the front.

We all agreed that most of the people passing by today expressed approval for our efforts.  But a Lyft Driver who was stopped at the red light started screaming at us from across the street.  When the light changed, he made a wide swing so he could continue screaming at us through his window from the curb.  Our security guard positioned himself between the driver and us and, with calm confidence, encouraged the driver to be on his way.  One o’clock came quickly and we were greeted by five prayer warriors from the next shift.


1-3 PM +++ Carolyn and Cecilia

There seemed to be quite a bit of traffic in and out of PP and even on the sidewalk.  People were receptive to the flyers.  I was able to have some quick conversations with some and a few talked longer just about life problems.  An older father took info to educate his 14 yr old about life.  A young man shared his sadness over losing yet another relative to overdose.  Pray for Tony, and Frank needs prayers too for his homeless sister. Many kind and thankful people passed by.  They were a blessing to me and blessed us for being there. I’m thankful for the great weather today.  Nikki and Mary came early so we got back home in record time despite slowdown at the Highland Park Bridge.


3-5 PM +++ Nikki

For the second Thursday in a row, we had beautiful weather to pray outside of Planned Parenthood! Thanks be to God! The sun was shining for the first hour. Towards the end, after it went behind the buildings, it was getting a little chilly. We felt very safe with the security guard. The sidewalks and streets are very chaotic and noisy at this time of day with all of the kids getting out of school. There was a group of about 10 adolescent/teenagers who were standing right inside of the circle, directly in front of Planned Parenthood’s door for about half an hour. They were laughing and some of them went inside, and I think they came back out with condoms.  We saw some people leaving that were likely post abortive, very sad. I felt so much better when we were praying then when we weren’t. Prayer is definitely the answer! Thank you to all who came today! 


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  1. Edward McDermott

    I read a scripture yesterday from from 2 Samuel where David was on the run from his son Absolam during his rebellion to remove David as king. David and his commanders were in the wilderness when a man from the house of Saul was cursing David and throwing rocks at him. The commander wanted to kill the heckler, but David instead allowed him to vent because he believed God would look on David with favor and bring good out of it. When we are harassed outside of planned parenthood, let’s offer it up to God, perhaps a greater good will come from it. Offer yourselves up, your suffering can have great effects in the heavens, God will look with favor on you and answer your prayers. God bless Ed McDermott

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