Day 9: Thank you to Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, Divine Mercy Parish, Ancient Order of Hibernians of Allegheny County, and all of our other volunteers!

“Save us from the hand of our enemies;
turn our mourning into gladness
and our sorrows into wholeness.”

Esther C:25

Trapped by the snares of the enemy…….

Friends, we serve a mighty and sovereign God. At the same time, we are constantly being attacked by the evil one and his minions. Scripture tells us that we must “[b]e sober and vigilant. Your opponent the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8)

We must pray like Esther in the above passage, when she asks for God to save us from our enemies.

We trust in a real God. And we are being hunted by a real enemy.

And so it is with abortion. As Esther prays for in the above passage, our God wants to “turn our mourning into gladness and our sorrows into wholeness.” But how can He, unless we allow Him? He cannot heal us and help us unless and until we allow His presence to enter us. May we pray for abortion-minded men and women, and abortion workers, who haven’t yet allowed the Lord’s presence in. Let us pray that His presence will enter in and heal them…. love them…. and transform them into the whole and holy men and women He created them to be.

Freed by the power of God almighty!


Peggy and I prayed most of the 7 to 9 shift away. I love Thursday mornings; no victims going into Planned Parenthood and just a few employees, and we can concentrate on prayer. We prayed our usual prayers, and then prayed an extra rosary for a little boy that a coworker of Peggy knows, only 18 months old and he just got diagnosed with brain cancer. His name is Oliver John. Please say a prayer for him and his family.

The only encounter we had was with a young woman who came purposely just to see us. She had been to the vigil last week and talked with Greg, she said. She said she is definitely pregnant, although she has not had an ultrasound yet or seen a doctor yet. She is living in a shelter. We called Mary’s Place and she spoke to them. Hopefully they will make a connection and see if she can get the help that she needs.

It was wonderful to see Meredith, Karen and Judy as their smiling faces lit up that dark place! Herb from Rehumanize International also came to pass out resource cards, and although not part of 40 Days, came there for life and we welcomed this good hearted soul. We are making a difference, one heart, one mind, one life at a time.

Thank you to Diane, Tom, and Peggy!


Thank you to Herb, Karen, Judy, and Meredith!

Lisa K.:

Did someone say it was warmer today? I’m not sure why, but Beth Ann, Tony and I still felt the cold! Well, when one prays in front of an abortion facility, it’s always a place of “cold” anyway, isn’t it?

Today was very quiet, similar to last week. Not even much foot traffic. Such strange times we are living in. However, one young woman stopped by on her way to Mass, and asked Beth Ann how she could get involved in praying with us. That was wonderful to see her open heart. I am so thankful to my partners in prayer, and to Bob, who regularly stops by to pray during our shift. God bless all those who are in solidarity with us in prayer.

Thank you to Beth Ann and Tony!


It was a quiet day.  Fr. Jim, Joyce, Tom, and Dolores joined shift leaders Carolyn and Cil from 1p-3p. We spent the time praying the rosary and a Litany in Response to Abortion from the prayer book, In the Palm of His Hand. While praying, a young woman walked by us, stopped in front of the doors at Planned Parenthood, and turned, calling us names. Seeing the woundedness in her eyes, the next Hail Mary was offered for her. It truly is a blessing to pray for all women and men as they walk by, no matter where their journey takes them. 


We are so grateful to Fr. Tony Gargotta for responding to our request for priests to pray the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy at the vigil at 3 PM, a time known as the “hour of mercy” since we believe that our Lord died on the cross at that time of day. May God bless you for your generous sacrifice!


Father Tony (Allegheny County Jail Chaplain) led Rose (from Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish), shift buddy Christine, and myself in the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Luminous Mysteries.  A couple stopped by with Father Tony talking to the man, and Rose, Christine, and I talking to the woman, who said she had talked her 17-year old sister out of having an abortion. Praise God!  We gave her some materials to share with her sister, including a 12-week old baby model.  Christine and I prayed another Rosary and then the Stations of the Cross.  PP was quiet, as were the streets, although we received positive words from those who did pass by.  It’s such a blessing to be down there for the purpose for which we are there: to give voice to the voiceless.  

Father Tony was at the vigil for the Hour of Mercy, in response to our request to pray the rosary and Divine Mercy chaplet. Thanks, Father!


 It was pretty quiet.  We had a few folks flip the bird and yell something from their cars.  A lady on a bicycle came and went in, with her bike, and came out about five minutes later.  She may have been a courier, as it looked like she took something out of her backpack for them.  Then a couple from St. Paul’s in Oakland came, but they were from Zelienople.  They arrived at about 5:15.   I don’t remember their names, but I think Diane knew them.

Thanks to all of you who continue to pray for an end to abortion. We also appreciate the prayers for all those men and women who need our help and support. God bless you all!

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  1. Amen! Wonderful reflection Lisa. Thank you
    Will include your prayer requests Nikki in my prayers today. God bless you all!

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