Day 6: Thanks to U, the brave prayer warriors who witness for life.

Did you ever wonder “Can I do that” or “Will I make a difference”? Well the answer is often “NO” you can’t do that alone! The reason being is, it’s only you trying to do it. But when U add “God” into the equation, nothing is impossible.

You might ask “Does it really make a difference when I pray outside the abortion center”? I can assure when you ask God, HE listens. We sow the seeds, HE waters them and makes them grow. But we must be the starting point. We need to “do” something and it doesn’t have to be a lot. We might not see the outcome but rest assured, the seeds will grow. Sure it’s been cold. And there is Covid. And it’s so comfy at home. If it were easy, we wouldn’t need U!

So come to the vigil sometime, even if only for a little while, bring a friend or family member as God is waiting and together U + God can do great things. Tim

Here from the vigil is from Sue 7-9 am:

It was a wet morning, but we are grateful it was not cold! Many employees entered Planned Parenthood and a handful of women/men as well. Amy reached out with offers of help to all. A man stopped to tell me his mother took him with her when she went to have an abortion at Planned Parenthood back when they were at a different location downtown. He was 14 at the time. When I told him I was sorry and acknowledged  the loss of his sibling, a tear ran down his cheek. He is 39 now and his mother “L” died on January 26th. He did not know if she ever sought forgiveness for her abortion but we talked about God being merciful and that she would now be reunited with her child. He said he never thought of it that way. More tears ran down his cheeks and we promised to pray for his Mom “L”. A couple minutes later a young girl walked by and thanked us for being there. She pulled her mask down and said her mother made her have an abortion when she was 14. She thanked us again for being there. I really felt the pain of abortion today. The torch was passed to faithful, prayerful warriors Jeanne and Ginny.” Thanks, Sue 

From Jeannie 9-11 am:

“This was day one for we Monday prayer warriors. I was so lucky to relieve Sue and Amy who had been having many important encounters with folks headed to or walking by Planned Parenthood. Our shift was cold and rainy and blessedly quiet. I was joined by Marilyn and Ginny and we stormed heaven for the pro-life movement and the folks involved in crisis pregnancy situations. The sidewalk was slushy or “slippy” as Pittsburghers would say — so take care especially near the downspout right at the edge of the PP building. We were blessed with warmer weather and the rain subsided at the end of our two hours. Praise be to God for this incredible 40 days for LIFE family. Jeannie

From Dean 11-1:

First of all, a big thank you to Lynn and Beverly, who came out to pray with me today. God hears all of our prayers and acts in His perfect timing. It was extremely quiet at P.P. during my shift, with only two young people entering.

From Beth 1-3 pm:

Thanks to Sarah who joined Rose and I today. Cold and raining but that’s better than frigid and snowing. PP was quiet, thankfully. Most people just hurried by.”

From Marie 3-5 pm:

Nikki was with me for the shift. It was cold and damp.  Pedestrian traffic is down with no activity at Planned Parenthood.  One young man stopped to inquire about services for his pregnant girlfriend and Nikki provided him with a lot of info and told him about Mary ‘s Place. Another recently married man was interested in the fetal models because he was looking forward to having children. Mike, a traveling minister said a prayer and planned to keep Bill company for awhile.

<<<Nikki and Marie

It was just Marie and me for the 3-5 shift and we prayed for almost the entire 2 hours. We both believe that we are spiritually more protected when we are praying while we are there, so we prayed 2 rosaries and a divine mercy chaplet, the chaplet of St. Michael. We had three noteworthy encounters during our shift. First, a teenage boy approached us and said that he heard about our organization on the sidewalk and came to us for help. It turns out his girlfriend is pregnant and needs a place to stay. I told him about Mary’s Place in the south hills and gave him literature and other resources. He had her on the phone while we spoke and we told him to be sure to come back if he needed any more help. The second was another young man who had just gotten married two months ago. He and his wife are trying “every day” to have a baby, and he is impatient…she is not pregnant yet! He was fascinated with the fetal model set and was filming it while speaking to us. We told him to be patient and bring his request to God in prayer…he declined our offer to pray for him at that time. Third, at the end of our shift a young man who is travelling on his own across the country…a self-professed “evangelist” joined us…somewhat shyly and reluctantly. He was just “hanging out” near our vigil, but we began a conversation and asked him to pray for us, which he did. When we left at 5, the next shift manager, Bill D. was alone, still waiting for his buddy George to arrive, so the evangelist agreed to stay with Bill until his partner arrived. See how God always provides?


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