Day 6: Thanks to St. Maria Goretti, Our Lady of the Angels Parishes and all of the volunteers

Marilyn at Mary’s Place

Maybe you are, maybe you’re not.

I was invited by my sister Marilyn to visit Mary’s Place recently and was overwhelmed and energized by my visit. If you don’t know, Mary’s Place is a home for pregnant and parenting women that provides support in an environment of reverence and love, as a family.

While there, I talked with a volunteer, Colleen, who was feeding a beautiful little baby girl. I was so impressed with her care, compassion and kindness. She mentioned she has participated in 40 DFL but apologized for not being able to get downtown to pray. “Really?”, I’m thinking, given what she is doing at the moment. I was speechless, which is really unusual for me. Why would she feel guilty given her dedication to the unborn and newly born in her ministry?

As I drove home I had one of those enlightening moments. While we are all pro-life, we can do lots of different things to save babies. These words of St Paul echoed in my head:

But grace was given to each of us according to the measure of Christ’s gift. And he gave some as Apostles, others as prophets, others as evangelists, others as pastors and teachers, to equip the holy ones for the work of ministry, for building up the Body of Christ.

I realized, we are not all called to pray and witness outside of the abortion center. There are other ways to be pro-life. Colleen and Marilyn, keep doing what you are doing. We have downtown covered.

What is right for you? Are you being called to pray outside PP? Maybe you are, maybe you are not.

If God is calling you to pray downtown, I hope and pray you have the courage to say, “Yes, Lord.” And if instead He wants you to volunteer at a pregnancy shelter, then no regrets, do it. But don’t ignore the call. HE is asking you to “Come Follow Me.”

Here are the reports from today at the vigil:

From Sue 7-9: It was a beautiful morning. Two men who work downtown came and prayed the rosary and Bill came and witnessed with the “Choose Life” sign. Amy engaged many people passing by and Diane and the man with his whiteboard showed up again (I’m sorry, I can’t remember his name!) It was beautiful to see all the young people on their way to school and downtown was as busy as I have seen it recently! We had a man stop to say he supported our first amendment rights to be on the sidewalk, but that he doesn’t agree with us and we are wrong. I tried to engage him by showing the fetal models, but he did not want to look. He said his parents would be on the sidewalk with us, but he believes the planet is overpopulated and more humans should be eliminated. We thanked him for supporting our first amendment rights, but we did not agree! It was a fast morning and a nice group came for the next shift!

From Jeannie 9-11: It started as a sunny morning in front of Planned Parenthood and we were delighted to confirm that it did not appear there were any abortion appointments going on today. It is such a joy to be back with my 40 Days for Life family. I have missed each of you so much. I relieved Aimee and Susan who mentioned it had been a quiet morning. Praise God. Don who is pictured with Dean had been on the sidewalk since seven with his homemade sign which changes every week. Both Dean and Charlene stepped up to fill in when it appeared I might be alone, and my special shift buddy Marilyn joined us.
 While the weather shifted to cloudy and cold depicting the evil at Planned Parenthood, our hearts were lifted by  prayer and intentions .  We had many encounters, none of which were unpleasant, and we were able to distribute some good information. We were delighted to meet a couple from the state of Washington who also participate in 40 Days for Life! They were looking for the tour bus and as we stood around and welcomed them–lo and behold–God sent the bus right down for them. Thanks to Diane and Tom for the great work setting everything up once again. As sad as it is that we need to do this, I am always uplifted to be reunited with my 40 Days for Life family. We prayed a special rosary for the success of today’s march in Harrisburg and we will all be watching for coverage. 
Blessings- Jeannie

From Ginny 11-1: Marie, Ginny and several others prayed the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and the St. Michael Chaplet.
There was a beautiful young lady who had several abortions who wanted to engage us.
She seemed very conflicted. Please pray for her.

From Cathy 1-3: Priscilla and I were joined by pray-ers Marlene and Gary, Peg, Marilyn, Lori and Toni. It was a quiet time with only a two or three clients going in. Marlene was able to give out some yellow resource cards and I gave out a few pens (they should have a phone number on them). We had many positive comments from passersby. Cathy

Here from Dan and Joanne 3-5: Great weather, not much going on in PP .

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