Day 6: Thanks to St. Maria Goretti and Our Lady of the Angels Parishes

Are you at crossroad on which way to turn?

The world is screaming “Go this way, take the easy way. Why do you care? Don’t make waves. What will people think of you? Sleep in, parking downtown is a hassle. You’ll be more comfortable at home. Somebody else will do it.” No doubt, their smooth easy direction is more comfortable and pleasurable.

But not more meaningful. Our road (or HIS way) might be more bumpy and uncomfortable but it is more satisfying. Sure, it requires giving up some “me time” but it will lead you along a life of meaning and purpose. No worries, you’ll never be alone. Oh, and I’ll let you guess where you’ll finally end up.

So, take the road your heart is telling you take. Make the sacrifice and come back to the vigil downtown. We need you. Bring a friend or family member. Share the love. See you on the road.


Here are the reports from today on the street:

From Sue 7-9 am:

The morning shift was pretty quiet. It was so nice to meet my new shift buddy Diane. We prayed 4 decades of the Rosary and a Divine Mercy, so that took up the majority of our shift. A lot of workers and women that appeared to be training went into Planned Parenthood. There were 2 people in vehicles that got our attention to give us the thumbs up. We also had a man walk well past us and then turn around and come all the way back to thank us for being there. He wanted to make sure we had miraculous medals. We assured him we were both wearing them and showed him the one inside the trunk as well. The 3 of us had a nice conversation and he told us to listen to KLove as well to remain joyful since we are on the side of Life! Some workmen were also inside Planned Parenthood which is not unusual for a Monday. Before we knew it Nikki and Dean came for the next shift!

From Nikki 9-11:

When I arrived for my shift at 9 AM I looked across the street and saw these two prayerful angels, Sue and brand new shift buddy Diane, practically glowing in the sunlight. They look like they had halos! It was so great to see them on the sidewalk praying. It was a blessing to have Dean, my brother in the Lord, as my shift buddy. It was just the two of us and we had a good time of prayerful conversation and witnessing. It was very peaceful and no clients went in, thanks be to God! At 11 sisters Marie and Ginny showed up for their shift along with Megan who coordinates our fasting calendar. I handed the torch to their very faithful and capable hands. God bless our wonderful team!

Here’s the 11-1 Team:

From Beth 1-3:

Relatively quiet today. Just Maryann, Marie and I praying. A few people stopped to talk or take handouts, but basically, we stood and prayed. Peaceful is okay with me. 

Here is Joanne and Dan 3-5:

Quiet 2 hours (except for the loud buses.) No one going in or out of PP. Two young girls asked if they could take a few of the little babies. Besides that we prayed. 

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  1. Great reflection, Tim. I especially like the part about where we’ll finally end up. Sometimes that easy to forget.

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