Day 6…Thank you St. Pio of Pietrelcina Parish & Our dedicated team members!

Do you ever wonder if we make a difference?

Here four things to consider:

  1. Passerbys see and react to us. Some good some not so much. But they see us and our message. And remember Blessed are you when people revile and utter all kinds of evil against you on His account, rejoice and be glad for your reward is great in heaven.
  • PP sees us and calls us unstoppable. Nice compliment huh?  They know we disrupt their business with “no shows” (research shows it can be over 70%) and our presence and prayers create turmoil within. 
  • We sow seeds of love, hope and truth and some will fall on fertile ground, and we’ll save lives and souls. We don’t always see the results, but they happen. We have heard countless stories here in Pittsburgh from women who allowed us to help them, from women who didn’t approach the clinic and sadly from someone who wished we had been there (during Covid) so she didn’t have her abortion. 
  • We are doing God’s will. We do our part. Be assured, He’ll do His. HE has told us; our efforts will not be in vain.  

So, we just need to show up and sow the seeds. Just like the flowers, somehow, they’ll just grow.

See you on the sidewalk. Sign up or show up. Just come and maybe bring a friend.
God bless you.


Michael and I stood together and prayed on this chilly but sunny morning. Not much foot traffic passing by, most likely due to President’s Day. A few women did enter PP during our shift. Conrad arrived promptly at 9:00 and we passed the baton to him and David.


It was a quiet shift. I saw no one going in except for a lot of workers.

Lisa, Debbie and Patty came at 10 for the 10 to 12 shift

In addition, Shari and Monika showed up around 930 or so and stayed about an hour possibly more and were just delightful. We all prayed the rosary a few times and other prayers. they said it was their day off and they decided to come I believe it is Presidents’ Day

I hope that next Monday is as quiet as this morning.

Many wonderful pray-ers came out today!

We did a scripture/ meditation pro-life rosary for all 4 mysteries It is very powerful

One the ladies asked if she could have a copy emailed to her, but I don’t remember her name

Maybe other’s would like it also…if we can find out the email address of the woman who wants it, we will send it to them. Sorry no pictures.


Believe that it was also a Susan who was present for an hour. Billy & I were there for two hours.   We prayed individually and Billy read a pro-life book. Susan had to attend a work meeting via a phone call for a while.

No abortions on Monday so no interfacing with women contemplating abortions.

Did see several dozens of boxes (looked like they held paper, not baby parts) removed from Planned Parenthood to a truck. Rather uneventful shift. Cold but bearable


Much quieter on the street today than most Mondays probably due to no school because of President’s Day . PP was also Quiet with only one person going in and a few employees leaving . We prayed the Joyous Mysteries . One young lady ( I’m being polite calling her a lady ! ) told us it was her body , her choice … then dropped the F bomb on us!

Shift Anchor Dan, with Paul & John from St. Pio Parish, (with shift Anchor Joanne taking the photo)

1 thought on “Day 6…Thank you St. Pio of Pietrelcina Parish & Our dedicated team members!”

  1. I never thought I’d say this but I MISS THE SIDEWALK!

    I have always said that the BEST PEOPLE in the CITY are praying in front of PP. And I believe it!

    With my new situation, I cannot join you, but please know I am here for you in the ways I can be– hint, hint.

    And be assured of my daily prayers!

    French on the Bench

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