Day 41…Thank you!

We are grateful to our Lord Jesus for getting us through another 40 Days for Life campaign!

We began our 40 days with His presence on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood…with Fr. Mario Majano and many priests, deacons and hundreds of faithful Christians all praying on their knees, asking God to bless our efforts to end abortion at PP… and tonight, we ended our 40 days in the same way…with Jesus HIMSELF on the sidewalkthis time, carried lovingly by our beloved Bishop Waltersheid.

We certainly have much to be thankful for! At least four little ones are likely still alive because of our prayers at PP. Four mothers, four fathers, and four families have been spared the grief and spiritual destruction that abortion almost brought into their lives.

Thank you to everyone who sacrificed time and comfort to pray at our vigil during these 40 days! Thanks to all who donated to pay for security also! It made all the difference! We were able to pray in safety and peace, thanks to your generosity!

Our next 40 days begins on Ash Wednesday, February 14th, 2024 and ends on Palm Sunday, March 24th! Until then, babies will still be losing their lives at 933 Liberty Avenue. If you feel called to join our year round bunch of prayer warriors, please contact Jen at We try to cover every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7:30 till 4:00…but we need help doing it! We need sidewalk advocates (training provided)…but we also need prayer partners for current sidewalk advocates. If you can pray, you can come! Thank you for being part of 40 Days for Life in Pittsburgh!

Enjoy these photos from last night’s closing events:

Thanks to Pastor Adam Stump and many faithful Christians for taking part in the Jericho March around PP today!

Three Amigos…Joe, Jeff & Pat…40 Days Pittsburgh Veterans!

Jesus in in the House!!!

After 40 days on that cold, dirty sidewalk…seeing the pain and sadness of this hurting world…words cannot express the absolute COMFORT that one feels when we see Jesus, actually WITH us there! Thank you Bishop Waltersheid for bringing Him!!!

Our Lord was carried lovingly by Bishop Waltersheid, back to the Church. During his homily, he related carrying Jesus…so small in the Eucharist…to Mary and Joseph, carrying the infant Jesus out of Bethlehem during the flight to Egypt…saving him from the massacre of the holy innocents.

Mass was beautiful! A perfect way to thank God for His protection and provision during these 40 days!

Please pray for our homeless friend Laura, as she was covered up by a blanket all day at the vigil today, and was taken away by ambulance AGAIN…during our prayer on the sidewalk today.

God bless you and I hope to see you soon!

Your sister in Christ, through Mary,


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  1. Thank YOU to all of the 40 days Team & all of the volunteers & the security for keeping everyone safe !! Please GOD BLESS ALL OF THESE PEOPLE !!

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