Day 4: Thanks to Christ Our Savior Parish and Individual, Wonderful (& COLD)Volunteers

DO you know JOE?

Nope, not the one in the White House.

The Joe I know is the one who first organized pro-lifers in front of abortion clinics, the recently departed Godfather of Pro-life activism : JOE SCHEIDLER

I was lucky enough to get to know Joe Scheidler in the early years (1980s) when the PRO-LIFE ACTION LEAGUE was just getting its start in the Chicago area. Joe took defense of the unborn PERSONALLY and was not afraid to stand in front of abortion clinics to appeal to reason and offer hope. THIS was NEW for the Pro-Life movement and what he learned and we know today is that it WORKS! Joe’s style was to TAKE THE MESSAGE TO THE STREET– and to offer abortion-bound women support and alternatives — sound familiar?

Today our witness at 40 DAYS for LIFE — and importantly our SUCCESS in person- to- person interaction at abortuaries (Joe always called them this!) —– ALL STARTED WITH JOE!

— Joe Scheidler was so successful that PLANNED PARENTHOOD brought Racketeering charges against him due to his intent to shut down their operations. The multi- year trial proved Joe’s innocence as he clearly had no financial stake in disrupting the profitable work of abortionists.

His stake was Heavenly, and I pray he is enjoying his reward with our Heavenly Father as you read this. Joe and I share a Catholic faith so I can’t help but smile as his passing into his eternal life has occurred when our church is celebrating a year dedicated to ………. St. Joseph!

Well done, good and faithful servant! May the life of Joseph M. Scheidler inspire us all. – Jeannie

7-9 Shift Manager Tim Reports:

There was a beautiful energy as the brisk dawn broke on the deserted downtown streets.  It started as ever faithful Tom dropped off and set up the support materials and signs.  I was joined by Virginia, Steve, John, Anita and Issac and we were able to pray without any distractions.  We prayed the “Rachel Rosary” that has a petition between prayers for the teenage girls, boys, women, men, parents and abortion providers.  It made me cry. It was quiet on the streets and very few women entered the clinic yet a few took literature. We were joined by year round Saturday regulars Bill and Bill who helped expand our presence making our witness much more visible. It was so encouraging to see so many faithful, committed servants braving the weather to witness for life.  Peace and Joy. –Tim

9-11 Shift Manager Sue Reports:

Poor Sue D. wasn’t feeling well this morning — feel better soon, Sue! — so prayer volunteer Jim from St. Alexis and I held down the fort.  The regular Saturday-morning group of evangelical Christians, although although not part of 40 Days, were also in attendance.  And it SURE WAS COLD!  Charlie and Amy arrived about halfway through with EIGHT cups of McDonald’s coffee (God bless them!) to offer around, which was quite well received to say the least!  Regular Saturday-morning prayer warrior Bridget came to pray, and Jim L. also stopped by to pray with us for a bit.  PP was not too busy this morning, thankfully.  And not too many passersby were on the sidewalk this morning, either, I’m sure due to the weather.  May God hear our prayers and accept our sacrifices this Lent — including enduring the cold — for His glory. –Sue M.

11-1 Shift Manager Dean Reports:

Thanks to Joan, Amy and Vince for praying with us today. Traffic into P.P. was light but, steady. With weather this cold, I thought that more people would’ve stayed away. I dreaded coming to town today. The faithfulness and dedication of our loyal 40 DFL family helped me persevere.Dean

1-3 Shift Manager Kathy K. Reports:

Bashful Barbara, Johanna and Jim

“My Grace is sufficient for you, My power is made perfect in your weakness”2 Corinthians 12:9 His grace was sufficient for us today as we prayed on the sidewalk. Barbara and Johanna represented their church with shift buddy Jim and Kathy. Dave and his mom, Char came from Shaler and prayed at beginning of shift. Char came for first time.  Kathy

Katie and Billy — COLD but COMMITTED to LIFE!

3-5 Shift Manager Billy Reports:

Good Afternoon everyone . Katie and I were together today and it was cold but we went through. We had a few moments of prayer and one interaction by a passerby. He said what we were doing was wonderful. We had witnessed 5 people leaving Planned Parenthood but we were still having the conversation with the passerby. God bless you all. – Billy

5-7 Shift Manager Jeff Reports:

Check back for updates!

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  1. THANK YOU, JEANNIE, for your beautiful tribute to Joe Scheidler. He, along with the folks in Catholics United for Life, was the motivator for many (if not most) of the pro-lifers who started going to the sidewalks in the 1980s to plead with moms and dads and offer them life-saving help and information.

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