Day 39: Thanks to St. Paul of the Cross Parish, St. Killian Parish, Steubenville faithful and other volunteers…

Q: What is BETTER than Planned Parenthood NOT doing abortions on a Saturday?

A: PP not doing Abortions on the NEXT Saturday!!!

Amen, Amen I say to you again I say AMEN–

What a JOYFUL Saturday to end this Spring’s 40 Days Effort!


7-9 Shift Manager Joe Reports:

The day started very quietly.  PP appears to be closed but the guard is in there and the lights are dim. We were joined early by the team from Steubenville, Mary, Rose and Greg and were able to pray peacefully almost the entire time.  We were joined by Anthony, and the folks from St Paul of the Cross arrived with Tim for the next shift.

Kicking off Saturday with Prayer and LOVE …

9-11 Shift Manager Tim Reports:

It was a beautiful, sunny and blessed morning.  It appeared that PP was closed with no escorts and the lights off, but a handful of single women did go in.  I was joined by the team from St. Paul of the Cross and we were able to pray with few interruptions.  The were a lot of young people on the streets going to the convention center, so we made a strong witness.  Two young women and a guy crossed the street coming toward us and were snickering, and as they were walking away they made some rude comments, but we were pleased . One of our team said, “That’s good, it shows that we are being noticed.”  Another said, “Our presence is touching hearts and piercing the conscience.” Jeannie came down to replenish our supplies and add some signage. She mentioned again the sign in the window in the building beside PP.  How well she and all of us embody the word and will of God.  Jeannie and I also had an encounter with a young French woman who made a comment about our concern for the baby but not about the poverty that exists in many homes driving women to abortion.  We then told her about all of the resources that we have to offer pregnant moms as well as those who have children. Jeannie explained that we need to eliminate the crisis that leads to women to abortion and not eliminate the innocent baby , not to think of abortion as the solution to the problem.  She seemed to have gained a new perspective and went away wishing us well as we did to her.  It truly was a blessed morning in so many ways.

11-1 Shift Manager Dean Reports:

Wow, what a day! Some of the passersby were as blustery as the weather. We had the usual extension of the finger and the invitation to “Get a life”! In addition to that, we were visited by a small woman ( 5’2″?) wearing a white top and black pants who proceeded to kick over our baby display table. Poor thing, it may be the only exercise she gets. My back was turned as it happened and I reacted to the noise that it made. Immediately, our security guard came beside her, issuing a stern warning that if she tried it again she would be facing a charge of destruction of private property. It all happened so quickly. Planned Parenthood was open today, but I don’t think that any abortions were scheduled. Thank you, members of St. Paul of the Cross, for praying with me today. In closing, I wish that all of you have a Blessed Easter!

1-3 Shift Manager Kathy Reports:

Sunshine greeted our shift with Sherry, George, Maureen’s beautiful family, and a friend. Joe was educating and answering questions on one side of circle. Our help and prayers were offered on other side. A Golden Triangle Ambassador warned us of dangerous wind storm coming. We locked up materials but signs were held through sunshine, rain, and winds. Storm hit then cleared then hit again by time next shift arrived. Ambassador came back to check on us. Two two girls went into PP at end of shift. Our security guard was very present!

1-3 Shift Manager Joe Reports:

What beautiful people/family the Byzantines are, and Kathy braving the elements. Praise be to God!

3-5 Shift Manager Billy Reports:

Today on this lovely windy afternoon I am accompanied by Jeff, an individual volunteer, and St. Killian parish. The wind blew our sign on the tree with Christmas lights on it to the side. I also saw a couple of girls walk in PP. One with her mother walked in and, as we were praying, she and her mother left!!! It’s been very tame today despite the wind.  We did get a passerby say, “God bless you.” A group of girls screamed and were really nasty.   I also have an umbrella someone left that is black and white. If someone lost it, I will hold onto it for them! 

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