Day 36…Thanks to St. Catherine Laboure Parish, St. Bernard of Clairvaux Parish, Jefferson County Christian School Students for Life, Dedicated Team Members & Volunteers!

We are almost to the finish line! We have been holding vigil for 36 days now…and have just FOUR MORE TO GO!!!

I bet the abortion workers are relieved. Are we?

I know that 40 Days for Life is long. I know it’s intense, and I know that when it ends we need a break. That is God’s Wisdom in giving us 40 Days for Life! He knows the battle is tough and that we puny humans are weak. The rest in between campaigns is what refreshes us and allows us to continue in the fight for the long term.

But…next Monday, the sidewalks in front of Planned Parenthood will be empty.

We do have a 40 Days for Life 365 program here in Pittsburgh that runs all year round, in conjunction with the year-round Sidewalk Advocates for Life program. We try to have at least two people on the sidewalk during business hours, although we fall short of that. Currently, we are able to cover Tuesdays through Saturdays, usually from 7:30am until at least noon. Often, the sidewalks are empty as women are continuing to enter for abortions in the afternoon, and now on Mondays as well.

If you are only able to come during the 40 days…NO GUILT! THANK YOU!!!

But…if the Holy Spirit is tugging at your heart and telling you that He would like you to make an extra sacrifice once or twice a month in between campaigns, and come just to pray while a Sidewalk Advocate is reaching out to abortion bound men and women…please contact Jen to let her know at

The 40 days are almost at an end…but our spiritual lives are just beginning. The lives of precious little ones could have a beginning because of YOU…if you will make the sacrifice to come and pray.

Since I really didn’t write a reflection for today, I thought I would instead share one that was written recently by Susan O., who is a year-round sidewalk prayer warrior. It reminds us of the impact we have on so many people as we simply stand and pray. Enjoy…

Dear Motorists, 

I know you read my sign. You had to because I was standing right at the intersection, just off the curb, and you were at a red light. The letters are big and bold, and the message is the Truth. 

“What truth?,” you probably say.  

You read my sign. I know you did.  Because you quickly look away so no one will notice that you actually did. 

The Truth is you are uncomfortable with being reminded that innocent lives are being taken in that red brick building. You would much rather call the dying babies “healthcare choices.” It’s so much cleaner and doesn’t make that twinge in your conscience happen. 

I know you read my sign especially when the light turns green and you make obscene gestures or yell profanity at me when you drive by. 

The Truth is you get angry because you know the Truth yet you are rejecting it. Maybe you reject everything that reminds you of morality and the sanctity of life?

But then, I know you read my sign. Now you won’t be able to forget it. It will periodically come back into your mind when you least expect it. Especially when you drive back through that intersection and you see me….and my sign. 

Susan O

Before we go onto today’s sidewalk reports…just a couple of updates:

Here are the reports from today…

Our prayer warriors today came from the South Hills. St. Catherine Laboure’ stood as witnesses to the Gospel. “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20

Faithful group from St. Catherine Laboure parish braved the cold this morning, pictured with Wednesday morning shift anchors, Mary, Anton & Claudia
Thanks to all the wonderful prayer warriors from St. Catherine Laboure Parish!

There was a quiet sense of joy on the sidewalk today, because there were not nearly as many abortion minded women going into PP today as typical. And the students from Jefferson along with their teachers filled the normally somber atmosphere with innocence and love.

   The guard Stacy coming out from PP for a smoke had to feel or sense the difference. I certainly did.

   I did have time to speak with the students and their teacher Marty, plus another teacher who offered to pass out literature explaining the abortion pill reversal .

   I think that we should encourage high school students to come down to the sidewalk during 40 days or anytime. It can be in my opinion a life-changing event for them for a myriad of reasons plus having a Sidewalk advocate  explain exactly what is going on and how important young women are in front of Planned Parenthood . They make all the difference. The contrast is beyond striking.

   I gave Marty several copies of Sheila’s brochure and he will use that for his follow up classes. It is like a little encyclopedia.

   How many people will these young people speak with in the coming months and this experience will be with them for the rest of their lives.


Wonderful witness today, thanks to students from Jefferson County Christian School and St. Catherine Laboure Parish!

A young woman and her boyfriend came out of pp. the girl asked for a pregnancy test and said she took one three  weeks ago and it was positive. her and her boyfriend just lost their apartment and have nowhere to go. She said she didn’t want an abortion at all, it is just that they are now homeless, although her boyfriend has a job.

Katie gave her a prenatal vitamin kit and I gave a pregnancy test.

We put her in touch with the wonderful Regina, who talked with her for 15 minutes, explaining all the help available and reassuring this poor woman.

I took her name and number.   She left without going in for the abortion and said she will remain in contact with Birthright.  I will be in touch with her, too.

They need a lot of help. Please ask people to pray for her and her unborn child. They need a safe place to go tonight as it’s very cold and she’s pregnant.

She needs prayer to have courage to be strong and fight to protect her baby and better her life.

So inspired to see young people praying and witnessing for Life! Thanks to the Jefferson County Christian School for coming to our 40 Days for Life vigil in Pittsburgh!
This group give us hope for the future…a pro-life generation coming up! Praise God!!!
Much prayer on the sidewalk today…and they were able to help a young couple choose life!

What a group we had today! A great big thank you to Jefferson county Christian School, St Catherine Labore parish and St Bernard of Clairvaux parish for praying with us on this very windy Wednesday! It wasn’t as busy as usual early on but traffic into PP seemed to pick up as the day went on. One couple went into PP and came back out a little later with a few canned goods; she was eating peaches out of the can. They told Maggie that they’re recently homeless and she just lost her insurance and she got a positive pregnancy test 3 weeks ago. She took one of my pregnancy tests just to be sure, and we gave her all the snacks we had, and she exchanged numbers with Maggie. I called Regina, who talked with her for 10-15 minutes, and she put her number in her phone, so I know she’s in very good hands and that as long as they don’t lose hope they and their child are headed to a much brighter future. We offered to take them up to Little Lamb to warm up, but they said he had to get to work and that his boss said she could stay there during his shift to get out of the cold.


An extremely windy day on the sidewalk, with some of our extra signs blowing into the street.  I was joined by a great group of pray-ers from St. Bernard’s parish in Indiana, PA (they made a long drive and prayed from Noon to 3:00pm)- Robert, Dennis, Dave, Bill, Irene, and Gene.  Their former pastor, Father Tim (now retired), was a very vocal presence on the sidewalk over the years and led the hymn-singing of his parishioners.  My shift buddy, Elaine, and Kevin, from Regina Coeli Parish, prayed multiple Rosaries along with the group from St. Bernard’s.   Sidewalk Advocates Judy, from St. Joseph the Worker, and Maggie, from Most Precious Blood, were persistent in trying to hand out pamphlets and free-help cards. 

Thanks to this great group from Indiana Pa for staying three hours on the sidewalk today!

A little breezy on the sidewalk this afternoon, even a few snowflakes! Met Barb from Greensburg, who encouraged us with her “save” story. A couple of years back, she followed a “turn around” for several blocks- high-school aged girl- and encouraged her to keep her baby (they spoke together for about an hour, Barb showed her pictures of what her baby looked like, explained all the resources available, etc.) Fast forward a couple of years, the mom completed high school and was just accepted into a nursing program, and her baby  girl is a VERY busy 14 month old… and proud “Aunt Barb” is still in their lives, with love and support… God is good!

Wednesday afternoon “regulars”, Eileen and Steve, along with Michelle from Castle Shannon and Barb from Greensburg

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