Day 36…Thanks to Round Hill Presbyterian Church, Faithful Individual volunteers and our wonderful Wednesday team members!

God Knows…

This past weekend I was at a pro-life prayer breakfast in Cambria County. The president of the organization, Citizens Concerned for Human Life, told me about a dream that she had a few years ago. She believes it was more like a vision from God than a dream. She is a nurse by profession, and so in her dream, she was being handed bloody abortion instruments to clean, after having pleaded with God to not allow the abortion to occur. It happened anyway and she was given the instruments to sterilize afterward. In her dream she was crying out to the Lord in despair, asking Him why He allowed this to happen. She heard the Lord answer her, “Go and ask the doctor if he knows how many abortions he has done in his career.” God told her to tell the abortion doctor these words: “Although you do not remember how many abortions you have committed, on the day that you stand before me at your judgement, I will tell you the EXACT NUMBER…and I will also tell you their NAMES.”

Last night I watched a documentary called “The Matter of Life”. CLICK HERE to watch the trailer. Near the end of this documentary (which I highly recommend)…a former abortion doctor, Dr. Anthony Levatino, gives a heart-wrenching testimony of how he became convicted about the harm he was doing and converted. As he was doing his last second trimester D&E abortion, soon after having witnessed the tragic death of his young daughter as she was hit by a car in front of his house, he looked at the dismembered arm and leg laying on the surgical tray before him and no longer saw a “freedom of choice“…but only someone’s son or daughter…whom he had just killed. He had not “helped” the unconscious young woman on the table…he had instead killed her child…just as his child had been killed weeks before.

Part of my personal testimony, which I gave at the prayer breakfast in Cambria County this past weekend, is how God revealed Himself to me as ONE WHO KNOWS ME. Prior to the day in which He revealed Himself to me, I believed in a God who created the universe and everything in it…I just didn’t believe that He knew or cared about me as an individual. I never prayed because I thought it would have been presumptuous of me to think that the same God that was busy running the universe would want to hear my petty little requests. In His Goodness and mercy, He did something specific for me one day that showed me…without a doubt…that He DOES know me. He showed me that He knows my every thought!

So, today I am thinking about all the little ones who are taken out of this world by abortion, before they can be born to fulfil their purpose. God knows each of them by name. He will not forget even one of them.

Our diocese is hosting an event tomorrow (Thursday) on this very subject, called “Loved, Known and Set Apart”, which is very appropriate for our city. It deals with the topic of fetal research, of which our city, sadly, is a hub. I encourage you to go to THIS LINK to register and attend. (The cost is only $5.00).

To register for this event, go to: LOVED, KNOWN & SET APART – People Concerned for the Unborn Child (

We pray for the abortion workers to realize that God sees what they are doing. He knows exactly the number of lives they have ended, and He loves them anyway. He desires their conversion so that they can also become his children. We ask all the saints in Heaven to pray with us.

And in case you missed the good news that was in Larry’s shift report from last night...a young mom stopped with her 2-month infant to thank us for being there! She said that she had been inside PP for an abortion but came out and talked with those who were on the sidewalk and chose life for her baby! From the age of the child, we can estimate that she would have been inside PP during our last Lenten campaign…so that is likely a saved life that we never knew about! Praise God!!!

Keep reading for today’s reports from the sidewalk…

7-9 Charlene, Peggy & Beth

Day 36…last Wednesday of the Fall Campaign. Word of the day…fog!! So much fog…it looked like a creepy Halloween movie set. Oh wait…it always looks like that! We had 2 Moms go into PP today. For them and all of our babies I would like to offer a prayer: “Lord, welcome into your calm and peaceful kingdom those who have departed out of this present life to be with you. (The babies) Grant them rest and a place with the spirits of the just. Give them the life that knows no age, the reward that passes not away, through Christ our Lord. Amen” -St. Ignatius Loyola.

Randy, Charlene and Peggy provided the faithful witness this dark, foggy morning…

9-11 Katie & Linda

It was Linda, Elsie and Dean on the sidewalk for the shift. Unfortunately, it was very busy at Planned Parenthood. A number of couples went in for abortions. No one would take any information on alternatives or accept any help. As usual, the Brinks truck showed up. Jesus, I trust in you.

Picking up the blood money…

11-1 Elsie & Terri

It was just Terri, Beverly and I for our shift today, and we had two victories: one girl came for an ultrasound and, despite my encouragement to miss it and go to WCN instead, she kept that appointment today, but she said she’d go to WCN in the future. Also, there was another victory which we will not post here now but will do it some time in the future

Three angels…Terri, Katie and Beverly

1-3 Chris & Judy

Sidewalk counselors Katie and Judy, as usual, offered fetal development and free resources literature to women passersby and those entering PP.   Faithful Joyce prayed the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary with me.   Other prayer warriors included Pastor Matt and his daughter, Mayim, from Round Hill Presbyterian Church in Elizabeth and Bob from St. Gregory in Zelienople.   There was a film crew from a Belgium TV station (we think),  a woman reporter and a male cameraman.  They were inside PP when I arrived for my shift.  After I was there about a half-hour, they came out and wanted to film and interview several of us.  Katie, Joyce, Judy, Mayim, and I agreed to do so.  They spent about 45 minutes with us.  They promised to send a copy of, or link to, the video.  The 20-something woman who stole the sign last week and then put it in the trash can was back.  She asked Pastor Matt and I why we were involved when it was a woman’s body and a woman’s choice.  We answered and, after she left, Katie said it was the same woman as last week. One angry man confronted teenage Mayim about rape. Then the man got profane to Mayim and her father. Henry, our security guard, came over to us.  He tried to calm the man down, but the man would have none of it.  After about two minutes of trying to be reasoned with, the man then walked over to our displays and threw/knocked them into the street.  He proceeded to walk across Liberty Avenue, with the security guard close behind.  They both stopped about ¾ of the way across the street.  The man punched Henry in the head (I saw it.)  Henry showed admirable restraint and never touched the man. The photo of him was taken after the punch.  This happened around 2:45pm.  It appeared that Henry followed the man, but we were so busy picking up the materials strewn across the street, that we didn’t notice.


UPDATE: The security guard reported that when he ran after the man who punched him, the man broke down and apologized. He told Henry that he has a lot of problems, and Henry forgave him and simply told him not to come back. Even our security guard is being Christ on the sidewalk!

3-5 Eileen, Michelle & Steve

It was very slow for people leaving PP on our time slot.  Please pray for a young woman named Diane who was happy to see us there, took some literature with her and is possibly joining us for the Jericho March and Eucharistic procession.  Linda has encouraged her to become a sidewalk advocate and she does seem interested.  One young man looked at my PP worker sign, felt compelled to say he was not for the guy who wants abortion illegal for cases of rape and medical “necessity.“ The conversation came to a very peaceful and positive conclusion when a young woman beside me spoke out to say that was only 3% of abortions and that women are using abortion as birth control, emphasizing that the baby is innocent and should not be killed.  He went on his way repeatedly saying, “That’s right, the baby is innocent and should not be killed.”  From confusion and outrage to clarity…where two or three are gathered…thank God for loving passersby and shift prayer partners Eileen and Steve.  


5-7 Joe K & George

A warm / dry fall evening provided the backdrop for the last Wednesday shift of this campaign. I was joined by Ed and Alex (no, not the Van Halens either), but 2 kind / generous souls volunteering to witness for life and ensuring that no one stands alone – Thanks & Blessings, gentleman. A lot of foot traffic early that trailed off drastically by the end of the shift. Shared a lot with Ed.  In between, Ed handed out mass quantities of cards and engaged multiple folks who had comments / questions. No issues, but looking at the injured baby model from the previous shift was sad for what brought forth this destruction. At least it wasn’t for real like what occurs at 933. Seeing the injured baby models today, thinking about what goes on in 933 made me recall a section of a first reading from last week:  Phillipians 1 Christ will be magnified in my body, whether by life or by death. But hey, doesn’t 933’s “pledge” window sign indicate Together We Stand for All!All“…”All”… really??? Thankful and honored to stand for life with the team and all the wonderful volunteers.


Prayers and Blessings!!!


We hope you can join us for one, or ALL of our exciting closing events this Sunday! Pastor Joe Stump will lead us in a Jericho March around PP seven times, beginning at 3:30. It should finish just in time for prayer on the sidewalk at 5:00pm with Bishop Waltersheid, who is bringing the Blessed Sacrament. We will have a brief time of prayer on the sidewalk before beginning our Eucharistic Procession to Epiphany Church for a closing Mass. NOTE: It is best to park your car at the garage, or on the street, near Epiphany Church and then walk to PP for the start of the procession, so you will not need to walk so far in the dark after the Mass.

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