Day 32: Thanks to Cranberry Community Church, Christ our Savior Parish, and all who prayed with us today!

This past Monday, my husband, Jack, and I visited the Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. As we walked the outdoor Stations of the Cross, we were surrounded by open fields and trees in full blown colors. The air was cool but the sun was shining. The mood was tranquil and calm.  We are so blessed.

The Little Church is absolutely beautiful. Every day, the bell tower rings at the three o’clock hour.  The priests and religious, the staff and the pilgrims gather and open their hearts to our Lord’s mercy by praying the chaplet together. 

The Mercy of God is immense…beyond our understanding…we can never receive enough.  God does not have an off button when it comes to showering us with His mercy.  All we need do is open our hearts and minds and ask. Never doubt and always expect to receive it.  This is one of those times being greedy isn’t sinful.

All you wonderful warriors for life were remembered in the rosary for life that was prayed before Mass.  I wish we all could have experienced and shared the day together.  Truly Jesus, Mary and Joseph are with us.

With great confidence we submit ourselves to Your holy will, dear Jesus, which is love and mercy itself. 

Jesus, I trust in you.


Stories from the Sidewalk


We were recognized this morning as the light of Jesus Christ in the darkness of downtown. A young man in twenties gestured to us from across the street in a negative way. As he crossed the street toward us he started spewing obscenities. He shouted “F-you and your Jesus Christ.“ We were taken aback yet pleased that our witness was seen as that light and love of Jesus. Our joy didn’t last long as two women entered the mill and one woman’s sweatshirt said “May the Lord be with you.“  We prayed hard HE would be. Then a couple entered and the man in shorts had a tattoo on his calf of an angel, so we prayed hard to their guardian angels and St Michael to intercede. We hoped our light of His love pierced their hard hearts.


Marcia, Danny, Theresa, and Lance devoted an hour to prayer with us.
Kelly, an SA, drove an hour and 45 minutes to be with us!
Andrew, ever alert, joined Kelly in distributing literature and engaging passersby.  He used his car to support a large poster.

Today was a gray day with drizzle and falling leaves.  Our security guard was on the sidewalk, observing and asking, “Who’s that?” or getting to know who’s who.

Judy and Joe were saddened to find out that Laura, who had visited SAs and 40 Days people for about two years, had passed away yesterday in her wheelchair.  Please pray that her soul is welcomed into God’s Kingdom.  Especially saddened was Barbara, who had befriended Laura and nurtured a real friendship between them. Rest in peace, Laura.


Kelly (Sidewalk Advocate), Richard (faithful witness), Dean (Shift Manager) on a very busy day at the downtown abortuary.

I’m sorry to say that Planned Parenthood was open for business this Saturday after having been closed the past two Saturdays. The escorts were present and all who were entering refused any support material. On a more positive note, people from Christian Assembly came through the area, handing out coffee and the Gospel to whoever would take it.


Charlie and I prayed for the crazy world around us downtown today. About six women came out of PP at intervals. Unfortunately, not one took info, but we know they were offered it. Talked to one woman who had lost five babies; she can’t understand how women can “kill” their own child. Many Steeler fans!


Good afternoon, guys! Today Jeff, Katie, Seth and I had a unique afternoon. A man came up and had a real positive conversation with us. We had a thumbs up and a few negative comments. A guy compared abortion to removing an appendix and tried to argue about men telling what his daughter could do. Despite this we remained calm. Another man came up in need of prayer. It was a good day.


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