Day 32…Thanks to Christ Our Savior Parish, Jeannette Holy Name Society, Cranberry Community Church, Dedicated Team Members & Volunteers!

   I was an active child and can recall many stubbed toes and skinned knees in summertime. It’s not that I was less coordinated than I am now. Quite the opposite! I’m certainly not as inclined to roller skate or even ride a bike at this point in my life! So, what changed? Why don’t I suffer those types of mishaps anymore? Perhaps we ought to reflect on the perspective of a child?

  A little person is more apt to completely abandon himself to his momentary pursuit, not necessarily regarding ALL of the possible outcomes – happy or unfortunate. There’s a hope for a positive outcome – ALWAYS! All those stubbed toes and skinned knees never deterred me from launching myself into yet another potentially injurious situation. No timidity. 

   What happened as I aged? Could it be that life’s past experiences have pressed me to doubt the permanent safety net which was there at age 6? I’m a little jaded and less hopeful for a good outcome. Self-sufficiency can be my Achilles’ heel! As soon as I lapse into thinking everything depends on me, understandably I slow down, become more cautious, and perhaps not even act! It’s true that I’m nothing and cannot accomplish any worthwhile thing by myself.

   Let us all be mentally transported back to our more youthful souls and abandon ourselves to this work on the sidewalk – not counting the cost and always hopeful for a positive outcome. Alone, each of us is lame, but we aren’t alone, are we? We are doing HIS work. HE is with us!

“I assure you, unless you change and become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of God.”

Matt. 18:3


St Patrick smiled on us today.  We were blessed with the team from the Jeanette Holy Name Society who made a strong witness with their presence and 10 decades of the Rosary.  Then the very first group of “parade people” that passed by loudly said to us “Thank you all for being here!”.  And best of all, the abortion mill was closed and no babies died today. Our Irish eyes were smiling.  GBY

Shift Anchor Peggy, Kelly, Catherine & Bill

The people passing by headed for the parade were very receptive to our presence. Kelly & Michelle handed out literature while Catherine, Brigette and myself prayed aloud the five Mysteries of the rosary plus Divine Mercy.


Another Saturday that this place wasn’t  open. We can all thank God for that.
As a result, it was predictably quiet. Even the St. Paddy Day revelers were giving us thumbs up. Isn’t life grand?

Joyful, prayerful witnesses…David, Catherine, Barbara, Dean and Peggy

Jason, Billy and I opened with prayer. Jeff joined us , went straight. To prayer.

We thanked God planned Parenthood was closed. Street traffic came in bunches, all in green.

Sunshine warmed second hour as well as Jeannie stopping by.

Our guard, Hutch, was very visible.


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  1. Just looked up the Cornerstone TV show, and it looks like the show itself is called “Hope Today.” Does that seem correct?

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