Day 23: Thank you to Christ the King Parish, Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, Round Hill Presbyterian Church, and all of our other prayer volunteers!

Even now, says the LORD,
return to me with your whole heart,
for I am gracious and merciful.

Joel 2: 12-13

This passage has recently been a powerful one for me. It’s those two little words at the beginning…. “Even now.”

We may ask questions like:

Isn’t it too late for the Lord to forgive me?

Haven’t I gone too far?

Will God ever forgive me?

How could God possibly care about somebody like me, after what I’ve done?

But the Lord quashes those doubts and fears, when He says, “Even now.” He is always… EVEN NOW… after all we’ve done…. able and willing to bring us back to Him. And why would we want that? Because, according to the extended version of the Serenity Prayer, to be in union with God is to be “reasonably happy in this life, and supremely happy with Him forever in the next.”

Let us return to Him. Continually. Even NOW.


Reports from the Sidewalk

Peggy and Cathy:

A very quiet shift. Very few workers went in and no new moms.  Thank you, Jesus and Mary! Usual early morning passersby. Peg saw a little boy going to preschool that she has watched & talked with for several years. He & his mom stopped to talk. He proudly announced that he was “5!” How fortunate he is! How many of his would-be peers did not get the chance to be 5!

Thank you, Vito and Mary!

Judy and Meredith:

Meredith and Judy came from Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, and it had been a quiet morning at PP. Just a few staff going in, but not many. 
Halfway through the shift, Jennifer joined us with a fervor to save babies.
We met a lady who was just waiting for her bus and stopped to encourage us. She shared her need for prayer. And we had the opportunity to pray for her over many issues that she revealed to us.

Thank you for joining us, Jennifer!
Two beauties, inside and out. Thank you, Judy and Meredith!

Lisa and Linda:

It was a slow day, as Planned Parenthood was closed for clients. There was time for good conversation and prayer. Please pray for “Catherine of Sweden,” being helped by Women’s Choice Network

Another sign of joy on the sidewalk!
Jennifer poses with Pastor Matt and Mayim from Round Hill Presbyterian. Thank you for being there today!
Thank you, Diane from St. Louise de Marillac and Shift Buddy (and sidewalk heroine) Linda! Thank you for helping “Catherine” get to WCN today!!

Carolyn and Cecilia:

Not many going in.  Two girls came and went.  We covered both sides with prayer.  Carolyn and John on one side and Fr. Jim and Joyce on the other.  And Beth covered the street in front of the doors with prayer. People were receptive to the new fliers.  They are awesome!  We had several pleasant conversations.  Gave out lollipops, pens, models w/cards. It was great to be back on the sidewalk after eye surgery. Thanks for those who prayed!  May the Lord help us ALL to see more clearly his plans for us, our children, our future!  Open the eyes of my/our heart(s)!

Thank you for being there today, Beth!
Thank you, Joyce, Cil (so glad you’re back!), and Fr. Jim!
Thank you to this beautiful brother-sister duo, John and Carolyn! God bless you both!

Pete and Virginia:

There was the usual amount of foot traffic from businesses and schools. No “clients” entered PP during this time.
The security guard left about 4:10, and prior to that, a young girl carrying a brown paper bag left the building.
She was receptive when I approached her, but refused any information, and said a few times, “I was just there for an exam.”
Workers left a little while later. We had about 5-6 “unkind” comments, but the persons just kept walking after they verbalized their opinion.
A woman stopped for a few minutes, hands folded, and prayed. She has been there every week, I believe. Two gentlemen joined us late in the shift and stayed about 20 or so minutes. I believe they are from the west of the city. A businessman thanked us for being there.

Thank you to Pete and to all others who stopped by to pray!

Thank you to all those who continue to pray with us… in person on the sidewalk, and from your homes, convents, churches, monasteries, and even on your work commutes. Your prayers and sacrifices of fasting are MUCH APPRECIATED. May the Lord bless you, and may He bring all abortion-vulnerable couples, abortion workers, and supporters of abortion back to Himself. Even now.

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